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Wooden Kitchen Toys Cake Food DIY Pretend Play Cutting Birthday Toys for Children Plastic Educational Baby kids Gift. US $ / piece Free Shipping. (11) | 26 Orders. PHOOHI Official Store. Kids Pretend Role Play Kitchen Fruit Food Wooden Toy Cutting Set Child Gifts. US $ / piece Free Shipping. (2) | 25 Orders. BABY BABY BABY Store.� Kids Wooden Cutting Vegetable Toy Children Pretend Kitchen Food Play Toy For Toddler PHOOHI. US $ / piece Free Shipping. (4) | 21 Orders. PHOOHI Official Store. Wooden Baby Kitchen Toys Pretend Play Cutting Cake Afternoon Tea Set Play Food Kids Toys Wooden Cooking Gifts Toy. US $ / piece Free Shipping. (5) | 20 Orders. Best Wooden Play Kitchens. Here�s our picks (based on dimensions) for taller kids, smaller kids and small spaces. Scroll down for more details about these and also for the rest of our best wooden toy kitchen picks! Best for Taller Kids. KidKraft Large Kitchen, Pastel, x x Inches.� If you�re looking for the best wooden play kitchen set for an older toddler, this is a good choice due to its smaller size. And its still entertaining enough for kids up to about age 5 or so. Older kids may do better with one that has a higher counter and a little more room.� Below are the three wooden play kitchens we found with the highest counter height. This is important if your child is a taller preschooler or an older child. Review of toddlers kitchen sets, tikes kitchen, fisher price kitchen, kidkraft retro kitchen, and wooden kitchen set. 5 Deals Kids Play Kitchen: Black Friday Deals. AM.� With the Features: Try all flavors, Wooden Pizza Set, wooden pizza consists of six "slices", important part of childhood development, 54 disk-shaped pizza toppings, and so cute design & painted for children This Kitchen Sets good for toddlers & children age 3 - 10 years. No.3) Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set.� Kitchen Sets for toddlers & girls age years. Features. Pop-up toaster.

The toy kitchen is an awesome place for toddlers and bigger kids to work and play together, use their creativity, learn to use new tools, and be Wooden Kitchens Toddlers Llc just like mom and dad!

They are not only a great place to get kids playing together, they're also awesome for practicing fine motor skills, creating and executing plans, learning to count, and cooperating with other children and adults. Here are the top 5 play kitchens we found, followed by in-depth reviews of several options. The best play kitchens for babies and toddlers not only look nice but are high quality, functional, have cause-and-effect relationship toys, and are easy to assemble, safe to use, and last long enough to make a great hand-me-down.

Our hands-on reviews found a set of awesome play kitchens and utensil sets that will be sure to please even the pickiest little chefs out there, and get them pretend playing for hours! Below we list the top 5 toy kitchens, followed by our full reviews of several different models. Looking for a simple and high quality toy kitchen that won't take up your entire play room? This might be the perfect option for you!

The Hape play kitchen is our favorite overall for the year, and there are so many things we love about it. First, it's made by Hape, which is one of the best overall toy companies with responsible business practices, high quality wood products and paints, and an eye for style and function. This wooden play kitchen is made of premium quality wood not particle board , and every part feels like it was made with care and precision. Out of the box, it only took us about 15 minutes to assemble, and the instructions were pretty clear and easy to understand they are a bit like Ikea instructions.

Second, once it's assembled, it feels really solid and sturdy, and it's only like 22" wide and about 13" deep 28" high , which means that it's a great play kitchen for apartments or parents who want to keep things sparse and simple.

And they are all similarly high quality wood, and fit into convenient storage places on the kitchen: the utensils hang up top, the plates fit in a slot up top, and the pot and pan can fit easily into the cabinet or oven.

Add a basic pretend food set, like some fruits, veggies, and meats, and you're all set to go for hours of fun! In our testing, we found all of the hinges and knobs to be high quality and worked very well, and there are no batteries or electronic components to worry about.

