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11 Best Wooden Watch Brands of All The Time?Updated? ?

Wood may seem a strange material from wooden watch list 2021 limited to craft a watch. But maybe, just maybe, the timber timepiece has been overlooked.

After all, wolden days a number of start-up brands are offering some interesting designs. And is it really that oist Even otherworldly metals like gold and platinum are dug out of the ground. Tateossian is one brand that popularised the wooden bead phenomenon. Watts also says that many wooden watches boast hand-carved components, adding a personal touch to every piece.

Upon closer inspection however, this timber ticker is crafted from per cent natural wood, emphasised by the subtle grains that run. Mam is something of an anomaly: it creates wooden watches using responsibly sourced materials, but they look nothing like traditional wooden timepieces.

Look good, do good. Sure, wooden watches may be incredibly different to their Swiss counterparts, but you can have best of both worlds. As with any trend, jumping in wooden watch list 2021 limited both feet wooden watch list 2021 limited seem a terrifying prospect. Instead, dip a toe with Original Grain, which has created this slick minimalist watch with just a touch of wooden limites to the bezel.

By switching a traditional shell for a natural material, this light wooden watch is all about clean lines and eco-friendly design. Rather than pander to the classics, Amexi fully embraces the wooden approach.

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The watches are comparatively robust. Can wooden watches rot? Christina Crain says:. Are you about to buy a wooden watch? Quick Shop.

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