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It is failrly easy to work wth sharp tools, sands well and bends well under steam. Though it is rot resistant, It is not suitable for planking. It is primarily used in smaller round bottom hulls for frames, oars, boat hook, breasthooks, handles and poles. The weight per foot cubed is 42 lbs. Carvel Planking a Wooden Boat, Part 2 � Making & Fitting A Pair of Cedar Planks: After spiling the plank to achieve a rough shape, Peter planes it down to fit precisely before fastening. Carvel Planking a Wooden Boat, Part 1 � Spiling: "Spiling" is the technique boat builders use to . Lapstrake/Clinker is the method of wooden boat building where the planks overlap rather than butting each other. While an underlying back bone is needed, the framing can be done after the planking and ribbands may not be needed.
Build Your Own Boat using Construction Methods and plans from Hartley Boat Plans. This page has details of the construction methods used by our boat plans.� Material costs are moderate except for some of the hard woods. Modern plywoods using epoxy glued laminates and the use of epoxy sealer systems has extended the life of plywood craft well beyond GRP/FRP. Hartley plywood designs with our easy construction methods and full size frame patterns, enable a professional styled craft to be finished to professional standards by amateurs. Small or large boats, they are all the same, only the time and cost factor varies. Construction must be undertaken under cover. �������� ����� � �������� � �������� �� ����� ����. Wood-Epoxy Construction. Plank-on-frame boats still have a strong cult following and a relatively large number of older wooden yachts are sailed and maintained by devoted owners. Some new plank-on-frame yachts are also built from time to time, and a few boatyards�the most prominent are probably Gannon & Benjamin on Martha�s Vineyard and Rockport Marine in Maine�even specialize in this sort of work. But the most exciting wooden boatbuilding these days is done with composite wood-epoxy construction.� These cold-molded boats are, generally speaking, the lightest of wood boats, but this method of wood construction is also by far the most labor intensive. The technique is shunned by some, but is favored by those for whom weight reduction is critical.

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