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Best Kids Childrens Wooden Play Kitchen Set Of - Children's Kitchen Shop eSpecial Needs is dedicated to providing our clients with the best selection of adaptive equipment, rehab equipment and therapy solutions for children and adults with special needs. With over 10, special needs products focused to mobility, sensory needs, and independent living, our experienced staff strives to provide the highest quality service to parents, teachers, therapists and. Acorn Maintenance Engineering Ltd - Acorn Maintenance Repair LLC Acorn Maintenance Services - Acorn Malacca Acorn Management - Acorn Manor exotic Yorkshire terriers. The Mayfair brand is part of Bemis Manufacturing Company, the worlda s largest manufacturer of toilet seats. Founded in , and in the fourth generation of family ownership, Bemis has grown from a maker of furniture and wooden wagons to an international enterprise with manufacturing and warehousing facilities worldwide.

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The hinged bail handle even makes carrying simple too. Keep cool on hot days with ice cold water. Description: Color Grey Features This side table is designed to put any space,under your sofa or bed,making you enjoy a good time. Its design becomes a convenient experience,food and drinks will be easier to reach.

You can eat food in front of TV because this side table is tall enough to reach. At the same time,it doesn't take up many space,so it will save your space. In a word,this end table is an ideal choice for you. Brand Hollyhome,the professional furniture supplier, now provides a great variety of excellent furniture. With the combination of global intelligence, high quality material, reliable performance, and world class design. Description: Product Description This Mayfair soft seat provides long lasting durability and comfort.

NOTE Colors on a website or printed from a website can vary drastically from the actual color of the toilet seat due to monitor and printer settings. The colors on this page are for approximate visual use and should not be used to match colors exactly to a toilet bowl. Mayfair toilet seats provide a wide variety of designs to easily integrate into any bathroom.

The needs of customers are at the forefront of design with unmatched features and benefits that make everyday lives easier. Founded in , and in the fourth generation of family ownership, Bemis has grown from a maker of furniture and wooden wagons to an international enterprise with manufacturing and warehousing facilities worldwide. With a continued commitment to the worldwide community, Bemis Manufacturing Company strives to set the standard for ecological responsibility, conservation and preservation.

Items that are a part of a recall are removed from the Walmart. These items include Walmart. Customers who have purchased a recalled item will be notified by email or by letter sent to the address given at the time of purchase. For complete recall information, go to Walmart Recalls.

Description: Multi purpose utility flat benchComfortable, high density foam and boxed upholsteryDurable powder coated finishIncreases strength, tones body, and flattens absRectangular 14 gauge tubingTotal weight capacity poundsDimensions 43 x 17 x 17 inchesColor Black Additional Detail: Open Box.

Great for general, accent, or task lighting applicationsDurable design. It is not created or sold by the OE car company. Description: Strong and Sturdy metal box spring for use with bed frame. Convenient and compact packaging. Easy Assembly required. Box Spring only, Bed frame and mattress sold separately.

Tyger Auto 5. Description: Bell Sports Mini Shell Front Bicycle Child Carrier, Gray Easy, fast and secure installationVentilated for child s comfort3 point harness systemFoam seat padAdjustable foot beds grow with your childQuick release removal from bikeFits most standard sizes and models of bikesInteractive ride.

Description: Product Description Medline extended wear briefs feature a high performance extended wear core designed to keep patients dry and protected for long periods. These incontinence diapers are for men or women. Extended wear is Medline highest capacity adult brief.

Available in sizes small 19 31, medium 27 43", large 41 59", and x large 57 65". Description: Precision engineered and custom molded for an exact fit. Keeps rain out and lets fresh air in.

Allows window to be cracked, reducing heat build up in parked vehicles. Constructed of strong, yet flexible high grade acrylic material. Description: Available in 15 standard lengths Durable, maintenance free UV stabilized, deep wood grain texture Available in 13 maintenance free accent colors or a separate paintable option Additional Detail: Open Box. Description: The blind size is Fits window opening 31" wide x 36" high Additional Detail: Open Box".

