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Verlon Thompson is an American singer, [1] songwriter, [2] guitarist, [1] [3] and troubadour from Binger, Oklahoma. He has long partnered with Guy Clark [4] as a producer, [5] guitarist, [6] [7] and song co-writer.

Thompson has released a compilation CD called Works. Thompson is married to broadcaster Demetria Kalodimos. Together, they created the television series Barnegie Hall in Wayland D. Holyfield is a prominent American songwriter and leader in the songwriting community. Every Time is a album from American country music singer Pam Tillis. The album verlon thompson boats to build zone No.

Singles from the album were "I Said a Prayer" and the title track, which peaked at No. It was released on July 12, by Warner Bros. Records Nashville. The German edition of the album contained the bonus track "Forever and Ever, Amen". Ty England is the Aluminum Boats Builders Ltd self-titled debut album from American country music artist Ty England. It was released on September 26,by Warner Bros. Glen Campbell also had a 7-peaking rendition of the song in It was released in on Atlantic Records Nashville.

It was produced by Blake Mevis. Billy Dean is the second studio album by American country music artist Billy Dean, released in by Capitol Nashville. Thinkin' Verlon thompson boats to build zone is an album by American country music artist David Ball. It was released in on Warner Bros. It was released in June as the second single from his album This Is Me.

Robby Turner is an American pedal steel nuild, best known for his work with Waylon Jennings and his contributions to recordings by many other artists. John David Willis is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for work as a session musician and as a songwriter for television and the video game industry.

Harry Stinson is an American multi-instrumentalist, noted as a session drummer and vocalist thomspon the Nashville music community. He is also a songwriter and producer. Fletcher Bangs " Biff " Watson is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. His musicianship has been a part of recording sessions for many artists. Jonathan Yudkin is an American multi-instrumentalist who is a proficient player of banjo, violin, mandolin, and other stringed instruments.

He is a Nashville-based session musician, record producer, arranger, and band vdrlon. Suzanne "Suzi" Ragsdale is an American singer and songwriter. Besides her solo verlon thompson boats to build zone, Ragsdale is verlon thompson boats to build zone for her collaborations with Verlon Thompson and Darrell Scott.

Wendy Waldman is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Paul William Leim is a prominent Nashville-based drummer and recording session musician. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. ISSN bosts Radio Magazine, Incorporated. Backbeat Books. ISBN September CMJ Network, Inc. Hal Leonard Corporation. Music News Nashville. Dietlin 24 August Transformational Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits.

Country Music: A Biographical Dictionary. Retrieved htompson The Tennessean. Restless Heart. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Folk musicAmericana music. Guy ClarkSuzi Ragsdale.

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His father, David Elder, settled in Glasgow, and entered the establishment of Mr. Napier, the well-known shipbuilder, under whom, in , he constructed the first marine engine, which was fitted up in the River Leven for the passage between Glasgow and Dumbarton. David Elder, was the author of many inventions and improvements in the machinery of steam vessels, and to the excellence of his engines the success of the Cunard Line of steamers, in establishing regular communication between the opposite shores of the Atlantic, was mainly due.

He died in January , in his eighty-second year. John Elder was David's third son John Elder was educated at the High School of Glasgow, where he showed great excellence in mathematics and in drawing.

After a five years' apprenticeship to Mr. Robert Napier, and a brief time passed in English engine works, he was placed at the head of the drawing office in. Union Iron Works, located in San Francisco, California, on the southeast waterfront, was a central business within the large industrial zone of Potrero Point, for four decades at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries.

After years as the premiere producer of mining, railroad, agricultural and locomotive machinery in California, Union Iron Works, led by I. Scott, entered the ship building business and relocated to Potrero Point where its shipyards still exist, making the site on the north side of the Potrero the longest running privately owned shipyard in the United States.

After Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation bought the works in , the consolidated company came to include the Alameda Works Shipyard, located across the San Francisco Bay in Alameda and the Hunter's Point shipyard to the south. In , the Union Iron Works launched the first steel hulled ship on the west coast, the Arago, built with steel from the Pacific Rolling Mills.

It is a leading producer of ships for the US Navy, and at 10, employees, the largest private employer in Mississippi. Ingalls was located where the Pascagoula River runs into the Gulf of Mexico. In the s Ingalls started bidding on Navy work, winning a contract in to build 12 nuclear-powered attack submarines. Litton Industries acquired Ingalls in , and in expanded its facilities to the other side of the river.

Ingalls reached a high point of employment in , with 25, workers. On 29 August , Ingalls facilities were damaged by Hurricane Katrina; most Toy Wooden Boats To Build A Bear of the ships in dock and construction escaped serious harm.

