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Click on an image for more information about our inexpensive, highly detailed boat plans and wooden canoe plans. The Kombi Canoe is a development of our recent sailing canoes to bring paddling ability up equal to the sailing ability. Great for families as it can be used as a pure paddling canoe, but also sail well with one or two adults aboard. More about the Kombi Sail and Paddle Canoe. Viola 14 Sailing Canoe is fun and exciting.

But easier than a sailing dinghy to transport and store. Viola is extremely stable allowing the crew to stand up and step and unstep the lug rig mast while on the water. Try that in a symmetric paddling canoe hullform!

If righted correctly she is almost dry after capsize. Three Sailing rigs with two piece masts 4. Four sheets 4mm plywood. More about the Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Plan. The user feels the stability, the water thinks it is a low drag pintail.

We created a board that hits the numbers for wooden bass boat plans zone good canoe or rowboat. Less wooden bass boat plans zone surface with a stable midsection and excellent weight carrying. Rows and Motors and will sail rings around other character boats. Quick DIY wooden canoe that works better than most flat-bottomed canoes and many fibreglass ones.

Half the weight of many fibreglass canoes. Lighter than most plastic. It has been designed to be as easy to build as possible while keeping most of the qualities of a nice paddling wooden canoe. In particular the ability to track � excellent first boat plan.

Click here for a comparison between our fast Wooden Bass Boat Plans Zip and our classic paddling canoe plans. More Information about the plywood Quick Canoe Plan. Light on the land, Prettiest Plywood or wooden Canoes. Click here for a comparison between our paddling canoe plans. Click here for more information about the Eureka Plywood Canoe. DIY plywood canoe wooden bass boat plans zone fishing and roof racking.

Click here for more information about the Plywood Quick Canoe Electric. Cruising or teaching with three adults or excellent club racing performance sailing with 1 or 2 in the boat. The famous line is we can build 10 of these in the Philippines for the price of importing a single Laser sailboat. Boat speeds are very matched for excellent tactical racing when not heading off for a family picnic with two adults and a bunch of kids wooden bass boat plans zone. For training, the goose will carry an instructor and two adults to sail with good sensitivity and speed.

In stronger winds, we commonly wooden bass boat plans zone downwind speeds of 10 to 13knots and sometimes much. Yawl Rig with speed � a wooden canoe that can scare the Lasers at your local club. A small boat for amateur boat building that is light enough for wooden bass boat plans zone person to roofrack 70lbs plywood canoe hull. Sailing Canoe boat plan. Create a paddle or sailing outrigger canoe from a fibreglass or wooden Canoe or Kayak.

Convert your old canoe into an awesome sailing machine or fishing or diving platform. Each component is under 10 pounds and everything removes cleanly from the boat apart from 4 small fittings and a mast step. These Amas and crossbeams work for fibreglass and wooden canoes and dinghies, Fibreglass, Aluminium and some plastic canoes. Performance sailing see the video on the plan page or as a stable fishing platform or to make a super quick sailing multihull.

If you buy the plywood boat plan for the outriggers there is a free supplement available to set it up for sailing. Very cheap plan for a big boost in performance. Find out how to convert your canoe, kayak or dinghy to a fast sailing outrigger canoe. Click here to find out more Wooden Bass Boat Plans Github Outboard Punt Boat Plan.

Simple lightweight rowing skiff for one person and maybe a passenger based on the Goat Island Skiff. Simple lightweight rowing skiff for one person and maybe a passenger or a couple of kids.

Based on the Goat Island Skiff. I used to get enquiries about using the Goat Island Skiff sailboat hull for wooden bass boat plans zone. It does row well but blows around too. Find out more about the plywood Rowboat Plan.

Picnic boat, party boat, river-cruiser, camp aboard, mini home-away-from-home. Simple plywood construction.

Read more about the 27ft Venezia cruiser canal boat plan. OzRacer RV is the same small boat hull but with more space in the cockpit and is a slightly simpler build. These Boat plans are a modern boatbuilding course in a wooden bass boat plans zone. Capacity 1 adult and one child or maybe 2 adults.

Find out more about the OzRacer RV. OzRacer Mk 2 has a centreboard for more performance but a bit less room for extra crew. Three sheets plywood. Simple Plywood Boat Plans.

Find out. Download Free Oar and Paddle Plans from this page. The Kombi is the boat for this use pattern. Mast diameter wooden bass boat plans zone have to go up to 60mm to handle the greater stability from the outriggers. I would suggest setting up two spreader bars set the same distance apart as the outrigger crossbeams with the mounting points for the outrigger tie downs just behind the spreader bars. I think it would be quite a satisfactory boat. I would definitely carry paddles as I suspect the tacking technique will be like a roll tack for the standard Kombi so it will spin fast.

With the outriggers it may be a bit sluggish � or maybe it will be fine. Also there is a free supplement written for buyers of the outrigger plan to alter the crossbeam curve to match canoes with lower freeboard. That would match the Kombi. Single or tandem paddling rivers estuaries and such Sailing safe not high performance Fishing. When Viola appeared I thought this could be it?

But a bit wide for paddling, a bit flighty and a bit heavy. The along came Kombi! And I already have your drop in outrigger plans�Perfect! Could you perhaps suggest a layout for a Kombi Tri including any hull mounting reinforcement. As we age needs change and I am going to jury rig a couple of amas to the GIS this summer as a proof of concept experiment. The Kombi Tri I would build as a packageconcept already proved.

Thanks Wayne Fremantle. Storer, I am thinking about combining your drop in outriggers with either the new Combi or the Viola sailing canoe. Has it been done? Your thoughts? Thanks, Gary Moore. If you have facebook, Thomas Newton made some changes that seem to have worked out well removing the need for Classic Wooden Boat Plans Review 74 the centrecase bulkhead and associated seat.

I am interested to learn how many plywood sheets go in 27ft Venezia and 35ft TC35 builds. And also the TC35 resulting hull weight estimate. Can you share on that? Is it available? Thanks in advance. It can be tricky to find roof racks for some modern cars that can handle even the 70 odd pounds of the OzRacer RV hull.

But if you can do wooden bass boat plans zone, then no problem. Really good stuff that simplifies everything considerably, especially in regards to point of sail. The reason I chose the RV wooden bass boat plans zone purely for space reasons. Another question I had was in regards wooden bass boat plans zone whether the RV is suitable for roof rack transportation?

Not having to buy a trailer would also cut down on costs :. But I would also have a careful look through the basics of my online lessons as they are closer to the state of the art than many sailing schools. There has started to be large difference between what is taught and what the best sailors are using. Also, have you considered the 12ft Oz Goose.

The paper will yellow, the lines will fade. Ken Hankinson Designs. All rights reserved. Aluminum Designs for CNC. Molded, Strip, and more.

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