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The Wooden Boat Building program is in many ways the Renaissance program of wooden boat designers university school, combining elements of each program. Students rely upon and interpret blat created by yacht designers, work with wood and composite materials to build boats and install marine electrical and Wooden Fishing Boat Model Kits Machine propulsion systems.

It is a powerful stand-alone wooden boat designers university program, and a springboard from which to explore in depth other program areas offered at the School. The boats students build vary from year to year to ensure students build a boat or boats that match the student cohort and interest, and the skills needed in the industry.

Typically, students might expect to develop their fundamental boat building skills by building universigy small skiff in the fall semester, and then go on to further develop those skills by building a more complex ddesigners wooden boat designers university or sailboat in the spring semester.

You will work in boat-specific groups and develop the skills, techniques, and artistry that comprise wooden boat building while becoming a high performing individual and team. Sincestudents in the Wooden Boat Building Program at The Landing School have learned to wooden boat designers university boats from scratch, producing functional art from plans created by professional yacht designers. As a program graduate, you will perfect skills that range from wooden boat designers university and composite fabrication Wooden Rowing Boat Kits Uk Us to installing the latest marine systems � wooden boat designers Lowe Boats Models University university you to start your own shop, build your own univesity, crew a ship or become a master artisan.

Your classwork will combine formal lectures and field trips with hands-on projects. Students are assigned to boat-specific teams, working together under highly experienced instructors to learn quality and efficiency in every step of boat construction: lofting, setup, planking, fairing, joinery, spars, rigging, finish work and, ultimately, sea trials. Boat projects are selected not only to match the interests of each team, but to teach skills currently in demand within the marine industry.

To round out your skills, you may also construct elements of smaller boats, such as a Peapod or Catspaw. To earn a diploma in the Wooden Boat Building Program, you must attend The Landing School full time for two semesters about eight months and meet all graduation wooden boat designers university. Students wishing to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree can choose to stay an additional year and complete a second program, plus general education coursework.

Professional opportunities for our graduates can be found throughout the U. Our graduates can find careers in marine industry segments that hoat outboard motorboats, inboard motorboats and inboard-outboard boats. Other segments include sailboats and canoes. Related occupations include repair work, marina operation and sales of auxiliary equipment and supplies. For more information, please call or fill out a contact form.

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Returning Student Re-App. Yacht Design. Wooden Boat Building. Composite Boat Building. Marine Systems. General Education. Short Courses. Women in the Marine Industry Initiative.

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We Stand with Our Community. Newsletter Sooden. Alumni Spotlight. Get Involved. Transcript Request. Make a Gift. Foundation Support. Institutional Giving. Individual Giving. Jobs Postings. Post a Job. Join Our Team! Student Resumes. Study subjects include:. Earning Your Diploma or Degree To earn a diploma in the Wooden Boat Building Program, you must attend The Landing School full time for two semesters about eight months and meet all graduation criteria.

Careers for Wooden Boat Building Graduates. Additional occupations include:. Request wooden boat designers university information. Apply. Apply Now. Students work with wood, along with composites, and install marine systems.

It is a powerful stand-alone diploma program.

Books with Boatbuilding Plans. In stronger winds, we commonly see downwind speeds of 10 to 13knots and sometimes much more. Has it been done? Not having to buy a trailer would also cut down on costs : Thanks! Click here for a comparison between our paddling canoe plans.

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