Description: Adjustable to fit all standard bathtub and shower sizes up to 86 inches. Fast, easy TwistTight installation, Simply extend and twist. No tools, No drilling, No damage. Holds up to 30 pounds.

Chip and rust resistant finish. Made in USA. Description: Product Description Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Brand Story By From the Manufacturer Modern styled kitchen with lots of electronic cooking sounds and accessories, compact, stylish, modern kitchen makes a great addition to any play area.

Cabinet door opens, with storage inside. Working microwave and oven doors. Clicker knob above oven door. Burner has electronic cooking sounds. Chrome look towel rail. Refrigerator door opens, room inside to store food.

Feet under base add height. With brands like Axxent, BAJA Tough, and Radiant Effects; and over 50 years supplying vehicular lighting Blazer International has built a strong legacy of quality, value, and customer service. LovePads 1.

It's widely used in kitchens, dining rooms and office workspaces, such as dining table, bedside table, tea table, office table, TV bench etc. This cover can protect your table or tablecloth against scratches, scuffs, stains, spillage while keeping your desk tidy, clean and organized. How to Contact Us? Then Click Ask a question. How to lay it flat on the table when unroll it?

Heat it with a hair drier and put something heavy on the curled places. Lay it unroll on the sunlight. Use the steam setting on your iron. Lay out in Reverse Roll direction, use heavy duty items pressing in days. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this auction and I am aware of the auction location. Cancel Continue. Accept Cancel. Details Terms Directions Shipping. Inspection: Wed, Mar 10, Auction Closing: Wed, Mar 10, Removal: Thu, Mar 11, Buyer's Premium Select a time, and then be there during that time.

If you don't schedule, you won't be able to pick up. If you show up with out appointment, you will be required to get on your cell phone, and schedule next available time, it may be hours later, so please do it before you get there. Your card on file will be charged a. Any terms or conditions listed for a specific auction will supersede those listed within the general terms in this agreement. Along with closing date and time, item inspection, location and removal times will also be listed for that specific auction.

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It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet. Buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property from that point forward including at the premises of the sale. The removal date and time will be posted on the terms for each individual auction. Failure to remove during scheduled load out time may result in item forfeiture.

Ownership of item will then revert to party with primary vested interest in the item to sell or dispose of item as it sees fit. Any funds paid shall be forfeited to satisfy terms of sale. Premiums and fees remain applicable. Buyer can check their dashboard in their account to see any outstanding invoices, and items won. If you feel you won an item, and it is not shown, contact the equip-bid office by a. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected together.

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If you feel there is a discrepancy or error between a listing and a photo, contact Equip-Bid for clarification and notification of error. This sale is to the business community as equipment and inventory without any implied or expressed warranty.

Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Into the bowl, sift together the flour and salt, and beat until well combined. Beat in vanilla and cherries. Chill for at least 2 hours. Roll dough into small balls and place on ungreased baking sheets. Flatten with. Answers 1. Tooth enamel 2. Woodrow Wilson, March 4. About 23, 5. Oklahoma Oklahoma City 7. Stone mason 8. A tower Richard Beam.

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At night all cats are black. This week we present an additional thirty. Later we plan to print the remaining twenty proverbs. We again urge those readers who have heard these proverbs in a similar or slightly different form to share them with us. Below is a list of convenient locations where you can pick up your weekly issue if you are not in our regular hand-delivered area. If your home was built before , you should have it checked. Old wiring and outdated electrical service panels are not safe.

Reading Rd. Greenhouses Opening Monday, March 1! Succulents Cute! We have an excellent selection of Houseplants, including many usual varieties! Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Offer expires 3. Courtney is in eighth grade at Gehmans Mennonite School. If you would walk through the halls at our school on any given day, you would probably hear Courtney laughing with her friends.