The only con is that the countertop comes in at about 24" off the floor, which might be shorter than you expected. Outside of that, we really like this play kitchen, and we're impressed with the quality and style.

Who else loves the Hape play kitchen? You can check out this Hape play kitchen here. This awesome play kitchen rocks a stylish vintage vibe, and while we show it in the popular pink color, it's also available in baby blue and fire engine red. Out of the box, assembly was very involved, taking us about two hours to put together. If you're planning on assembling this before Christmas morning, make sure you give yourself ample time! Once it's put together, it measures about 33" wide, 13" deep, and 36" high, making it a relatively compact play kitchen.

The features are a ton of fun: it has two-door refrigerator and freezer combo, an oven, a dishwasher, and a microwave. It also has a cute little phone that hangs up on a hook. The countertop is only about 18" off the floor, making it ideal for year olds; for older and taller kids, it might prove a little small for them.

We loved the vintage styling, the good quality construction and moving parts, and the bang for the buck. We were a little disappointed with just how many parts there were and how long it took to put together, but that's really par for the course with a play kitchen like this.

Great for the little kids, well-priced, but a bit of a pain to assemble! Who else recommends the KidKraft Vintage play kitchen?

If a two-hour assembly time doesn't scare you away, how about hours!? Grab your power tools because this play kitchen comes in over separate pieces! The question you must be asking right now, which we asked ourselves when we opened the boxes - is it worth it?

Well, if you have a large space you can fill and want a play kitchen that can be used comfortably by several children at the same time, this Grand Walk-in Kitchen is a total blast! It ended up taking us 2 days about hours per day to put this together, and once we did we came to the realization that this might actually be nicer than our real kitchen! All of the hinges, drawers, knobs, and doors worked perfectly and looked great.

The knobs actually click when you rotate them, we loved the hooks for hanging pot holders and cooking utensils, and there are no annoying electric parts that are noisy and prone to breaking. We didn't have any missing pieces, and if you follow the instructions carefully everything aligns very nicely together. Once it's assembled it's big and challenging to move around in the room without adults, so be sure to position it in a preferred position during assembly.

Our kids had tons of fun in this kitchen, and we think yours will too! You can fit 2 kids in the walk-in area, another at the breakfast nook, and another sous chef on the side!

We haven't found any other kitchen that can fit so many kids comfortably at once, making this a great option for facilitating cooperative social time with siblings and friends. Just the extended assembly time and the price, but honestly we think it's worth it if you're looking for something this large and fully-featured! Who else loves the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen?

Our friends at Babylist and The Bump consider it a top pick! This KidKraft kitchen is a truly excellent play kitchen for babies, toddlers and bigger kids. This is actually the first play kitchen we ever purchased and it had a successful and lengthy lifespan in our home with two rambunctious boys, and that's saying a lot! There are several versions of this play kitchen.

There's the espresso version, which is pictured. Then there is the very similar uptown natural version , which changes the colors from the dark espresso cabinets to a natural wood color. And the uptown pastel version , which changes it to a beach-style color pattern.

Finally, there is a bigger uptown espresso KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen that is much larger and designed to fit into a corner.

They are all fantastic, though the larger corner version has some added features like a battery-operated ice maker that makes the crunching sounds just like the real thing, and stovetop burners that light up when turned on. In our opinion, they are some awesome extra features, though we totally understand that it might be over-kill, get annoying to turn off, and expensive to keep swapping out batteries for.

So back to the basic uptown espresso kitchen. Out of the box, assembly takes about an hour and does get a little arduous; the instructions are just like Ikea play kitchen instructions - mostly just pictures that you need to figure out.

Once assembled, it measures about 43" wide, 17" deep, and 41" high. The doors open and shut closed easily and securely, the unit when tethered to the wall is sturdy and secure enough to support a little monkey who decides to go for a climb, and everything just works pretty well.

