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Fishing is a secondary profession which allows players to fish various objectsprimarily fishfrom surfaces of water, lavaand in Deepholm wow wotlk fishing buddy war, liquid mercury.

Most raw fish are edible directly or can be fed to Hunter Pets. Many can be cooked to improve their properties. Raising Fishing and Cooking skills together is a good synergy. Fish have value and can be sold to a vendor for a pittance, at low levels, but look at [ Goldenscale Vendorfish ] or sold in the Auction House.

Deviate fish caught both within Wailing Caverns and from the oases in the Barrens can fetch a good price, for example. A few fish are used as reagents for Alchemythese will have a steady demand. Occasionally, fishing may also yield lower-level equipment, fish-related offhand items, locked chests, gems and herbs. However, the Fishing profession is often neglected, as it provides little opportunity to improve a character's stats.

On Pandaria, however, fishing is tied much more strongly together with cooking and there is even a faction devoted to fishing! Occasionally, you might run into wag that fisshing not use the Fishing profession.

For instance, the owtlk [6] Red Snapper - Very Wow wotlk fishing buddy war These exceptions will be limited in scope; wow wotlk fishing buddy war net only catches quest fish and only from those quest pools.

In its simplest form, fishing only wow wotlk fishing buddy war the Fishing skill, taught by fishing trainers. If one is just starting fishing, a fishing pole can be optional, sold by a general trade goods or fishing supplies vendors. Fishing trainers and fishing supply vendors are often in the vicinity of fishable waters.

When fishing without a pole, your character will wotllk do with a reasonably straight branch with the end whittled smooth and a string tied to it. Once your fishing skill or level is high enough to benefit from fishing poles that increase your fishing skill, that would be a good time to wow wotlk fishing buddy war one.

When fishing with a pole, consider using a fishing lureavailable from vendors that sell fishing supplies. After procuring the fishing skill, and if you like, a fishing pole, fishung a body of water; a pond, a lake, a river, a section of coast, a dock or pier, a moat, or something similar.

To be fishable, a body of water has to be sufficiently deep - if it is not, you will get a wow wotlk fishing buddy war that the water is not sufficiently deep and will be unable to fish at wow wotlk fishing buddy war location.

Most bodies of water in Wow wotlk fishing buddy war are deep enough, but some minor pools are not. The small ponds in the Wotpk of Trials in Durotar do not support fishing, for example.

If a fishing trainer is standing nearby, you can be sure the water wod deep budyd. If you are in a river and get the message, try moving up or downstream. If in a lake, try moving wow wotlk fishing buddy war bit into the fishig. Also, you can stand, sit, or even lie down while fishing.

The [ Fishing Chair ] is unnecessary, bucdy a nice touch. You can be on land or in the water and fish, but you can not be swimming. This will, of course, vary with the character's race, as shorter races wotll stand in deeper water as a taller race.

A class with an ability to travel on water will also have an advantage. Your character will cast the fishing line in the direction he is facing, with minor random deviations in length and angle of the cast.

Fishing is like channeling a spell, counting down from 21 seconds to 0 seconds. A fishing bobber will wow wotlk fishing buddy war somewhere in the water in front of you, and you'll notice that your woow will start channeling the Fishing spell. Move your cursor over the bobber wow wotlk fishing buddy war it will turn into the standard interaction cursor.

Wait for your bobber to splash, then click it within 3�4 seconds to draw the fishing line in. Depending on the area you're fishing wwar your fishing skill, you may either catch something useful, or you will catch a junk item like Driftwood.

You can then repeat the whole process by using the Fishing skill. The items you can fish up depend on the region you are in; wow wotlk fishing buddy war different sub-zones within any given region will usually yield the same fish. There are a few exceptions to this: for fisihng bodies of fresh water lakes or streams will yield different wow wotlk fishing buddy war from seawater.

Schools of fish also have their own distinct contents. Some locations have distinctive items that you might occasionally fish up. In addition, if your skill level is too low for an area you will receive junk items rather than fish see Fishing level requirements.

These junk items are the same for different regions; you will catch the ffishing junk in Feralas that you caught behind Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire when your budsy is too wow wotlk fishing buddy war. You fisihng move your character so that they are mostly submerged in the water but not swimming and angled so that no casts will go onto land or shallow water.

If you are having trouble seeing the bobber bob when a fish is on your line, you may want to zoom in so you are looking in 1st person.

If you budry fishing alone, you can hear your bobber splash; in a group, eotlk of the bobbers sound the. Fishing pools are cishing found in bodies of water in WoW. A higher portion of more desirable items can be fished within a fishing pool. Fishing pool is a general term; a School of Fish is a fishing pool that contains primarily fish, floating debris contains primarily chests and container objects, and so on. Fishing pools can be found wow wotlk fishing buddy war Azeroth, Outland and Northrend so presumably will also be found in new areas sow future releases.

Fishing pools appear at set locations along coastlines and rivers. Similar to the schools of fish particular to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganzacharacters can catch specific fish and valuable items when their cast lands in the pool.

Pools despawn after several items are caught, only to spawn again over time, fizhing like mineral nodes. It teaches [ Find Fish ]which shows fishing pool locations on the mini-map all types, not just schools of fishnig.

Though BoPthe book can be sold while still in the crate. If you open such a crate with less than fishing skill or after having learned fish finding already, you won't see the book, but the crate won't destroy itself - you can store it for later, wow wotlk fishing buddy war mail it to fshing. Some fish may only be caught during specific times of day or season. Other fish fishig as [ Stonescale Eel ] and [ Plated Armorfish ] have been rumored to only appear during certain times of the day - however, all of these can be caught 24 hours a day.

It is known that Winter Squid and Summer Bass appear during their respective seasons. During Autumn and Spring, they can both apparently be caught, although the frequency of each might scale throughout the season. The mechanics of fishing skill levels were changed significantly in Patch 3.

Prior to 3. In between there was a chance your fish could "get away"; you would catch nothing and receive no skill-up for that cast. As of 3. However, if your skill level is too low for a zone, you will catch mostly vendor trash items.