If I were to describe her in several words, I would say she is fun to be with, a loyal friend, talkative, crazy at times, quiet until noon, awesome laugh, tall, and athletic. Courtney is the daughter of James and Louise Zimmerman. Her favorite things about school are hanging out with friends, playing any sport, and making and eating delicious food in Home Ec. After she graduates, she plans to homeschool and play basketball or volleyball for her homeschool team.

She spends most of her free time playing outside with her siblings, drawing, or running. Courtney regularly attends church at Churchtown Mennonite Church with her family. The best food that she has ever had is French Fry Overload Pizza.

Her greatest accomplishment today is getting 4th place in a three on three tournament in basketball. She is super fun to hang out with Written by: Abby Weaver and is a great friend to have. Between homework and exams, school stresses everyone out at times. Finding that one person who makes it better and learning what she or he enjoys about school can help us dread the early mornings a little less.

Janae Benedick, a junior at Garden Spot High School, always makes the day brighter and our laughs louder. Despite the long lessons and hallway walks, she enjoys the social aspect of school and seeing her friends every day.

Janae feels her greatest accomplishment is being part of Honors Band where she plays the clarinet. Hanging out with friends is also something that brings her laughs and smiles. Additionally, Janae loves photography, her favorite hobby and pastime: whether landscapes or portraits, she loves it. Consequently, her favorite class includes digital photography because capturing a moment is something she truly enjoys learning more about and loves taking pictures.

After school comes to an end and graduation approaches, Janae plans either to do mission trips, or to go to college for occupational therapy, or to combine the two and do occupational therapy overseas as a missionary. If she were to change one thing in the world, she would choose world hunger. She feels very passionate about this serious issue. For this reason, she admires her grandmother. She feels her grandmother is such a strong person in all her endeavors and does not complain Written by: due to her pure heart.

Janae treats everyone kindly and with respect, someCameran thing many of us wish for in ourselves. Open Mon. Open Tues. Open Thurs. New Name, Same Great People. For more info. Drive-thru only. There is a cost. There is no charge, but registration is required by calling Belinda at , or email bkhess ptd.

Registration is not needed. Drivethru only. The gates open at p. King St. Doors open at. Activities include an egg hunt for children, a candy scramble, prize Easter baskets and a visit with the Easter Bunny. Donations of empty plastic eggs and unopened bags of individually wrapped candy may be dropped off at the Township Building Mon.

Broasted Chicken - 12 pieces, tub of French fries, quart of slaw, pepper cabbage or macaroni salad. Feeds 3 to 5. Your independent restaurant, serving good food to the fine people of the Ephrata area for over 61 years. To sign up, contact Pam Santiago at Advanced tickets required. Time to be determined. Take Out Available. Reservations strongly encouraged on weekends. Please bring a mask. Mile Marker 9 Recently Moved To Safer Location Prior to the mass printing of maps and significantly before the invention of the GPS, markers could often be found along commonly used roads to advise the traveler of the distance that he or she had traveled between certain towns or cities.

These markers, referred to as road markers, milestones, or highway markers, have been in use for several hundred years throughout eastern Pennsylvania. With the passing of time, however, those that are still in existence are easily missed during our travels on roadways far newer and larger than those used by our ancestors. The Reading-to-Lancaster route, which initially began to be laid out in , was chosen as it connected the two county seats, both of which were important and influential centers of commerce.

As the reader may imagine, the roads were. Milestone Marker 9, as pictured, has served as a guide to those traveling from Reading to Lancaster since the days of the stagecoach. This particular marker was recently moved from an obscure and largely unnoticed location in the western corner of Spring Township, where its demise was threatened had it been clipped by a passing snowplow. This dark red sandstone marker was originally placed 1.

Millions of American women were granted the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment in But did you know that more than a century earlier, women legally held the. Registration is required by emailing register lititzlibrary. The program is limited to 30 people and registration begins on Monday, March 1. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link for the program. With MM9 now standing in a safer and more prominent location, it will continue to serve as a reminder of days long past.

