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Aug 24, �� The Wayfarer is quite a heavy boat so you may struggle to beach it on your own. A alternative lighter boat is the Mirror 16, though unfortunately rather rare these days. IMHO a better boat than the Wayfarer, I know of one at least which has done voyages (single handed) equivalent to a lot of Wayfarer ones ie across North Sea, Outer Hebrides etc. OK, since you asked for some education. Firstly, you should always use a capital to denote a proper name, such as Wayfarer. Secondly, the plural of dinghy is dinghies. The number 1 cruising dinghy builder and we should sail and test the boat to ensure we understood thoroughly all the qualities and benefits of the boat. The first sail was at a Wayfarer open race meeting in the Solent, big seas and strong winds, this was a good opportunity to test the boat. a rear storage box to carry an outboard engine.
The Wayfarer is a wooden or fibreglass hulled fractional Bermuda rigged sailing dinghy of great versatility; used for short 'day boat' trips, longer cruises and for racing. Over 11, have been produced as of The boat is 15 feet 10 inches ( m) long, and broad and deep enough for three adults to comfortably sail for several hours. Longer trips are undertaken by enthusiasts, notably the late Frank Dye who sailed W48 'Wanderer' from Scotland to Iceland and Norway, crossing the North Sea twice. #dinghy #wayfarer #cruisingHow to set up a tent on your Wayfarer Dinghy. Top Tips from Matthew Sharman at the RYA Dinghy Show If you liked this video. Wayfarer Dinghy questions. Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by misteringer, Aug 21, Joined: Aug Posts: 6 Likes: 0, Points: 0, Legacy Rep: 10 Location: Auckland.� Hi everyone, I have been looking at dinghies that would be suitable for extended cruises (possibly up to 50 days) and I like the wayfarer, but Dinghy Outboard Mount 2.0 I am skeptical about the amount of Dinghy Cover Sunbrella 40 freeboard, and the speeds it sails at (surely if you had clothes, food, sleeping bags etc in your boat, you wouldn't want water pouring over the bow and getting. everything wet). I am keen on going on an adventure down the east coast of NZ (north island) in an open boat. Like I said, I love the wayfarer and I know it is a proven boat (search miles in a wayfarer on youtube) but I have some questions about it.

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