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Terry Hunt avid fly fisherman and boat builder of Penticton British Columbia has been making this dream a reality for many with his custom handmade, lightweight, 8' and 10' flat-bottomed fly fishing boats. Finding wooden drift boat plans was easy! There are plenty out there to choose from. So many in fact, that a person, namely me, could go on drooling over them for 10 years easy � but I�ve decided I don�t have that kind of time. I�ve narrowed the list down to 3 potential sources for wooden drift boat plans. [AB23] A classic looking sport fishing boat. Single or twin outboards, bracket option 23' m: 8' m - up to Carolina Sportfish Wooden Fly Fishing Boat Plans Zip 23 by myboat261 boatplans [CS23] An offshore boat based on the Carolina Sport Fishing boats lines 23' 2" m: 8' 6" m.

Toggle navigation Boatplans. Dory 12 by Bateau. Harbor Master Displacement 19 by Bateau. Black Locust: Gunwales, chines and battens. It turned out to have very nice grain, so I am glad that I saved it from the firewood pile. Clear finish inside and out or choose an optional exterior color of your choice. Outboard Skiff 15 by Bateau.

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