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May 09, �� The yacht tour will start at the new Dubai Canal (New Canal, Downtown). This will Yacht Day Trip Dubai Group Limited give you a perfect view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Yacht Day Trip Dubai Sales Downtown. Depending on the time of day, you will be served a refreshing breakfast or a freshly prepared BBQ. An exclusive experience with Yacht Day Trips Croatia 50mm culinary and cultural highlights! Treat yourself to a luxurious boat tour around Palm Island during your time in Dubai. Climb aboard the luxury yacht with your private party of up to 18 for a relaxing journey around the manmade island. See iconic sights like Atlantis The Palm and the Dubai skyline while 5/5(5). Feel the beauty and essence of the amazing turquoise blue sea of the city on the luxury private Yacht cruise Dubai offers with TripX Tours. Enjoy the mesmerizing and extravagant lifestyle while availing the most competitive Dubai Marina yacht rental prices with us. A lavishly spent evening in a private yacht while enjoying the spectacular views.

Enjoy your most memorable Birthday party in our luxury yachts, we have various types Luxury Yacht with customize decorations for your Yacht Party Frip, Our Yacht decorations are mainly on Balloon and rose pedals on the floor with Music. Catamaran Cruises. Listen carefully to the safety briefing before you begin the cruise. Amusement Parks. Photography Tours. Once availability is confirmed, you yacht day trip dubai kitty pay by Credit Card Online we will send you a link via email after confirming availability.

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