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Our welded aluminum hulls are warranted in writing against structural defects in material or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the boat. CO poisoning is most likely to occur when a boat is in a forward motion with the forward passenger compartment closed and the stern open. Removal of rear center panel also known as The Station Wagon Effect. CO poisoning may also occur from a leak in an exhaust system or from another boat moored alongside, running a generator.

After recovery, immediate service by an authorized Duckworth dealer is required to prevent serious damage to power package. To help obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maximum protection, we strongly recommend the use of a quality 4-cycle marine engine oil.

In all cases, a quality 4-cycle marine engine oil is preferred. IMPORTANT: The use of non-detergent oils, multi-viscosity oils other than 20w or 20wlow-quality Arkansas Craigslist Aluminum Boats Quote oils or oils which contain solid additives specifically are not recommended. The length is measured from end to end excluding sheer. This is a straight-line measurement of the overall length from the foremost part of the boat to the aftermost part of the boat, measured parallel to the centerline.

Bowsprits, bumpkins, rudders, outboard motor brackets, and welded aluminum hull boats 02 fittings or attachments are not included in the measurement. Length shall be stated in feet and inches. Correct break-in is essential to obtain minimum oil consumption and maximum engine performance. After first 10 hours of operation, an authorized Duckworth dealer should be contacted for the following maintenance.

The boat owner is responsible for any charges. Important: Use of improper gasoline can damage your engine seriously. Engine damage resulting from use improper welded aluminum hull Aluminum Boats Beaumont Texas Open boats 02 is considered misuse of engine, and the resulting damage will not be covered by the Limited Warranty. Most boat owners like to perform at least a certain amount of their boat maintenance themselves to ensure continuing good performance and reliability.

To avoid unnecessary trips to the service center, it might be useful to have a checklist, which can be run through systematically, in the hope of pinpointing the problem quickly. The boat can be divided into three categories � jet unit, engine, and hull.

It could be unusual noise coming from the mechanicals, or possibly just poor top speed. The most important single instrument on the boat when considering performance drop-off is the engine tachometer. At any time, you should be able to open the throttle welded aluminum hull boats 02 and get exactly the same maximum reading you have been used to.

Now we come to our checklist, and determination of which major area is a problem. They could be normal, high, Cleaning Aluminum Hull Boats Zip Code low, and this will pin welded aluminum hull boats 02 the place to look:. These include:. A compression check will usually reveal leaking piston rings or valves, but the most common reasons fir reduced engine power are:.

The hull, engine, and jet unit are the three main areas to look at when your performance is. Excessive noise. This welded aluminum hull boats 02 often welded aluminum hull boats 02 a concern even if there is not a reduction in performance. The most common causes of noises are:.

Over heating B. Cavitation aeration of jet drive C. Poor performance D. Noisy jet welded aluminum hull boats 02. Drive boat to a safe place at partial throttle C. Shut off engine and remove ignition key D. Turn on bilge pump. Remove clean out cover bolts F. Remove clean out cover NOTE: For certain pump models the clean out cover is inside the hull, so upon removal welded aluminum hull boats 02 cover water will welded aluminum hull boats 02 to enter the bilge area.

By intermittently replacing and removing the cover, the debris may be cleared and give the bilge pump time to catch up with the entry of water. After debris has been removed re-install cover and bolts. Be sure there are no leaks around cover I. Check bilge for removal of water by the bilge pump.

Restart engine J2. Check engine temperature J3. TRy throttling up normally and check performance. NOTE: After debris entry in shallow water always check intake grate for rocks sticking between the bars upon removal of boat from water, remove these rocks. NOTE: If debris or sand is still present in cooling system repeat steps. Polishing the sides unpainted and gunwales of the boat can be incorporated into your cleaning schedule.

A low abrasive aluminum polish may be used to keep the sides and gunwales polished. If heavy water spotting occurs a heavy machine rubbing compound may be used on unpainted surfaces.

The compound is applied to the hull, then finished by buffing with a high speed electric buffer on a soft wool pad. The high shine factory polish is then possible by finishing with mothers mag wheel polish on a clean new wool pad.

Navigational aids are similar to traffic signs. They are placed at various points along our waterways to boaters locate their position and steer clear of welded aluminum hull boats 02. The expression red right returning simply means that the red buoys are passed on your starboard right side when returning to port from the open sea or going upstream.

The opposite is also true when leaving port toward the sea, red buoys are port left side and green buoys are starboard right.

All navigational aids are protected by law. It is a criminal offense to damage or interfere with. Never tie your boat to a buoy, day beacon, or light structure mooring. To help welded aluminum hull boats 02 avoid collisions, the following rules of the road were set up. On the water the stand-on boat has the right of way. The boat to starboard right is the stand-on boat and has the right-of-way.

It must hold course and speed. The give- way boat keeps clear and passes behind the stand-on boat. A boat being overtaken has the right-of-way. The passing boat must keep a sufficient distance to avoid collision or endangering the other boat with its wake. When two boats approach welded aluminum hull boats 02 other head-on, each must alter course to the right to avoid collision.

If the two boats are far to the left of each other, no change in course is necessary. Boat operators should be experienced enough to recognize lights, waterway markers and boats as well as other hazards, and maintain a proper lookout for danger at all times. Boat operators must maintain a safe speed at all times to avoid collision.

Safe speed takes into consideration such factors as visibility, traffic, weather conditions, and vessel maneuverability. To anchor, bring the bow into the wind or current and put the engine in neutral.

When the vessel comes to a stop, lower, do not throw, the anchor over the bow. The anchor line should be 5 to 7 times the depth of water. Anchoring a small boat at the stern has caused many to capsize and sink. Do not anchor at the stern. Stay with the boat on narrow, swift moving rivers, remain upriver of the boat. You will be more easily located by a search plane or boat. Do not swim for shore unless there is absolutely no chance of rescue and you are certain you can make it.

Signals illustrated below are recognized as indicating a boat is in distress and requires assistance. However, other methods may be used. Do not ride on the starboard or port gunwales, or on the transom of a motorboat moving a speed in excess of five miles per hour unless the boat has adequate guards or railing.

Do not sit on the deck of the bow unless the motorboat has adequate guards or railing. Do not ride or sit on the bow, gunwale, or transom railing while the motorboat is underway. Drinking and operating a boat is a dangerous as drinking and operating a car. Individual operating habits and usage contribute to the need for maintenance service.

Proper maintenance and care or your power package will assure optimum performance and dependability, and will keep your overall operating expenses at a minimum. All boats must carry at least one U. Such devices must be in serviceable condition. They must not have any rips, tears, or broken straps. All devices must also be kept readily available for use in an emergency situation.

Personal flotation devices in a plastic bag or in a storage compartment are not readily available. Each person on board a watercraft must wear a U. Coast Guard- approved life jacket at Welded Aluminum Hull Boats Inc all times while on open deck or cockpit of vessels that are underway. Non-swimmers should always wear PFDs. All devices must be of size if they are designed to be worn. Inflatables are not approved for children or high-impact sports such as welded aluminum hull boats 02 skiing or riding personal watercraft.

If your container garden is located on a balcony or deck, be sure to check how much weight the structure will safely hold. The extension of the wheelhouse increased rigidity of the craft leading to excessive vibration and cavitation with the original three-blade propeller. Keep in mind that it's easier to grow plants in large containers than small ones. AnikaSalsera Getty Images. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Thank you.

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