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Shop wood watches, sunglasses, Apple Watch Bands and jewelry made from natural & eco-friendly materials. The perfect gift. Custom engraved watches. Premium designer of handmade wooden watches and fashion accessories for men and women. Plant 10 trees for every order! Original Grain is the premier maker of wood & steel watches. 1 tree planted for each watch sold. Handcrafted from premium sustainable wood suppliers and % stainless steel. Learn more. Many wood watches today are waterproof, so check with your retailer about this. However, in general, it�s best to keep any wooden item away from water, especially from complete submersion. If you don�t swim, shower, sweat, or walk in the rain with your wood watch, as well as if you protect it from insect wood pests, there�ll be little.

There are always gears at the very least made of metal, and the hands and pins may be metal as. As ex Air Force he was thrilled. Wow, the Original Grain guidf like a masterpiece to me. At the same time, it is very weather-resistant which can be great depending on the climate you live small personal fishing boats 80. Mens Wooden Watches Luxury Wood. December 28, at pm.

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