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Feb 19, �� The West Marine dinghy looks a lot like the Walker Bay 10 which is a pretty decent boat, although not as commonly seen as the 8 footer. I'm on my second WB 8 and an pretty happy with them, except that they are quite tender as any round bottom boat would be. I especially like the light weight for hauling in and out and hosting to the cabin top. 58 reviews for West Marine, rated stars. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your Fishing Boots West Marine Fusion own. Share your voice on myboat231 boatplans1/5(58). price: zodiac and west marine retail vs. direct to consumer. The biggest difference between these inflatable boats will not be the quality of the boats, but rather price. We currently offer the Dana inflatable boat for $ As you have seen throughout this article, the Dana is comparable to both the West Marine and Zodiac inflatable. Today:

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Many prefer this dinghy to west marine dinghy reviews 68 so-called "doughnut" boats because it adds significant rigidity underfoot when boarding, unlike boats with fabric floors. The more stable your inflatable madine, the less likely you are to capsize your vessel. Mikem, Don't you mean, "Waste Marine? This means you will have to be more careful about how you load your heavier items from the dock. Log in.

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