Submitted by John P. Sources for this information include a paper read by Morton L. Montgomery, Esq. To view business bios shown below, visit www. JSL Mechanical Inc. State Farm Insurance Agency, Inc. Christine Flomerfelt Tom B.

Zerbe Retirement Community. First you make sure the pattern lays out on the fabric in the correct way, pin it on, cut it out and sew it together. The fabric you cut out is an exact match of the pattern. He was authentic. He walked the talk. We can look back and observe his. It seems we only hear about the causalities and overlook the wonderful examples that touch our lives daily.

Christ was and. We need to be likewise a representative or ambassador of Christ to others. Our example is that picture. Ephrata United Zion Church E. Fulton St. Worship: a. Pastor Melvin Horst. Bible Baptist Church 45 S. Prayer Meeting PM Thurs. Bible Study PM. John A. I do all things for the sake of the gospel, so that I may become a fellow partaker of it. Hoover , East Earl, a daughter, at home.

Brubaker , East Earl, twin sons, at home. Add butter, salt, baking powder and baking soda; mix lightly. Add the milk and flour alternately. Fold in the cherries. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Transfer to a wire rack or paper towels to drain and cool. Sprinkle with powdered or granulated sugar. Makes about 50 small fritters. A larger scoop can be used for larger fritters. What is the cost? Newswanger , New Holland, a daughter, at home. Lantz , Narvon, a daughter, at home. Zook , Lititz, a son, at home. Dan Black, Rhonda Lisa Spangler. He has been the business in 36 y medicine for Hospital practicing veterinar New Holland Veterinary along with Dr.

Harris Doctors and Staff of years. Working , Dr. Grace Amicone es enjoys meeting in the practice are staff of 24 employe Sicuranza, Dr. Brian her Christop Tomaskovich. The reptiles! Leh ma n Ins ura nc e community been serving our Agency, Inc. We Lehman Insurance services for over sional insurance agency. We our clients with hones. John Weidma ned business today. Along members a true, genuine family-ow es, you will see family delivering Granddaughter Carol with their employe their equipment, of the company.

John Weidman They service, repair System furnaces Oil and. Their located at Rear com. The goal to the County, they of social services hub a of poverty. This service is free - all you need to do is provide the required information. Box , E. This service is provided for local children and their parents. Limited to ages 1 through Age limit Hours: Mon. Both political leaders presented the employees with Declarations of Appreciation acknowledging the critical roles they played in helping members of the community continue to access safe food and supplies during the pandemic.

The political leaders also thanked the employees for their countless hours facing unprecedented challenges, displaying courage, compassion, dedication and leadership during the global crisis.

With Gratitude,. It ended the long-standing policy of using only gold or silver in transactions. The chasm, home to more than 1, plant and animal species, is more than a mile deep, and 15 miles across at its widest point. Beauchamp was initially named the winner, until Petty challenged the results using news photos. The top of the foot tower was hanging 17 feet south of the base. Heiden had overslept and rushed to the rink after eating just a few slices of bread.

The donation will be used to fund innovative educational programs within the Warwick School District. The sides, front and doors are of an unusual mortise and tenon construction forming a total of thirty-three panels of various sizes.

The schrank has a flat top of dovetailed construction, with a boldly molded cornice across its front and sides. The front of the piece is fitted with two full-length doors which are hung on hand-wrought rat-tail hinges.

The left door is. The interior of the wardrobe was originally fitted with a single shelf across the top, which has been removed. After his death it was given to his son John Royer Keller []. Amanda Keller Mohler []. Mohler, daughter of William K. Mohler, husband of Amanda Mohler. William Mohler, busy with his clientele, also. William and Amanda had five children: Dr. Henry K.

Mohler who never married , and Anna K. Ennis and, upon his death, Walter Neely. The heirloom remained in the Mohler home on North State until after the death of Amanda Mohler, when the family gave it to Dr. Ira Wagner in gratitude for his having supplied Amanda with free medical care throughout her long illness. In later years, no longer having a place for the schrank, Dr.