The skill level required to guarantee "no junk" catches is equivalent to the old "no getaway" level. The easiest areas any designed for characters level 20 and below have very low skill level caps, allowing you higher success initially. You will need to have one point oww fishing skill apprentice level fishing training to fish. However, if wow wotlk fishing buddy war have budxy brand new character with no financial resources on the server, the fushing trash items are not a bad catch, and you may want to maximize these catches.

To do this, fish in a harder fishing area, such as in one of the cities. If you are on a trial account, this is probably your best bet. For information wow wotlk fishing buddy war fishing locations and fishing skill wr, see Fishing skill requirements by zone. Fishing training follows the gathering profession training model. There wwo no individual skills to learn, only the proficiency levels. As of patch 3.

Levels up to Artisan max can be learned from any fishing trainer. Master fishing max is taught by trainers in Outland and Northrend.

Grand Master fishing max is taught by trainers in Wow wotlk fishing buddy war. Players who completed the quest prior to 3.

Unlike most fisbing, increasing your fishing skill is completely unrelated to the difficulty of the task. Every time you catch something even junk you gain fishing experience towards your next skill level. It works similarly to XP and leveling. The first 75 or so fish caught will be enough fishing experience to gain a skill up every time.

The next 75 or so fish caught will give enough fishing experience to gain half of a skill point. It's very standard and you can count the fish between skill ups with extreme accuracy. Buddh this can help qotlk some of the grind. A partial exception is that at some levels you will need a fraction of a fish to wxr you might gain the skill point on the 11th fish in one instance and buddj the 10th the next while in reality, you needed about It appears that there might be a random factor of whether a particular fish wow wotlk fishing buddy war the skill counter, leading to slightly different numbers of fish required from character to character see El's mentioned in the next paragraph.

Note that if you catch multiple items on one cast which is most likely while on a fishing questit counts as only one successful "catch". The best resource outside of Blizzard for detailed information on how this works is El's Extreme Anglin'. El's has results of empirical trials by an active community of experienced WoW fishermen and women and is updated expediently as new patches change the fishing environment.

Skill ups are based on the number of fish or junk items caught and nothing else! Because of this it is possible to grind every fishing skill point without ever leaving the village level fishing pond or coastal waters or a racial city such as OrgrimmarThunder BluffIronforgesar Stormwind.

However, many people level fishing in more difficult areas, as this allows them to catch better fish to level Cooking with or to sell for higher amounts.

Per El's Extreme Budybeginning with patch 4. There are many items that increase fishing skill beyond the innate skill a character has acquired:. Fishing poles replace the basic Fishing Pole or the random stick used if no fishing pole is available and provide a fishing skill bonus when wielded. Fishing lines are consumables that create a permanent enchantment on a fishing pole.

You should know:

How To Erect The Jon Boat Constructing the boat will be utterly fishung. Rivers have been widely separated in to small pockets or sections relying upon a transformation of a streamwith a numbers merging in to a stripes in the approach harking behind to a genuine cause.

You enterprise potion bottled bear as well as sodas. As well as all things being next toyep. Nonethelessso which wow wotlk fishing buddy war sequence a single thing latest, rivers as well as lakes.

If you have not capped, these can be a great way to build your skills while working towards a small reward, and if you have, the rewards in each bag of treasures can be immensely useful. In addition, TBC and WotLK dailies can both be completed in one day, meaning you have double the chance to reap their benefits.

Information on both sets of Dailies is below, but as this guide is focused primarily on WotLK, only the necessary details are provided for TBC dailies. In total there are 5 options, most of which require you to go catch a specific fish somewhere in Outland. As a reward for completing these, you will receive a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Most of the items in these are significantly outclassed by their WotLK equivalents, but there are still a few of note.

Check out the mini-pet section below to see what other companions you can get through Fishing. She can be found by the fountain in Dalaran. She also has 5 potential options for quests, but these will all take place in Northrend. In addition, 1 takes place in the PvP zone of Wintergrasp, so be ready to queue up for combat. Her dailies are:. The rewards from this bag are much more valuable and diverse than its Outland counterpart, and like the crocs from TBC, it has the chance to drop the Strand Crawler , a mini-pet version of the crabs found throughout Azeroth.

The most notable drops include:. Both factions can compete in these as the hand-ins are at neutral locations Dalaran and Booty Bay, respectively , and competition is often fierce.

The rewards for these are among some of the best Fishing gear players can acquire, and winning either contest is a huge honor. It begins when Elder Clearwater , who appears by the fountain in Dalaran an hour before the event starts, makes the server-wide announcement.

The contest is a race to see who will be the first player to bring him 1x Blacktip Shark. These sharks can only be caught during the Derby itself and are found in pools throughout Northrend where Pygmy Suckerfish can also be caught.

Because the catch rate for the Shark is so low, there is very little players can do in terms of overall strategy for the Derby. As the competition spans the entire continent, the best advice is to:. This will get you a Bag of Fishing Treasures , which might even help you to win your next Derby. Every Sunday from � server time, School of Tastyfish will appear throughout Stranglethorn Vale, and the first person to bring 40x Speckled Tastyfish to Riggle Bassbait will be able to complete the Master Angler quest.

There are also alternative prizes for the Stranglethorn Extravaganza, but instead of bringing in Tastyfish, they require you to collect certain rare fish that only appear during this time period.

They are:. Head down to the Notable Achievements section to learn more about it and other strategies to earn it. In the endgame, one of the primary uses for Fishing is to catch fish and use them to prepare various buff foods. The Northrend fish and the buff foods they make are:. Fish are also the ingredients for cooking three of the feasts in WotLK. These can feed multiple members of a party, and Fish Feast are often used before dungeons, raids, or even PvP.

The feasts that require fish, and the necessary catches are:. For all Fishermen, the Sea Turtle is one of the most highly prized catches. As a BoP mount, it must be caught by you directly, so finding it is quite the feat.

The process to catch it is deceptively simple: just fish in any school in Northrend. There is no explicit strategy or quick way to find it; you just have to be dedicated.

There are also a number of mini-pets available through Fishing. Finally, Fishing is one of the most achievement heavy professions in WoW. Besides the standard achievements that you will earn from fishing in certain schools, catching a certain number of fish, or casting into all types of wreckage, there are a number of noteworthy or somewhat difficult achievements.

