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Pontoon boats for sale. Shallow-draft watercraft designed with tubular floats ideal for a wide range of activities, including entertaining as party barges or as small ferries with large capacity seating. Read our helpful guide to Pontoon Boats. Back To Top.� Pontoon boats are medium-sized, trailerable vessels commonly used for boating pursuits such as day cruising, freshwater fishing and watersports. This type of vessel can span in size from 16 feet to 28 feet with an average length of 23 feet. These boats are built by a wide variety of boat builders with hull types including pontoon, modified vee, catamaran, planing and other designs. Forums. ?. Forums.� I thought I would write up a quick review on the Wilderness Pontoon boat available at Costco for I pontoon Colorado lakes about days out of the year. When I saw the pontoon for I had to give it a try. It two feet longer than the pontoon that I normally fish in making it a 9 foot pontoon. With the boat ramps open at CC, I went out last night to give it a try. The good: The pontoon is very stable. Leaning in any direction did not cause much movement at all. The wind was blowing fairly well around 7 until 9. The waves were barely noticeable. It was so stable that I am tempted t. General Fishing Forums. Buy, Sell & Exchange New Products and announcements Tech Topics Hints tips and techniques Forum rules and aims. Outdoors Forums. Boating Ramps and Boat launching Hunting Freediving & Spearfishing SCUBA Diving.� Joined: Location: Kapiti Coast Status: Offline Points: Has anyone seen a Frewza pontoon boat, and can advise on the finish, weld quality, etc. myboat000 boatplans I was looking at getting one of these made into a centre console, with an outboard pod. It was priced up with trailer at just over $

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Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Wilderness 11 - 9 Foot Pontoon Boat Have extra equipment just lying around? Need a larger boat or want to sell your current one? Post an ad in our Classifieds forum for swift results. Please, private parties only, no businesses business please e-mail WL.

It's made by WorldWideSourcingLtd. It comes with Oars and have a rack in the back that can store a battery, tackle bags, and mount a trolling motor, it has rod holders, tons of storage, and all sorts of goodies. I bought this a little over a month ago and was extremely excited to be able to take it out to a bunch of lakes around western washington. However, I got pulled over a couple days ago in Kirkland on the way to work.

Got in the right lane to pass a guy in the left lane doing 20 in a Slowed down right after I passed but ended up getting a ticket.. Cops at the end of the month trying to meet their quota.. Anyways, I'm a little short on cash and need money to pay for an attorney to fight the ticket so I'm trying to sell my Pontoon. I have a set price in my mind that I'm willing to let it go for. PM Me with reasonable offers if you're interested.

Last edited by Elijah. Fishin on Sat Apr 02, am, edited 1 time in total. Have a lemonade stand or something. Good luck! Honey Badger don't give a Not as much as a lawyer to fight it I'd think. Most traffic infraction tickets are reduced in court if you go in humble and respectful and explain the circumstances.

Many insurance companies rate for the past 5 years. Who knows how much more a person will pay collectively overtime with violations vs without. Last edited by Eoso on Mon Apr 04, am, edited 1 time in total.

Somewhere around that? Last edited by Matt on Tue Apr 05, am, edited 1 time in total. I think before my days are done, I want to be a fisherman. Sounds like you we're in a school zone if the case of speed limit is 20MPH. By my house there 3 schools and cops on motorcycles and police cars are there all the time,not a meet quota issue--just child safety. Pay the fine, stay good for a year and bam the ticket disappears. Never goes on the record and ins co never sees it to increase your premium.

Fairly easy process. Anyway back to the pontoon Oh, its only a myth about the quota thing Fishin � Wed Jun 29, am Eoso wrote: He may have a clean record and want to keep of that way. Fishin � Wed Jun 29, am BigRed02 wrote: Well, its probably too late but, he could have deferred the ticket, if his record was clean. Fishin � Wed Jun 29, am whoops.. PM me if interesting please.. Last edited by spindog on Sun Jul 10, am, edited 1 time in total.

RE:Wilderness 11 - 9 Foot Pontoon Boat Post by ruthven78 � Tue Jul 12, am good deal on getting the deferral, I was just posting that instead of selling the toon and hiring a lawyer, Two Person Pontoon Fishing Boat Jar I would have asked for it to be deferred. Last edited by ruthven78 on Tue Jul 12, am, edited 1 time in total. Snakes dont have any arms that's why they dont wear vests - Stephen Wright.

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