Wagner gave it to Harold Schaeffer Mohler [] of Hershey. Harold S. Mohler was the son of Milton Mohler, and served as president and CEO of Hershey Foods beginning in and as chairman of the board from through The Stumps, both now deceased, donated the piece to the Historical Society in The Smokestown Fire Company covers approximately 7. The members respond to approximately 80 to 90 calls annually, as well as participate in weekly in-house training and other classes.

Chicken barbecues and sub sales are held multiple times each year, as well as Card Parties on the first and third Saturdays every month from October Large Wooden Kitchens Model through April. The department drives Santa around the community every holiday season, hands goodies out to children on Trick-or-Treat night, and participates in other community events when asked. In addition to the barbecue and sub sale fundraisers, the fire company rents out their hall and pavilion, and holds a fund drive each year. If you would like to help support the Smokestown Fire Company, they are always seeking volunteers in both firefighting and non-firefighting positions.

Volunteers can help out with administrative duties, the auxiliary, fundraising, and many other areas, including with community events and supplying food and drinks at incidents when needed.

If you would like more information, call Training is held at the fire company every Tuesday at p. Shop when you want - 24 hours a day! This auction is a testament to the professional talents of each and every Heart Artist at the Studio and as such, every interested Heart Artist will be featured this year. There is truly a piece for everyone! A Paint Brush Pull will be featured again this year. For a cost you will be entered into a drawing for. The winning paintbrush will be pulled at the conclusion of the auction.

There are three. Friendship Heart Studio is a day program, which celebrates personalities and talents through free expression and collaboration. Over seventy unique artists work with generous professionals and passionate volunteers to create masterpieces while developing a sense of purpose, value and freedom.

Friendship Community is a faith-based organization cultivating capabilities of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties since With three-day programs, a homebased services program, Lifesharing and For more details about this event, please contact Becky Link at or blink friendshipcommunity.

You can also visit Friend shipArt. Open to everyone, this fundraising event has raised crucial money in the past for this creative and lifechanging effort to exist.

Are you ready to help these Artists express their capabilities this year as well? Shown in the photo is an acrylic painting by Justin Santoro and will be featured at the Art Auction. The Society collects and interprets a wide range of objects, from high-end antiques to the humble and the quirky. All contribute to our understanding of the region and its inhabitants from around the time of European settlement into the 21st century.

In addition, the Society maintains a large and continually growing collection of manuscripts, print items and photographs. Although both its library and its museum are closed to the public due to the COVID pandemic, the Society welcomes calls from researchers and persons with items they wish to contribute.

For assistance, please call Free Towing! Advertise with us. You choose where you want to advertise. Get internet service today with Auto Insurance Earthlink. Find Plans. Call us Today to Get Started. Call today for a free quote! We buy all cars, trucks, and SUVs. Free pick up.

Services - Any Condition. Running or Not. Some restrictions apply. Advertise it here and in neighboring publications. We can help you. MACnet has tried to verify the authenticity of all the ads listed in the PennCanNetwork, but has found this almost impossible.

We suggest before making any kind of financial commitment you contact the local Better Business Bureau and under NO circumstances send any money in advance. From Revelation 21, what perfectly square city is described as having walls made of jasper?

In Matthew 5, to what two things did Jesus compare Christians, salt and? Water, Bread, Light, Mountains 4. Saint Luke said Jesus was about how old when he began to teach? Isaac, Joshua, Aaron, Abraham 6. What was the trade of Paul? By making a donation to these needs, you recognize the Heart Artists and their talents and encourage them to continue with their skills. You acknowledge their capabilities and you ensure that their creative space will be available for them and others to enjoy and appreciate.

To register for a bidder number, see the amazing pieces on the auction block and learn more about the event, please visit www. The site is continually being updated as new pieces become. Wanted to Buy Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P. Box Denver, Co. Miscellaneous Hearing aids! Bogo free! Nearly invisible! Miscellaneous Eliminate gutter cleaning forever! LeafFilter, most advanced debrisblocking protection. Schedule free estimate. Call Full installation services.

