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NautikFlor is recommended for interior usage on marine vessels because of its maintenance free nature and their manufacturing process meant to nullify the affects of water. The planks perfectly recreate the look and textures of actual wood and teak Yacht Wood Heater Uk flooring for a fraction of the price. NautikFlor planks WILL NOT rot, crack, rust or corrode. 1. �� Awesome job! You guys with the wood floors are killing me. My wood floor in the kitchen is messed up from getting moisture under a rubber backed mat that sat on it during the winter. And the carpet is worn and has some water stains. You guys are going to . 3. �� Most of the flooring from Harris Wood has a top layer of around 2mm, which makes it a good option if you�re on a tight budget but still want a floor that will last a while. Retailing from around $ per square foot, Harris Wood flooring is a good mid-range choice.

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