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Early last year my urban sketcher friend Cecilia Simonyi from Hungary asked me to test a prototype for a sketching bag and was it great to see her selling the final product at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam in July. Note: I prepared this article a few weeks ago and have decided to publish it now as it was written.

I also like doing my bit to wooden sketch bag 2019 fellow small business owners, especially in uncertain times as we are facing at the moment. Last month I taught a 3-day workshop wooden sketch bag 2019 each day I loaded up a different Walkit bag to test. It was so convenient to have all my tools by my side and to have them so easily accessible. I wore the Walkit wooden sketch bag 2019 day with my usual blue cross body bag over the top.

All my woiden felt secure whether I was ssketch, walking around or catching public transport. Although I use the front pocket of wwooden Hedgren bag in a similar way, the Walkit was a more convenient and organised way of holding my kit. So the Wooden sketch bag 2019 was perfect for teaching. The bags are top quality and I really love the designs and colours. I love the hand stamped patterns on two of the bags I tested � you can read about the inspiration of each on the site.

Ultimately Wooden sketch bag 2019 think that I will use the plain darker one for my next big sketching trip as I think it will show the dirt. Note: I pulled all the pens etc out of the pockets a little for this photo so that you can see them more clearly.

But you can see in the photo below what they were like when I was using the bag. When it comes to urban sketching, I put bags into two main categories: 1. This second one is something of a holy grail! Hairdressers and carpenters will know this.

As a public transport user, I carry my loaded Walkit in my main skehch bag, together with bulkier things such as my sketchbook, water containers, clipboard and so on. I then put it on when I get to my destination. It turns out this is to allow you to roll the filled bag and secure it when travelling.

That said, the loop could be useful as a lanyard for attaching a name tag or any small tool with wooden sketch bag 2019 loop skrtch hole in it. Perhaps my only woodeb is that it wooden sketch bag 2019 do with a few wooden sketch bag 2019 of the slightly looser elastic loops, big enough for fountain pens.

The fabrics are sturdy and everything is cleanly stitched and finished. And it looks beautiful! Yes and no. An S,etch sketchbook up to 18mm thick and wooden sketch bag 2019 more than mm wide on the outside think Leuchtturm will fit in the back pocket, protruding just sktech over the top edge, but it will reduce your ability to make use of more sjetch a few of the elastic loops inside that pocket.

There would be room for five or six more pencils at the back and a few more travel brushes or shorter pens or pencils in the. I can also fit a classic halfpan tin watercolour palette in the larger of the gusseted pockets, but I prefer to carry my palette horizontally in my main bag.

So even the small bag holds a good deal. My summary: This is a fantastic bag to wear either cross body our around your waist which keeps all your sketching tools handy and organised. I love many of the design features and the overall quality and colours of the bags. Highly recommended. Check out more. And finally, here is a photo of my Walkit yesterday.

Using my Walkit is also a constant reminder of all wooden sketch bag 2019 Urban Sketchers friends around the world � stay safe! I like to support people who make beautiful items like wooden sketch bag 2019 May I please ask which size you got? I too like to support cottage industries�especially at this time when the world is at the mercy of the virus.

Notify me when new comments are added. Walkit sketching bags March 18, 2 Comments 29 Share. So this is what I wrote a few weeks ago: Last month I taught a 3-day workshop and each day I loaded up a different Walkit bag to test.

Here are a few photos showing the various bags and what I fitted into. Small bag: Note: if you had a tall water container it would work well in one of these blue pockets. Rear pocket: My other longer fountain pens, while gel pen, watercolour pencils wooden sketch bag 2019 I carry them at alltoothbrush holder containing my dagger brush.

This is the Balaton walkit bag in large size: 21cm wide x 24cm tall Description of the design: The Hungarian Sea � as people call it, an 80 kilometer long lake with silky blue-green water in the middle of Transdanubia. The essence of our iconic lake is brought into this series of walkit bags. If you choose it with pattern, you will see the beautiful vegetation in the Balaton World Heritage area.

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