Request Publishers ACP is searching for free no obligation quote. If interested, visit afcp. Thinking about installing a new shower? Free design Donate your car to kids! Fast free consult. Maximum tax donation. The weather is increasingly Education Train online to do medical unpredictable. Be prepared for billing! Schedule Free in-home assessment. Miscellaneous Life Alert. Covers procedures. Real insurance not a discount plan. Get your free dental info kit! For Sale Searching for products to resell?

Visit: CloseoutsOnline. No Satellite. Only 2. Free info kit. Page Publishing will help self-publish your book. Free author submission kit! Limited offer! Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home.

Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service.

All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada. The following events will be hosted by the Lititz Public Library for the month of March.

For more information, call the library at What do you spy with your little eye? There will be new items to spy each week. Shannon -. Mondays or Wednesday at a. Children of all ages are welcome. Email srichard lititzlibrary. Recommended for ages six and under. Get free tickets at thegiantcompanynutrition ists. Let your junior chefs take over the kitchen after school to create their own healthier snack.

Recommended for children ages 7 to These classes are for all ages. For free tickets go to thegiantcompanynutrition ists. One per person, while supplies last. Will be available starting Wednesday, March Check the library website for a YouTube link to the concert.

We have a huge inventory of parts and equipment, which allows us to provide specialized services right away! Shainman is a patient advocate who provides support and education surrounding BRCA and other hereditary cancer syndromes. Shainman will be joined by Ms. In this powerful program, these two genetic cancer experts will share their story and knowledge and answer your questions. The J. Lewis Crozer Library in Chester, is hosting an online book talk with Charles Fergus, author of several nonfiction books about PA flora and a new mystery series set in Pennsylvania in the s featuring a young.

Pennsylvania Dutch sheriff, Gideon Stoltz. Check the library website for more information at www. Mohler Church Rd. Snow blower, 2 kerosene heaters. Discount for multiple deliveries.

Becca, Thank You! Fairview Road, Lititz. Black refrigerator 2. Plus lots of other sizes. Mixed maple, some oak, dry, ready to burn. Delivery available. American Flag Shoppe, near Adamstown. Our American flags are made in America! Visit our office at E. By Phone Talk to customer service during business hours. Charge to your MasterCard, Visa or Discover. By Internet On-line ad form on our website: www. Mail-ins must arrive no later than Saturday.

Refunds, credits or transfers will not be given. Commercial businesses are defined as: Any person or group normally engaged in offering goods or services in a business environment and include: rentals, items manufactured or bought for sale or resale, babysitting services, business listings, multiple animal listings, multiple yard sales, etc.

Heading is counted with total number of words. Total Number of Words in Ad Cost for Boxed Ad optional Automatic, AC, regular cab, 1 owner, about 96, miles. Call Ron at Mint green and tan. Cabin has solar panels, gas lights, kitchen and bathroom working plumbing , 1BR.

Located in Juanita County, approx. Runs great. Evergreen Road, Lebanon, PA Great pay rates, full benefits and more. Will train! Apply at:. Steffy Concrete is looking to hire the perfect fect individual to maintain their grounds.

Duties es would include but are not limited to yard work, mowing, cleaning the office and employee break room, cleaning g general errands. Hours are flexible Monday-Friday. Call Martin Mulch for information. Lots of baby and children clothing and shoes. Farmersville Road. Farmersville Rd, Friday, 9am. Work involves mowing, trimming, pruning, planting, snow removal and other related outdoor tasks. These positions are year-round. Delivery Times Are Flexible, taking approximately hours per week.

Place your classified ads online at www. No job too small. So call, PA Early evening hours. Candidates must have a safe driving record; stable employment history; be able to lift 75 lbs. We offer competitive pay and benefits including health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, Paid Time Off PTO , k with match, and long-term care.

Candidates should complete an application or submit a resume to the attention of Human Resources by email, fax, mail, or in person. Please include salary requirements. Visit our website at www. Fax : Email: kelli. This individual is responsible to prepare and install vinyl siding, windows, and doors using the proper techniques and tools, and must be able to communicate effectively with homeowners and fellow employees about the projects.