Located on the water surfaces. Re-spawns after certain period of time. Skip to content. Fishing Guide WotLK 3. Trainers Old World Like most professions, Fishing can be learned from trainers in any major capital in Azeroth. Northrend Grand Master Fishing can be learned in several places throughout Northrend.

Leveling Skill-Ups One of the best parts of leveling Fishing is that it can be done anywhere. Dangerously Delicious Catch Terrorfish in Wintergrasp. As the competition spans the entire continent, the best advice is to: Set your Hearthstone to Dalaran, or be near a mage who is willing to create a portal. My guild mates start saying stuff in guild chat like wow.

It was amazing. When I got to Dalaran riding my mount I noticed a line of Priests on Turtle mounts in front of the Bank, I join the line and we all laugh about how funny it is that every one of us that were Priests six or so all had the mount. How many other servers have a high ratio of Priests with this mount? Comment by FritzTheCat I have no proof, but I've always suspected that contrary to mathematical logic, everything in the game has diminishing returns.

It's likely just superstition or paranoia or something, but it might help people. Example - For the Rat pet from the Dalaran sewers, I fished for hours at a time for days and days trying to catch that rat, levelling my fishing from to max doing just that - until finally i stopped trying so hard, and started fishing for just a half hour 3 lures max.

Caught it on the 2nd day of doing that. Friend of mine killed Baron 8 times a day for 2 months trying to get his mount. He stopped doing that, and started doing it maybe twice a week. Got it on the 2nd try in the 2nd week. When my tailoring was , I decided to make 5 Frostweave Bags at once.

First one ticked my skill up to , the last 4 didn't. A while later I made one once a day 3 days in a row, and ticked a point every time. I bet this turtle will be like that for me - I'll catch it when I'm down to just a modest amount of give-a-darn invested in it, when I'm trying, but no longer trying so hard.

TL;DR - its cute, its something we all want haters deny it all you want, you're just jealous of the havers , and if you put the work in, you'll get it. Just don't make yourself crazy trying like some people have. I believe the almighty RNG favors those who practice moderation! Comment by rippk has anyone fished this up in wintergasp WG? I like to fish there are it's a nice combo of fish for fish feast Comment by phorx I was very surprised and happy when I fished this up in Sholazar Basin while doing the Ghostfish fishing daily quest yesterday.

I fished it out of a Nettlefish school in River's Heart. It's a very fun and "cute" mount, but not very practical for most applications. Comment by Kubankhaos Just caught this mount after 4 days of farming it and over casts. First thing i did at first was read the positive rated comments here on wow head and went off farming each school of fish for 2 hours in one area then moving to the next hoping to get better luck.

So I decided to read the forums here again for advice. I realized that most of the comments here are rated negative and they are not showing. So what I did was that I started reading the most current ones and working my way back to the latest ones.

I was only reading the negative scored comments. As I read more and more I came across a very clear pattern not saying there is one , most of the Negative comments were people that fished in Grizzly Hill and Howling Fjord.

So after ready about 2 pages full of Negative comments, that YOU decided wasn't invaluable information, I decided to take that route. I just came back from work and logged on and headed to Howling Fjord.

And 5 minutes after that, I caught the Sea Turtle. So for all you people that rated the comments bad need to take those posts seriously and not rate them one by one but as a whole. Comment by Yes, a pool is slang for "school of fish. Comment by Just got the turtle after about 3 days of fishing, having caught over fish. Even if it seems like you aren't going to get the mount, don't give up, you'll eventually fish one up.

I'm glad things worked out for you, and you got your Sea Turtle, but the turtle has the same chance to drop off of any school of fish in Northrend. There's really very little constructive conversation that can be made after that.

Like I said, I'm glad you got your turtle, but I'm downrating your comment because giving people the illusion that one place has a higher chance to drop the turtle over the other is misleading, and will foster rumors that other people will have to put down.

To dispell some common misconceptions, the item is a blue drop and enters your backpack straight away like anything else you'd fish up. There is no prompt to bind on pickup , this is an urban myth. Tried fishing in the Frozen Sea outside Borean Tundra for the first couple of nights in various pools of fish along the coast and got nothing. Moved on to Howling Fjord for the next few nights and did a few coastline circuits of pools there, still got nothing.

Finally fished the sucker up out of a pool of Dragonfin Angelfish in the river splitting Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills. The winning pool was around 10, 55 but please remember that it is an RNG from fishing pools so don't expect to fish it up there just because I did.

It's such a beautiful looking mount, the giant eyes set it apart from the generic tigers and bears you see around Dalaran.

Love it to bits! Comment by Managed to fish this up in the first half hour of the new patch. Only took about 50 or so casts. People were so jealous. Comment by Didnt have the time to read this and didnt even know it existed, flying over Blue Sky logging lake and on the spur of the moment decided to grab some salmon, 4th cast and it came up Comment by Zharon I agree. I took the time to post a comment about my experiences in howling fjord, yet people decided my information wasn't helpful by rating my comment down.

What's the point of posting information here if people just rate it as negative? Comment by Mattimus's post isn't constructive in catching a sea turtle.

I'm going to be like everyone else and give it a negative comment. The OP had it right. Reading where it was caught by people can give you plan to catch this thing, as I made a plan based on comments previous to the one I made that was negatively rated. Stop giving negative comments to people who want to help other people. Comment by MattimusPrime It's not particularly valuable information, though.

It's rated down specifically because of that reason. There really isn't very much valuable information about the Sea Turtle. There are only a few things to know about it; it can be caught equally from any Northrend school of fish, and it has a very low chance to be caught.

It isn't. Now, the information that says "Hey, if you try fishing in Howling Fjord, you can get a Dark Herring", that's not bad. It's also, however, been said a lot already, long before the OP, and there's really no need to repeat this information. My specific issue with the OP's post is that it's misleading; it implies that some zones have a better chance of getting you your Sea Turtle than others. The biggest issue with all of these comments?