The dishwasher and oven doors swing open side-to-side rather than downward, which means they don't make a little ramp to stand and jump on which is good. Over the years, all of the doors took some substantial abuse from our kids, without any issues.

One of them did climb on the towel rod on the side when he was about 4 years old and ended up breaking it, but that's more his fault than a testament to the quality of this play kitchen! There are some great little features here: oven knobs that spin and click, a sink faucet that turns on and off, a chalkboard on the little freezer, and an adorable little phone that can be taken off the hook and used to "call" in some take-out!

Well, it is made of particle board, which means that it's quite heavy and the wood itself hiding under the veneer isn't very high quality. So if a hinge's screws get ripped out or anything, it will be much more of an issue than with real wood. Who else recommends the KidKraft Uptown play kitchen? Our friends at Babylist also consider it a top pick!

This Step 2 kitchen is a bit different than many of the others on this list, for a few primary reasons. First, instead of a solid wood or particle board construction, this one is completely plastic. That's good and bad. In our opinion, you can't really go wrong with either material, it's really a matter of preference and cost. Second, it includes a large play kitchen set with plastic kitchenware, including pots, pans, plates, utensils, and more.

Since plastic is so inexpensive, Step2 can afford to include more for a lower price than most other play kitchen options. Out of the box, there were a lot of little screws to install; we ended up using our power screwdriver for convenience, and it took about 15 minutes to put it all together, nothing too difficult at all.

It's similar in size to the KidKraft Uptown, coming in at about 36" wide, 13" deep, and 41" tall; the counter height is about 22" high at the shorter part, and 23" high at the taller center area.

This play kitchen does require batteries if you want to use light-up stovetop burners and sounds, but that's not really necessary in our opinion. And the battery part is one of the hardest to assemble, so if you don't need or want the lights and sounds you can just leave that part out to save yourself some time, money batteries , and frustration.

Is it great looking and stylish? Is it fun, functional, and inexpensive? So there it is, a lot of bang for the buck here, a perfect option for a cheap play kitchen that packs a ton of fun! Here's a cool concept - take a play kitchen and combine it with a little restaurant to increase the diversity and social aspects of play! This is such a cool concept and we were happy to get our hands on it for testing!

This is a fully plastic kitchen with traditional styling and a ton of little features and accessories, including an oven, panini press, coffee maker, microwave, sink, drawers, shelves, cabinets, chalkboard, and more. If you pop in two AA batteries and add a little water, the panini press makes a subtle sizzling sound and produces steam, which our toddlers really enjoyed.

They also liked the little credit card scanner system so they could pretend to charge their restaurant customers including us! Out of the big box, assembly took about an hour, all the parts felt like good and lightweight quality, and the instructions were pretty clear.

Most of the parts simply snap together. Once it's assembled, it has a swivel side that can serve as either an extended kitchen counter, or if you swing it to the side it can serve as a restaurant counter. This restaurant feature is what we fell in love with, and it's a great way to get siblings and friends involved in the play. The counter stands about 22" above the floor, making it a great height for year old kids. We didn't really find any cons with this kitchen.

We don't necessarily like all the plastic, and the accessories food, etc aren't the most realistic-looking or substantial. It should be tethered to the wall, which might help a bit with the wobble when the counter is extended when it's straight and long, it's not as stable as it is when the counter is angled to the side.

Overall, we really liked this play kitchen and think it provides an awesome new concept that can increase parallel and reciprocal social play. It's called the Cook's Corner because it's designed to fit into the corner of a playroom, leaving open more wall space for other things like storage furniture!

But that corner aspect is also something that's a little odd about this play kitchen: it isn't shaped at a degree angle, it's more of a degree angle, which means that it doesn't really fit into the corner.

Instead, the two sides of it will touch the two walls of the room, but the center of it doesn't fit back and fill the corner. This would be completely a non-issue of it had a solid back wall. But since it doesn't, it's really vulnerable to utensils, play food, and other things falling back into the gap between the back of the play kitchen and the wall corner.

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