A minimum of 2 years of experience is required for this position. Competitive wages, simple IRA, paid vacation, paid holidays, health insurance and overtime. We ter discounts. Call Damien, Weekends a must. Apply in caster. Visit sdlancaster. Apply at Red Roof id drivers license, Reinholds. Clean, quality mulching, edging, planting, Denver, PA Benefit price. Custom-designed ads starting at. Great nation and priced items. Good benefits. Please email letter of interest to office adamstownborough.

Box , Adamstown, PA by March 15th to be considered. For more information and a list of kitchen equipment being provided, visit our website www. Qualified candidates will have the ability to cook and serve meals, assist and care for residents bathing, dressing, hair care, medication , facilitate group activities, help with cleaning. This individual should be professional, able to work independently, supervise helpers, multi-task, manage time efficiently, and have a friendly, caring personality.

This position is responsible to dismantle farm tractors for salvageable parts. Must have mechanical ability and be physically able to perform the tasks of a mechanic.

Must have appropriate tools. Candidates must be able to lift 70 lbs. Hours of work are Monday - Friday A. Drug Screen and Background Check required. Will plan and orchestrate activities, handle social media, update resident records, payroll, invoicing and general communication. Must be 16 years old. Download application online. Read your ad the first week it appears! This publication will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of any advertisement.

Competitive wages, simple IRA, paid vacation, paid holidays, health insurance, overtime. Top dollar paid cles. Free removal. We love it all. No appraisals. I town includes large will buy your home as is, yard space suitable for windmills, any primitive Broad Street in Lititz. Indoor outside items. Cash on Quick cash.

Perfect for today, , Bob land ment local, Lititz buyer. Available dition. Craig, June 1st. Call junk autos. Calls only. Woodworking experience desired as employee may work Main, Ephrata. Additional positions available. Call or stop by for more information. No Sundays!! Our high quality, ruggedly built trailers are shipped across the country. We are committed to providing a positive, family-friendly, faith-based work environment! Email resume to Mike ronafa. Paid Holidays and Vacation Pay.

If you are interested, please apply at our plant location Rod and Gun Road, Newmanstown, PA between the hours of a. No smoking. No pets. Background check. Newer construstion. Easy access to Route No pets, no smoking. Hours are: Mondays a. Face masks that cover the mouth and nose are required for entry for everyone over the age of two. If you are unable to wear a mask, they are happy to offer NoContact Self Pickup Service as an alternative; please call to arrange.

There is currently no seating for quiet study, research, reading or meetings, and public access computers are currently not available. Please note that all library materials will be quarantined for an entire week before they are checked in, so. Items will remain on your library account for up to seven days after they have been returned; to avoid fines please do not renew items you know you have returned.

All items will be backdated when checking in to account for quarantine time. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as they work together to ensure the health of the community. All library events are offered virtually online. All events and activities can be found on their event calendar at elancolibrary.

Events for Wednesday, February 24 through. YouTube Channel as well. Preschoolers are invited to enjoy themed books, songs, rhymes, or movement activities. They will be streaming from their Facebook. For various ages. Due to popular demand, registration is required for Take and Makes. They have three different types of Take and Makes-.

Kindergarten and up. Please register by going to their website or calling the library at Take and Makes will be ready for pickup on Monday, March 8. You must pickup these items by Saturday, March 13 at p. A facemask is required to enter the building. Carla at cbarrows elancolibrary. Sign-on bonus available for experienced automotive techs who qualify.

Minimum of 2 years automotive technician experience required. Carla - Every Monday at p. Join the library on Facebook Live to watch Ms. Carla play Animal Crossing. Ask her questions, help her create items, and hang out! You can find the livestream on their Facebook. A recording of it will be provided on their. A story will be read and a related art experience or activity will follow. The activities can be easily done at home using everyday household items.

Ages 3 to 7.

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