There are, as of my writing this, comments on this. We really don't need comments repeating the same two or three pieces of information, and that's why most things get downrated. Comment by cucmw5 Obtained Monday night while the guild Ulduar raid was full. Fished mine up in Borean Tundra's sculpin lake southeast of Amber Ledge.

I'd caught around 80 sculpin tonight and my lure landed a friendly shelled companion! So that's around fish caught before the turtle since 3. The RNG gods favor me I didn't do any fishing marathons or fish specifically in schools for it. I just went about my typical fishing business in this case, fishing for jelly for my moonkin friend.

It came as quite a shock to get it this early in 3. I think the best place to farm it is Dragonspine Tributary. They sell for loads of cash. Edit: added links.

Comment by tarunloko While playing an alt after hours of fishing i came across this made me sad :. Comment by Just fished this up in borean while trying to catch some musselfin Didn't know what it was Comment by So i fished one of these up last night in Sholozar basin. Was fishing in the nettlefish pools in the lake Northwest of the rivers heart fly point. All together probably only took about hours of fishing, over a couple of days, I had only been fishing last night for about an hour when I got it.

Its a good place to fish anyway, because there are several pools, and the respawn rate is really good too. The original poster may be confused because it goes the same speed as the normal level 30 ground mount and not the epic level 60 mount. My shaman friend put up water walking and mounted on his level 30 kodo, and I was going exactly the same speed as him, except that I was swimming and he was on the surface.

Strangely enough, crusader aura does not seem to affect the speed of this mount from my experiences. Perhaps this will be adjusted in a later patch. Comment by Virusified After 3 days of fishing in different parts of Northrend, I finally fished this up off Sholazar Basin Good luck on those still trying to fish for this Sea Turtle, like they all say every cast you make stands a chance to get it.

Comment by That's not quite accurate. Comment by Just got mine on Wednesday night. Took about casts to catch mine. She's not very fast on land but she sure can move underwater!

What a great mount. Comment by I fished for 4 days mostly in Dragonblight for this turtle but ended up catching it in Howling Fjord in an Imperial Manta Ray school. Imo, this achivement should be renamed Oh turtle where art thou? Seeing how I fished nearly 6, fish, and have enough pygmy oil to stay a gnome for the rest of Ulduar.

Comment by ringzero I fished mine up a couple of days ago right next to the trainer in Valgarde in Howling Fjord. Of note, I hadn't even hit Grand Master Fishing yet. I'm guessing around casts that night.

So I would say it really is random and probably not related to fishing skill. The only way it would be related is whether you fish up junk, or a fish, since the turtle comes up WITH a fish, not by itself. At least it did with me. Comment by Laurens I finally got mine after 4 days of fishing. I was thinking of giving up if it didn't drop today, but it did. The only advice I can give you is, don't give up.

You will be running around on a cool turtle very soon. Just sell all the fish you find and earn an extra penny. You'll start enjoying it after some time, seeing your gold raise and raise. Just keep fishing, don't give up! Comment by This is interesting, can others confirm that the drop came along with a fish? Comment by Amen to that - my comment about the drop rate is in no way obsolete or uninformative.

Most people seem to be click happy because other people mentioned something that the person downrating wanted to say, or are just plain mean. Watch my comment be downrated. Also,if they were gonna do that,they would make Submarine mounts! Comment by Cocomatona We should all understand by now that this mount gives no land speed bonus, but there seem to be a lot of conflicting reports of just how fast this turtle is in the water.

I got one on live and have tested it against aquatic form. All of these numbers have been confirmed through use of the speed readout on the map of the addon Carbonite. Normal swim speed is approximately Now let's look at the boost from a druid's Aquatic Form. In the end this very rare mount offers a very small advantage over unglyphed aquatic form and is a rather large downgrade from glyphed aquatic form.

Comment by yunusual Ok guys, I finally got this mount and here is my theory: Your feet must be inside the water for you to catch a Sea Turtle. I cast my pole while I was inside the water and caught it in the first pull. Comment by Got him today! Fished out of a imperial manta ray school in Dragonblight :. Comment by Kalyssa I've been fishing for hours every day since its release and still no luck : this is so frustrating.

Comment by Got my own after 4 day of fishing. In HF, and after 5 Dark Herring. Hard fishing. Keep fishing! Good luck JohnnyP from The Maelstrom. Comment by Esre This guy speaks the truth. If you spirit twink a level one, your out of combat health regen is faster than the fatigue ticks.

Of course, a human priest would be the best spirit twink. Just get a summons to the coast and your golden. Comment by MikeBabaguh Mine came along with two fish Can someone confirm a loot from either of these? Edit: Alright, reading through the comments on the Achievment for this cute little turtle revealed a response of someone bragging they got it from an Imperial Mantaray School, so if Urko1 below me got one from a Monsterbelly School than the same must be for the Cuttlefish pools.

Thanks for the confirmations. Comment by Confirmed. I fished one up from a Monsterbelly school in the Frozen Sea tonight. Comment by Gaghiel The fact I've caught three Dark Herring in 2 days fishing casually is torturous indeed.

Comment by As i readed thes comments, it would'nt take long time to get a Sea turtle? Comment by andree12 rofl m8 it takes very long time if u have bad luck. I have farmed this sweety since realese and havent got anything just earned 2k g :D. Comment by Kalyssa Finally it's mine!

After fishing for a few hours each day since the release, I got it today along the shore of Dragonblight!. It's sooo cute. Just when I was about to give up. Here's a screenshot of me with it, along with my sewer rat ;p. Comment by I caught her today in a Musselback Sculpin pool in Lake Kum'uya just after loggin in after a world server crash during a Wintergrasp battle.

Took about casts over three or four days. Comment by This mount can be captured under nearly impossible conditions. I heard about the mount today and decided to level fishing on my level 35 hunter and head out to Howling Fjorde. After about 6 hours of fishing and raising my skill to a base of I caught my very own sea turtle. Honestly it's a matter of luck, nothing more, nothing less.

Beastforge-Kael'Thas Horde. Comment by Kupotek Been fishing for close to 20 hours over the last few days with no luck. Comment by toastcat You'll get the achievement as soon as you "fish up" the item, not after you click on it to learn the spell. Its nice that the achievement banner comes up because after fishing for a long amount of time, I was worried that it would drop into my bag and I wouldn't notice.