While shipbuilding was halted for a while due to the. Burrard Dry Dock Ltd. It was founded in by a joint venture among several companies and design teams. This partnership evolved out of Cuthbertson's previous yacht design and brokerager firm.

They started by designing a small number of steel and wood boats, Cuthbertson drew the preliminary lines, and Cassian designed the interiors. After successful design of the Hinterholler Invader 35; Canadian yachtsman Perry Connolly who had purchased an Invader 35 previously commissioned Cuthbertson and Cassian in , to design a custom foot 12m racing sloop.

Connolly requested "the meanest, hungriest footer afloat" Bruckmann Manufacturing built the boat named Red Jacket. They used an ultralight balsa core for the hull in addition to cored decks.

This is considered to be the first sailboat engineered with a cored hull. Connolly's Red Jacket was. It is one of the world's largest shipyards; and has built the iconic ocean liner - the RMS Queen Mary 2. Its location near Nantes, France, at the mouth of the Loire and the deep waters of the Atlantic makes sailing large ships in and out easier.

In , it built the trans-Atlantic superliner SS France, then the world's longest passenger vessel. Portsmouth Naval Base is part of the city of Portsmouth; it is located on the eastern shore of Portsmouth Harbour, north of the Solent and the Isle of Wight. The base is home to the oldest dry dock in the world, as well as being the headquarters for two thirds of the Royal Navy's surface fleet. The base is also home to a number of commercial shore activities, including shipbuilding and ship repair operated by BAE Systems ; naval logistics, accommodation and messing; and personnel support functions e.

The base is the oldest in the Royal Navy and it has been an important part of the Senior Service's history and the defence of the British Isles for centuries. At one time it was the largest industrial site in the world. Ship maintenance now occurs at the Ligurian port of La Spezia.

Founded by Fabio Perini in the s, it builds large 20mm , luxury sailing yachts, mainly of ketch design. The company is merged with the historic Picchiotti shipyard. The ship hulls are made in Turkey and the rest of the building occurs in Italy.

Parsons and Company was a British engineering firm which was once one of the largest employers on Tyneside. The Company was founded by Charles Algernon Parsons in to produce steam turbines, his own invention. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the company was producing up to 50 turbines a year at its factory in Heaton in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The company's heyday was in the s, when the factory employed more than 7, people at its acre split site. The company merged with A. The company survives today as part of the power generation division of the industrial conglomerate, Siemens, who acquired the business from Rolls-Royce in Siemens announced in late that they would be cutting of the jobs at the Heaton works by , shifting the operation to focussing on the.

The Company was founded by Charles Connell who had served an apprenticeship with Robert Steele and Co before becoming manager of Alexander Stephen and Sons Kelvinhaugh yard before he started shipbuilding on his own account at Scotstoun in initially concentrating on sailing ships. From the Company became well known for high quality passenger and cargo ships. The yard closed from to due to the Great Depression, before rearmament efforts stimulated demand.

In the yard passed from Connell family ownership after years and became part of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders. The Scotstoun yard continued to operate under Upper Clyde Shipbuilders until when it collapsed and, from to as Scotstoun Marine Ltd, a subsidiary of Govan Shipbuilders. The Connell shipyard closed in after years of shipbuilding.

The site was cleared of craneage although some evidence of the building berths remained visible until ca Part of the yard's covered facilities are utilised by steel stockholders GKN whilst the riverside berth has been utilised by.

Kraft, Jr. Chris-Craft, Inc. The original company, Chris-Craft Boats was founded in the late 19th century by Christopher Columbus Smith and became famous for its mahogany hulled powerboats of the s through the s.

Smith built his first wooden boat in when he was 13 years old. He soon began to build more boats and joined his brother Henry in to begin producing boats full time.

The company name was changed to Chris-Craft in The Detroit area company became well known for their sleek racing boats in the s and s. They renamed the company Chris-Craft Industries, Incorporated. Chris-Craft Industries sold its boat division to Murray Industries in , but retained the Chris-Craft trademark and licensed it to Murray.

Chris-Craft Industries was acquired by News Corporation in for its television. New York Ship's unusual covered ways produced everything from aircraft carriers, battleships, and luxury liners to barges and car floats. Navy and the Emergency Fleet Corporation. A critical shortage of worker housing led to the construction of Yorkship Village, a planned community of brick homes designed by Electus Darwin Litchfield and financed by the War Department.

Yorkship Village is now the. Penn Yan Boat Company, which produced a wide range of wooden and fiberglass powerboats, sailboats, canoes and rowboats, was founded in by German-native Charles A.

