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Kitchen Worktops | Worktop Express Apr 12, �� Solid wood looks good with almost any colour scheme and in almost any kitchen style. Wood looks better with age. Contrary to belief, if looked after well, solid wood worktops look better as they get older. The colour of wood naturally deepens with .

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If the surface feels slightly rough when you run your hand over it, give the wood a very light sanding with fine wire wool. Then check the whole area feels silky smooth and its colour is even. Apply additional coats in the same way, allowing enough drying time in between.

The first coats of oil will dry quickly but the last couple may need eight hours or more to soak in. Experts recommend treating new wooden worktops with oil every week for the first six weeks, then at least once every three months to protect from wear and tear and keep them looking their best.

Regular treatment will keep them looking like new for years! If it looks like your worktop needs oiling more regularly than recommended, then do so - you cannot over-oil it. If your work surface starts to look grubby, a soapy solution of washing-up liquid in warm water should be used to clean it. Apply with a J-cloth or similar and wipe dry afterwards, then re-oil with several thin coats.

If your wooden work surface is damaged or in need of renovation, sand it down with fine sandpaper or wire wool. Gouges or dents can be filled with wood filler and sanded Wooden Matte Kitchen Faucet back. Then add several thin coats of oil, as if it was Wooden Kitchens Sydney Area new. Sand back the affected area and re-seal with oil.

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Get all the no-obligation information and advice Wooden Kitchen Worktops Care Vessel you need about equity release. Over a million people already benefit from our cover. Over 50? Click here to get a quote. Close Search Magazine Search. Back to top. If your wooden worktops are varnished or lacquered, consider sanding and oiling them to get the best finish. Oiled wood not only has a richer, more natural patina, but the oil also helps to seal the surface, making it more durable and protected.

Test oiled worktops to see if they need re-oiling by dripping water onto their surface. If the water sits flat on Wooden Kitchen Worktops Care 400 the surface, you should re-oil as soon as possible. Use a hand-held electric sander to resurface the wood and remove any varnish, or simply to refresh previously oiled worktops. Concentrate particularly on any stains, scorch marks or areas around the sink that have rotted.

Use linseed or Danish oil available from DIY stores and a lint-free cloth � microfibre works well. Pour a little oil directly onto the worktop and, using the cloth, spread it over the surface until you have a very thin and even layer. The oil will take a few hours to dry the first time you apply it, but up to eight or more hours for subsequent coats.

Try the water bead test once again and, if required, repeat the oiling process. Always use a chopping board to avoid damage and take care with pigmented spices, such as turmeric, which can stain the surface.

Try to keep the area around your sink dry, or the wood will begin to blacken and rot.

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