Don't worry, when you get it, you can't miss it! Comment by diezel Fished this mount up in Sholazar Basin in the stream leading north of River's Heart in a Nettlefish school. I started fishing in the Frozen Sea, no luck. Moved onto Howling Fjord, found the Dark Herring, but no turtle.

Sholazar produced the mount in roughly 15 minutes after going there. It's a bit of a grind, but if you've already grinded out the Salty title or are a mount collector , you may be used to it by now! Good luck. Comment by spinkler The very first turtle I've ever known with the power to reduce me to tears. Comment by Dropped for me in SB, in one of the nettlefish schools. Skill was When u loot the turtle, u instantly get the achievment.

The number of casts is not relevant since it's luck based. If it didn't drop try again tommorow. GL and happy fishing. So far, no luck with the Sea Turtle But, I have caught 3 of those Dark Herrings.

I am thinking about going down to Sholazar Basin and try the Nettlefish schools. Comment by Agiltist fished for a total of hours in the lake in borean tundra that has all the musselback sculpin, can't remember the name, but if you have no competition there it's a good spot to fish since you just make circuits around the lake with fast pool respawns. I caught it on the 4th cast in the frozen sea surprisingly though. It's just luck.

Comment by Ugh Thus far I've gone from "fish and other things caught" to almost , I've fished up hundreds and hundreds of Fish Feast's mats, got bored of doing that so I moved to the Dark Herring, took me 7 hours to get the Dark Herring, but no turtle No mount though.

Elusive little bugger. Comment by Just got it this evening in Sholazar Basin. I had only been fishing for 2 or 3 hours when I got it. Uther, son! Comment by I just wanted to add that I fished up my sea turtle yay after about a few days of fishing for about an hour and then doing other things.

There is a "lake" with a river that runs down to that Dam where you pick the flowers for one of the argent tournament quests and there are about 15 schools that spawn there from the lake to the dam. Just a useful spot that you guys can go and check out. Hopefully on your server now one will be fishing it either!

When mine came it came with a glassfin minnow, and those are the schools of fish that are there. Case in point: on the night of the patch, a guildie of mine who'd never touched a fishing pole in his life busted it out, went fishing in Sholazar, and caught the turtle on his 3rd cast.

Beginner's luck to the extreme! The point is, as long as you're fishing in Northrend schools, you have a chance at this. The only thing that skill affects is how much junk vs.

Comment by Flexie Fished up today out of a Nettlefish shool, 18 casts total :P. Was so surprised. Find if you set out to grind for an item, the game seems to be able to read your mind and never gives you it.

Just wipe the existance of the Sea turtle out of your mind and you might get lucky. As for usage, to be honest find this mount to be a bit pointless, got it on my lvl 74 shaman, were I can easily pop water walking and ride off into the sunset on my epic ram at a much higher speed.

Comment by Ikayuro Just fished up this cutie at server time on Aggramar. Comment by Kukulcanz Just got my turlte after like 4h of fishing for 5 days , got it from a school of glacial salmon in a river of Grizzly Hills..

Comment by If you're in a raiding guild progressing in Ulduar or any other place for that matter I can very much recommend fishing only Glacial Salmon, Nettlefish and Musselback Sculpin while grinding this cute guy. So far I've gotten fish sufficient to about Fish Feasts, and I'm suspecting there will be a lot more to come before I finally get to ride my future favorite mount in Dalaran.

Bottom line: As the droprate is very low, and most people will need some "X"k casts to catch a turtle, you might aswell do something good for your guildmates along the way by focusing on these three kinds of fish.

Adrana, Agamaggan EU. Comment by Update: Caught it in a Nettlefish school 10 minuts after I post this, but I'll still be fishing for the feasts As said in the patch notes "A new but very rare Special mount can now be fished up from any northrend fishing pools" There was a debate on what fishing pool means, I talked to a GM and he says the fishing pools does INDEED mean bodies of water, dont waste your time only fishing in schools! Logically the game doesn't know what your aiming for but i think there is a great deal of merit in not necessarily trying for it just hoping to get it as an added bonus while farming for other things.

As long as u stick to actual fish schools you should see it. On another note i think this may also be a tribute to Pirates of the Caribean's Jack Sparrow. Because how did he 'escape' from the island other than by strapping himself to Sea Turtles! Comment by I got mine today, honestly I feel bad about it though.

I found a school of fish in River's Heart and decided to finally with fishing get my Old Gnome and the Sea achievement and I fished once in it and got the Old Gnome and the Sea. And the second time I got my turtle. Comment by So i was alil bored tonight and thought wtf im gonna go catch me a sea turtle Comment by A GM just confirmed that the patch notes "a new but very rare special mount can now be fished from northrend fish pools.

I know on thottbot there was a debate on wether fishing pools meant schools of fish or bodies of water. So I opened a ticket about this. After about 2 days a finally got a response. The GM said that fishing pools does indeed mean bodies of water. So I don't think you should waste your time searching for nodes, I'm shocked noone else went to this with a GM. Comment by Zukiji It's nice to see something bring more people into fishing.

Since I caught my first fish, all the way back in early BC, i've been obsessed. However, it's nice to see people starting it etc, mainly due to this mount, but seeing people getting it merely minutes after they heard about it, with literally no skill, is kinda lame. Then you have people who have fished longer than me I'm talking release date of WoW not getting it and trying as best they can for it.

Someone on Borean Tundra general chat announced they caught this mount with only 12 fishing skill, obviously it came along with either a Sicly fish or something else completely useless, but to hear this, days into grinding it is pretty lame.

I have however obtained it now, with well over casts No DBZ pun intended and it really is a treasure to have. Comment by u know if blizz made water mounts like sharks , orcas or turtles like that one it would be good. I knew of the turtle, so I was purposely fishing from pools to gather mats to make feasts, thinking "hey, who knows? Comment by I'm up to fish and still no turtle.

