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Feb 12, �� X-Yachts X Sailing boat, Sport Boat Year - , video. If you liked the video X-Yachts X Sailing boat, Sport Boat Year - ,, put the Huskies, subscribe to the YouTube . Do you want a fun and affordable sailing boat? Our X79 offers a lot of sailing pleasure, for solo sailing, family excursions or competitive sailing. 2 mainsails, 2 focs, 1 genoa, 2 spinnakers and 1 asym spinnaker with stocking. New interior LED lighting, new navigation lights, battery charger, Tacktick log / depth sounder / wind gauge. The first-ever sailboat produced by X-Yachts in is also Fast Sailing Boat Pdf back at the yard and undergoing a total makeover in time for our 40th anniversary celebrations.� Interestingly, co-founder Birger Hansen is also still employed by the company and is showing no signs of slowing down � even at 70 years old. Main points:

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Advanced search. The advantage here is that instead of trying to sailng the boat to leeward, the very top of the sail will be trying to push the boat upright x79 sailing boat up so creating even more righting moment. But it also means that they have the ability to invert ip head of the sail. Donkere thema-instellingen worden alleen in deze browser onthouden. With the AC75 sailing on its foil, drag is dramatically reduced, vast amounts of power can be generated and so speeds rapidly increase. Motor boats Categories All motor boats X79 sailing boat up yachts and motor cruisers Console boats and fishing boats Ex professional ships engine Houseboats and houseboats 94 Classic motor boats 66 Flat bottoms engine 36 Rental of motor boats Calculations Help.

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