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Dec 15, �� I spent my grade school years in the 50�s in a large northeastern US city. Our Wooden Ship Building Plans Co. Ltd school building Building A Wooden Viking Ship List was a large, forbidding affair that was obviously built to stand the test of time. It had steam radiators that banged and clanged as they provided winter heat and tall wood-framed sash windows that provided our only relief from the summer heat. 22:28:

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The 13 Series Smoothie is one the wooden ship building school performance versatile and popular wheels offered by Wheel Vintiques. These are on the shelf right now, ready to ship same day in the sizes shown 14x6, 15x5, 15x6 and 15x7. Contact Us :. Some replicas may not even be seaworthy, but built for other educational or entertainment purposes. The 55 Series features a brilliant show chrome finish center with M�.

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