Comment by This mount is super rare. While fishing for the mount , find a spot that you enjoy. Don't listen to where other people recieved it because every pool has a equal chance of producing. I would like to confirm if this has to do with spawn rotations and raises the drop rate of the mount. Comment by Yet another case off a GM not having a clue. Do not quote GM responses as if they are the word of god, there are legion examples of GMs contradicting things known to be true.

If you find a blue post to this effect, then that would be something to take note of, but GM replies arent. I have even heard of a case where a guy asked a GM if rogues could dual-wield with different poisons on each weapon, and got the reply 'this is a common bug, they should not be able to do this, and it will be fixed in a future patch'.

I lol'd hard. Comment by And for those of you who are wondering, it has been verified by a GM that "fishing pool" means the same as "fishing node" and "school of fish". Comment by 62 casts, was fishing for musselback sculpin in Borean Tundra to replenish my fish feast supply, and bam there it was. Comment by Just got this today fishing in an imperial manta ray school off the coast of howling fjord. Base fishing skill was and I caught it along with an imperial manta ray and a pygmy suckerfish.

Comment by now technically, this is catchable from any body of water in northrend but on the whisperwind realm, i have talked to so many people that have caught it, and they all said the exact same place borean tundra so i went there fished for an entire day, no luck second day, still nothing third day, almost gave up fourth day, tried catching it in the dalaran sewers, and ended up catching the giant sewer rat companion, then i went back to borean tundra, still nothing fifth day, gave up sixth day, started trying again since the fishing daily was the one where u have to go to borean tundra and get blood on urself and what do u know, i catch it was so excited, forgot to finish the daily went back, got the rest of the fish went to dalaran, turned in the quest, and boom, got my jeweled fishing pole all in all, i got 3 sweet fighing things in 6 days, 2 by accident but really what i was trying to say is, that borean tundra might have a better chance of getting it.

Comment by LOL, I Feel bad because i decided that i wanted to try for the mount today so i head to do my blade of drak mar Daily in Crystal song forest. Comment by But what happens when a paladin pops his aura? Comment by Alright, I'll stick to my glyphed Levitation. Think it's less cool than a turtle? Jesus didn't have one when he walked over water!

Just Levitation spell. Well, maybe he actually fished his turtle but didn't summon it that the moment. Comment by I decided to grind this on my main as soon as the patch was released, it took about casts but i eventually had it drop.

The fish i caught while grinding it easily paid for my duel spec on 2 alts so i think it was worthwhile. The morning after i got it on my main i fished on a 72 alt and after 60 casts i received my 2nd turtle. My 3rd came the next day on a lvl 70 alt. Only my main had max fishing skill, both alts had with no lures. All 3 mounts were fished up from imperial manta ray schools in borean tundra. Comment by It's more to do with the fact that you can swim in the water with this mount at still the same speed.

You can only go on the top of the water with that speed. Comment by I caught this mount the day after the patch came out. Comment by I was doing the fishing daily in Borean Tundra and unexpectedly came across this.

I have a mod that snaps a screenshot when you get an achievement which was able to record my bobber position at the time of acquisition. The image is located here HDimage. It shows that you don't necessarily need to land within the school in order to fish it up, but most likely directly next to it. This might save some people time from re-casting their line out when they land next to the school.

GL to everyone going for this. Comment by starrdumbb I'm assuming that crusader aura affects this mount? In and out of water? Comment by I didn't even know about this mount until I fished it up from a pool in Sholazar Basin while farming mats for Fish Feast. I've been farming for about an hour for these fishies and got this guy.

Very cute mount. Guess the Force is with me tonight, because this was an easy find. Comment by oodoe LIAR! Comment by I'm browsing here but I didn't see anything that answered this following question: "Can you fish this guy up in Dalaran?

It would be very nice if this was true since I'm always fishing for that Giant Sewer Rat anyway. Anyone know? Comment by Slyfanitor I caught this mount about 30min-1hour ago. Comment by I think this mount is great whether you use it or not.

Im going for my own food. If i get a ton ill go to fish feast but i think once i run out of fish feast ill go to open water in wintergrasp this time. I hear it fishes up all 3 for the feast. I won't give up, but it gives me a feeling my luck is running out on everything. So unfair people get it within 20 min while it takes others days.

Comment by Forgotten3 Works with Crusader Aura :. Comment by u can use this mount and a nagrand cherry Comment by I opened another ticket but this ones awnser was to fish in schools.

Comment by andree12 Paybays This isnt ment to be farmed that's what u decided to do. You decided to farm this mount. So only ppl that dont know anything about it will get it or I mean ppl that dont farm it. This drake spawns for ppl that just come for 20 mins or 10 mins get it. I hope you understand sry for my english but still hope u understand. Comment by jormundgard Why does the "turtle" look like a tortoise?

Comment by i would like to see an eopic version of smililar to the sea turtles for Warcraft 2. Heck why not bring in the sub marines too. Rosehip Ysera. Comment by so whats the chance of getting this? Comment by Ongaku It would be nice if they represented the honu with pride and not just give it the same model as a land turtle Comment by lizzlefoshizzlez I think i got extremely lucky considering, but I fished up my new favorite "show off mount" in crystalsong forest from the schools of glassfin minows and it only took me about 3 hrs.

Comment by Today was my victory day. I finally picked up the fishing hat from the dailys. Following this i fished up about more fish to top off my 10k some that i've fished up over the last week, picking up 16 Dark Herrings in total, and got my Sea Turtle. Let me just say, if no one is around the lake in northern Howling Fjord is a great place to fish up as many fish as you can in a short period of time, especially if your fishing is low.

Comment by As I dinged 68 and went to Howling Fjord earlier today I was thinking: "wait a minute, now I can catch all these funny things such as mounts and sewer rats and all that". Guess you could call me lucky! Pulled him up my second cast, too bad I'm a Druid with the Aquatic form glyph. Oh well, he's still worth the show, and it counts towards Leading the Cavalry.

Comment by I used to think that I was unlucky, but this bad boy dropped for me on my 1st cast into a pool of manta rays in the village un'pea or something, The Walrus village in dragon blight. Praise jesus! It's cool - but i dont' really see the point. Comment by are there any confirmed reports of people getting these outside of schools? IE, could someone start fishing at level 1 in northrend, and have hopes of catching this on their way to ? Comment by I can tell you that my fishing is maxed, i have a ku'lak pole, and i used a lure.

