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Ace Boating is a proudly South African black owned and managed company. And also, is an affiliated member to Professional Bodies such as (Marine Industry Association of South Africa (MIASA) and South African Boat Builders Export Council (SABBEX). World-class catamarans Robertson and Caine are South Africa's largest boat builder manufacturing for export, the largest builder of catamarans in the Southern Hemisphere and the third-largest globally. They also manufacture the most power catamarans, globally. Robertson and Caine was founded by John Robertson and the late Jerry Caine in The Mother City is home to boatbuilding skills that are unparalleled in Africa and the broader southern hemisphere region. The sector employs directly over artisans, carpenters, engineers, nautical architects. Thousands more work in secondary industries providing materials and components to shipyards across Cape Town. There are 40 plus shipyards, and Cape Town has boutique boat builders who can custom build your boat .

False Bay College has approximately 60 students graduating annually with a national certificate. In fact, Cape Town is the second-largest producer of recreational catamarans in the world, after France. Enterprises here are generally also renowned for their good build quality and prices 505 sailing boat 7.5 are very attractive to those holding stronger international currencies. Registration Process Download and print Application Form. Why Cape Town.

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