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17' Whitehall - traditional rowing craft-boatdesign
Boat building is for me a therapeutic pastime and I built an electric Cedar Strip Canoe Kits Australia 77 launch based on the Whitehall design. My reasoning was that these launches not only have lovely classic lines but are, by virtue of their development as harbour taxis in a competitive environment, very efficient and stable hulls. I reasoned that a launch that could be rowed at or near hull speed by two rowers would be easily driven bij an 80 pound Minn Kota which.� Not wanting to jump into power boats right away, I was immediately drawn to the Whitehall; the lines are incredible, the size was appropriate for towing with practically any car, and with the multiple rowing stations, the possibility of longer boat rides with multiple persons to share the work seemed like an added benefit. Boats like the Chester Yawl were used as working craft in 19th-century. Efficiency was critical in these human powered craft, so they evolved easily driven hull shapes. Working watermen weren�t immune to good looks, either, so these �livery boats� were often beautiful. The most famous of the type, the �Whitehall� boats of New England, are still considered a touchstone of small craft elegance. The Chester Yawl is based on the Whitehall and adopts its distinctive plumb bow and �wineglass� transom. This LapStitch� design's long, graceful sweeps of plank achieve a hull shape of striking beaut. Canada�s Whitehall Rowing & Sail Builds the World�s Finest Boats These pictures of this page are about:Whitehall Rowboat. History of the Whitehall Rowboat Part III. Classic Whitehall Spirit� 14 Traditional Rowboat. History of the Whitehall Rowboat Part I. History of the Whitehall Rowboat Part III. 1. 2.

Many people have expressed their thanks about being able to get out on the water in fresh clean air, revisiting their stress-free-selves, while getting some much needed exercise. Row, scull or sail an impeccable floating work of art.

These boats increase in value over generations. Best for high-performance rowing in all conditions. Ultra-tough, zero maintenance, perfect fitness machine! From paddling to rowing in less than 5 minutes, keeping us all on the water having fun with fitness and adventure.

Like most businesses in , the boat building company planned for the worst. But amidst the pandemic came [ Do you deliver to?

A very frequently asked question, and to date, we have yet to say no. We have two basic methods of Best Rc Model Boat Kits For Beginners Quiz shipping our boats, depending on whether they are [ Thanks for the beautiful boat. I love the Small Rowboat Kits 3d Model high level of quality. I am amazed at how easily my boat glides over the water when we are slide seat rowing.

This is the boat that I have been looking for, for thirty years. The best part of towing the Solo was having her with me to row every morning. What a wonderful way to spend time while cruising� I rowed so much I ended up with blisters on my hands and bruises on my bum! THAT is a lot of rowing! We are enjoying our Solo 14 every day. It is such a good workout and being on the water makes it so enjoyable.

And my two dogs just love being out in the boat. The Tango has become mine and I wish I could row all day. Today under the blue blue sky I felt like a part of the universe. I really enjoy seeing the eddies from my oars as they disappear into the distance. I have been rowing it in the mornings and it handles waves, swells, wakes and contrary tides so well I am getting more comfortable in it every time I take it out. HOME admin T Here we are now in !!

We have a passion for creating boats and equipment that are second to none. We believe that owning a Whitehall means you own the best all-water rowboat on the planet. We believe that owning, rowing and sailing a Whitehall may be one of the best financial decisions and long term investments you can make for the well-being of your body, mind, and soul.

Keep In Touch! I want to A Whitehall Spirit Westcoast Harold Aune T Read More. Michael T Read More. We Ship Worldwide! I am 72 years of age and have owned my Solo 14 since I row on the Ottawa River from April to November and my boat is truly an all water boat. I purchased the Oar Board package sold by Whitehall and enjoyed it also this past summer.

However, nothing beats my Solo Thanks Harold for adding another fun dimension to my active life. Barbara Furer - Zurich, Switzerland, Expedition 17 owner. Wonderful workout. John Z. My kids love going for rides and even the dog gets to come along! I love my Oar Board! Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Dave Stith - Solo 14 owner, Bainbridge Island. What is the Best Rowboat for Exercise and Fitness? Colin rowing and sailing a Classic Whitehall Spiri. Our commitment to the highest quality, plus superi. Go to Top.

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