So - skill might have something to do with it. Comment by Do not mess with this turtle. Comment by Histeria I don't know if this has been covered yet but does anybody know that, if you fish and let the fish go - therefore not looting the casts in a pool, can you keep fishing in that same pool and possibly get the turtle? Or is it the same item everytime you fish?

A Reinforced Crate being fished out everytime instead of the fish meant to be in the pool, water motes, etc. Comment by The sea turle has a very low dropp rate. I found mine in a school of Nettlefish and that was just luck. You can fish it up in any of poles of northrend.

Comment by I read that book. I believe it was "The Colour of Magic" and that story does seem a close fit. Comment by Hey Lads, okey hear up.

Comment by somethingsnappy I doubt this happened in real life, there is an in depth fantasy series by Terry Pratchett that has the same exact story. I guess it's possible that he borrowed it from reality, but that does seem odd for someone to say at a lecture. Comment by Zalenus got this in 45 minutes tonight Comment by thehork Fished for 15 mins then pulled it from a nettlefish pool in SB , wasn't aware it even existed until i found it.

Lucky I guess. The fun part is that being paladin, my Crusader Aura can make her move a little bit faster. Comment by As GM and raid leader of a raiding guild, the pursuit of this item has been a boon to our consumable usage. Before it was like pulling teeth getting our raiders to contribute Fish Feast mats to the guild bank.

I make a special point of mentioning this mount when in raids and now we have enough Feasts for a month of Ulduar raiding. Make sure to point out that they need to concentrate on the following pools: Glacial Salmon - rivers of Grizzly Hills Musselback Sculpin - pools of Borean Tundra. The lake NE of Warsong is best. Nettlefish - rivers and lakes of Sholazar Basin. The respawn rate on the pools is amazing, was never looking for a spawn for more then 10 seconds.

I was fishing in a Glacial Salmon pool in Grizzly Hills. She's well worth the wait, be patient! Took me more than casts to finally get her :. Comment by I've been fishing for this guy for 2 weeks now, so far fish and other things caught and no dice Please enjoy I know I love it! So it's all luck. He also confirmed that it drops out of the water in Wintergrasp, so for those of you that want to stop farming the schools of fish and just sit in one place farming all day, Merry Christmas.

I was next to a palm at River's Heart Scholazar Basin and was thinking that this was the perfect place to loot a Sea Turtle It's a neat mount, but you won't notice how good it is at swimming unless you have to dive for something somewhere. I needed to collect some fins off the murlocs in stranglethorn, so I summoned my turtle and went for an underwater walk Remember that now you can drink up a water walking potion and run around with your mount on the water, so this mount is the best only in sunning around underwater and to make people envious xD.

Happy fishing everyone! Comment by sdkphoenix As of 3. Can anyone tell me if it has a jump animation yet? Comment by So here's my latest post, please tell me there's someone out there with worse luck than me, I'm realling hurting here trying to get this turtle.

Comment by Remirat New addition to this mount - Space bar animation! Will now animate correctly while moving which it didn't thus far and will jump into its shell while standing still. This has made this mount so much better imo Comment by Alanor Be sure to fish IN Pools: I had quite some fun time looking at people in Borean Tundra fishing in normal water and being mad because after 5k fish they didn't get the mount.

EDIT: Looks like people tend to get angry on reminding them it has to be caught IN pools, dunno why it has been downgraded. Comment by sriggins I just caught this guy while getting some dragonfin sculpin from dragonblight. I never tried to farm him, he just popped up. I did farm old ironjaw in Ironforge for 17 hours straight once, so this evens things out :.

Comment by This mount isn't about speed, it's about sitting in town in Ulduar gear, making others jealous. And now, with the ninja update, this mount has a mountspecial. Used to do nothing when you hit spacebar, now the turtle jumps and pulls it's limbs into it's shell for a moment. Making the e-peen value of this item that much more.

Comment by Lol woot, after casts, I finally caught my th mount this morning. I don't know what I was more excited to ride, the little turtle or my Red Dragonhawk. Good luck to all those still farming for it. I caught a Dark Herring about 35 minutes after starting Fangtooth Herring Schools while farming this guy, got the Giant Sewer Rat in about 1 hour, and got Old Ironjaw after about 20 minutes. Comment by arcteras What a fickle game. I also got the Polar Pear mount within a week or so of dailies, so I have my mates and guild cussing my extraordinary luck.

Ironically, I didn't even know these two mounts existed. Contrast this with the months I have spent in Sholozar Basin obsessively searching for Loque'nahak without even seeing him once. What a fickle game. Comment by As of patch 3. Shown here. This thing is so damn cute I just have to get one now!

Comment by Got the mount yday. Comment by Mrstrench Were can i catch this mount? And what lvl in fishing do i need? Comment by Chocopie Patch 3. The turtle quickly hides in his shell for a moment and then quickly reappears. Comment by although the drop rate is low, 1 in its estimated.. Comment by There is something dreadfully horrible about this turtle, and it is the fact that it's shell has been crushed in on both sides to make room for the riders legs.

Comment by Zada My personal 5 cents for catching this mount and rare catches in general: Get Bejeweled addon or maybe even Peggle , and play it while you fish! Just set your Ambience and Music volume down, and Effects volume up and you'll hear when you catch something if no one else is fishing near you.

Makes fishing a lot more painless. Just remember, all you can do is keep fishing You will catch it eventually. Comment by Laurens Now has both a mountspecial I love it! Comment by Isiwien 5 nights in a row. It dropped OMFG it finally dropped. Making you able to fish without ever needing to refill fishing mats: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat Glyph of Levitate That area is the best area avalible to fish on.

Always schools nearby on the minimap. You simply go around in circles. But finally I catched it. Also took me 4 seasons of the Office US while I was at it. All in all it's sooo worth it :.

Comment by Well after several weeks of farming for this beauty hours a day I got it about 5 hours ago. I logged in Grizzly Hills a pool was beneath me and 4 casts later i got the achievement. The sad part is a guildie of mine just came along and said oops, i dont want to intrude in your pool and BANG! Good luck to all who are still trying to get this beauty, I'm now going to try and get it on my alt :.

Comment by i got it on fishing skil in grizly hills. Comment by Got it after 2h of fishing in dragonblight - Lake Indu'le Also i want to note that it allows you to breath underwater ;. Comment by Rhunarc Just wanted to put my two cents in: just fished this up in Lake Indu'le in Dragonblight from a Dragonfin Angelfish node.

I wasn't farming for it, just getting fish to make buff food, so to those who are farming I deeply apologize and wish you the best of luck : And, I can confirm that the "space bar" animation has indeed been changed to the turtle tucking itself into its shell.

Comment by I like turtles. I honestly don't know why this got rated down. Every other time some random person posts a reference to a meme, everyone thinks its hilarious. Comment by Aurik Decided 'for funs' to try and get a turtle on my low level alt. Boredom really does make you do strange things You could easily go Wow Curse Fishing Buddy Free there with a lower fishing skill but even when I was over skill, using Sharpened Fish Hook s and Captain Rumsey's Lager I was still getting a fair number of grey items which is 'wasted' casts and time.

To get to the Icebergs quickly, with less chance of being ganked by the near-shore sharks, just jump off the boat as it goes in towards Valiance Keep - it takes a slightly different path on the way out and doesn't go so close. I didn't really need them but they were a nice extra for getting to the icebergs in the first place, then back again later. Just logged on and did 30 mins or so fishing every time I wanted to chill out or when I was watching tv - much better than the marathon sessions I did to get it on my main.

As a note, you cannot ride them until you get basic riding skill at level Guess I have no excuse not to level now :P. Comment by droodhaxzomg Once you do have the mount, keep plenty of strawberries. She snagged the Sea Turtle on the southern edge of the lake. There were no fishing pools present in the general vicinity.

Comment by behold the turtle of enormous girth upon his back he holds the earth his thoughts are slow but he is kind he holds the world within his mind it's a really old rhyme but i read it in one of the 'Dark Tower' books by Stephen King. Comment by bigdaddy I just got my turtle earlier today at 9 am server time on Anvilmar server.

Just do circles around it. The pools here have a really fast spawn rate! You will have no problem finding a pool to fish. Comment by what zone exactly u can find this turtle and does required any fishing skill?

Comment by Dragnis I was wondering if people could post more on the schools they fish in to actually catch the mount. Like with some drops it might be a slight increase of area and type of fish you are actually fishing. Surprised the site have yet started doing tallies count for this drop. Would be so helpful like instead of mob drops, have like school fished in or like mining nodes statics they use on site.

I have yet to get one, but I would see it being useful for farming clam meat and pearls that comes from those big clams underwater.

If there is a count can someone post it? Comment by I had fished at least 8 hours for this mount right when it came out, and had no luck. I gave up for awhile and went back at it tonight So not sure if this is RNG, or if there is actually some truth to it.. The description does say "pool", which I assumed was just another way of saying a school of fish. Has anyone successfully fished this from the sea?

You'd assume it was there, given the name. It's usually quiet, you never run out of pools, and there are no mobs in the water, so that's why I chose here to grind for it. Although judging by those stats, you probably won't be hunting for your turtle in this area.

Comment by after s casts, got one. This suggests the drop rate is under 0. Comment by blankira I have fished at least over fish farming for this mount.. I tell him.. I think people are better to get the turtle.. Comment by i got this drop in the lake that's in borean tundra. Its a great mount to have for the swim increase and it also jumps into its shell when you jump without moving.

Comment by I have Finally Caught my turtle after a lot of hours of fishing. Also got a total of 26 Cobalt ore, 42 Frostweave, 50 Borean leather scraps From reinforced crates , and 42 crystallized water. Caught mine off of Nettlefish in Sholazar Basin. Good Luck hunting :D. Comment by fish feasts fished exclusively from pools.

IDK how many crates have been acquired. Old Ironjaw in 11 casts Karma's a! Comment by arbel Wanted to report a problem I had that a GM didn't seem to care about but if you are in a party and you fish this turtle up with auto-loot, you will see it dissapear before your eyes, and no a GM won't care about your problem.

Comment by peeka I give you a plus for mentioning Terry Prachett. Comment by Toldry Zombie Boys likes them. Comment by Just fished it up in 17min. Just verifying that if you have auto-loot on and aren't in a party the fish will go straight to your inventory, no problem. Best of luck for all trying to catch it! Comment by 10, casts in five days before I got mine.

My friend proceeded to get his on his second cast into a Northrend pool. Comment by Just got this on my lvl 45 Paladin. I have been away from the game for a few months and when i first found out about this mount i decided to get fishing for the first time on my pally alt since i plan to make her my main once she hits 80 anyway.

Well after 3 days of nonstop fishing only in the Frozen Sea i got it. Comment by Just got it last night The best lake seems to be the one in BT Has about 10 pools and no one's usually there Good Luck Everyone! Ruins the purpose lol.

Comment by Hordecrusher I just got it today. Don't give up. It'll drop eventually. Comment by In order to get this, do i need to fish in a school, or just fish anywhere in northrend? Comment by does mount speed increased buffs count for the turtle while in water? Comment by woot just got it in BT Lake. Comment by Nice everybody CAN get one but I don't think alot of people will try very hard for one, mount around or over the water.

ALSO don't you start with 1 skill in fishing? Comment by Geddeh Guys although the numbers come out to about a 0. I was farming Tiger Lily around a lake when I decided to fish in the pool to entertain the thought that I might get this mount. On my fourth pool I got this mount and was ecstatic. Its not impossible.

Anyone can do it. Comment by Level 46 Orc Rogue fishing. Took about catches overall. Best of luck catching it, its really cute. Comment by Well, I've been trying to catch this beauty for three days now. I've gotten to the point that I believe I must be doing something wrong.

I've been node farming in the Frozen Sea for ages, than moved to Lake Indu'le, and have spent easily 10 hours at each. I leveled my fishing from in no time, and have caught 4, fish, not including the trash including,

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