It derived its name from the location of its headquarters, Penn Yan, New York. In , Penn Yan introduced its "Car Top" outboard boat. The Car Top, which Penn Yan marketed as being easily lifted by two people, was designed to be light and narrow enough to fit on top of most cars of that era. Among other innovations, Penn Yan was known for its patented "Tunnel Drive" concept, whereby a cavity was molded into the bottom of the boat's hull, partially enclosing the propeller and drive shaft.

The tunnel drive system provided better boat speed and stability. The company was sold to new owners in and finally ceased operations in They offer replacement parts and accessories for Penn Yan boats, as well as assisting the sale of old Penn Yan boats. Correct Craft is a U. It was founded in by Walt C. Meloon as the Florida Variety Boat Company. Walt C. Meloon created the Florida Variety Boat Company in During the early days, the company built a variety of craft ranging from sailboats to powerboats to race boats.

By , the primary focus of the company was the construction of power boats and the company name was officially changed to Correct Craft. Despite the Great Depression, the company continued to grow, developing a reputation for building boats of superior quality and excellent performance.

In the early s through , the recreational boat business prospered and Correct Craft operated an additional manufacturing facility in Titusville, Florida, building boats from 18�55 feet. The advent of fiberglass brought new possibilities to the marine industry in the s and Correct Craft worked with an innovative designer named Leo Bentz to bring the fiberglass Ski Nautique to market in In the s, Correct Craft produced an array of runabouts, cuddy-cabin and center console models including the Southwind, Martinique, Cuddy Nautique and Fish.

Thompson and Sons was a shipyard on the River Wear, Sunderland, which produced ships from the midth century until the s. The world-famous Liberty Ship was among the designs to be created, produced and manufactured at the yard's base at North Sands. The founder of J. As a boy he had enjoyed a busy life on the River Wear, playing among the keels, and at 18 he started work as an apprentice shipwright.

He spent his evenings, however, learning draughtsmanship on his kitchen floor and, by the age of 22, had built several craft in a berth below the Lambton Drops. But it took him another 17 years to launch his own company, going into business with his three sons � all apprenticed as shipwrights � at Washington Stays.

Down, but not out, Robert decided to fight back. His firm,. The company was historically the Naval Construction Works of Vickers Armstrongs and has a heritage of building large naval warships and armaments.

The shipyard at Barrow became the Naval Construction Yard. In the name of the shipbuilding division changed to Vickers Armstrongs Shipbuilders, Ltd and. Higgins Industries is most famous for the design and production of the Higgins boat, an amphibious landing craft referred to as LCVP landing craft, vehicles, personnel , which was used extensively in the Allied forces' D-Day Invasion of Normandy.

Higgins also manufactured PT boats, and produced the first American airborne lifeboat, the model A-1 lifeboat. Before World War Two, Higgens got its big start with the design and production of small shallow-draft boats that were designed to operated in the shallow marsh areas common to Louisiana.

These small but fast boats were called Eureka Boats or Spoonbills, and they could impact partially submerged logs without suffering damage. The propeller was partially enclosed in a tunnel to protect it against submerged objects. Jacques Piccard 28 July � 1 November was a Swiss oceanographer and engineer, known for having developed underwater vehicles for studying ocean currents. He and Lt. Don Walsh of the United States Navy were the first people to explore the deepest part of the world's ocean, and the deepest location on the surface of the Earth's crust, the Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench located in the western North Pacific Ocean.

Jacques Piccard was born in Brussels, Belgium to Auguste Piccard, who was himself an adventurer and engineer. Jacques' father Auguste twice beat the record for reaching the highest altitude in a balloon, during � The Piccard family thus has the unique distinction of breaking world records for both the highest flight and the deepest dive.

Jacques's father, who had already set altitude records in his balloon, started using the buoyancy technique used in balloons for developing a submersible vehicle, the bathyscaphe. Jacques initially started out his career by teaching economics at University of Geneva while continuing helping his father improve the bathyscaphe to demonstrate its potential for operating in deep waters.

Together they built three. Though engine production at Christianshavn was later discontinued in , successful engine programs were rolled out. The electronically controlled line of ME diesel two-stroke engines was added in Todd Shipyards was founded in as the William H.

The Seattle shipyard could trace its history back to , when Robert Moran opened a marine repair shop at Yesler's Wharf. Todd has performed building and maintenance work for, among others, the U. This included the Seattle, Everett and Bremerton operations. The company was founded by William Laird, who had established the Birkenhead Iron Works in , when he was joined by his son, John Laird in their first ship was an iron barge.

John realised that the techniques of making boilers could be applied to making ships. The company soon became pre-eminent in the manufacture of iron ships and made major advances in propulsion. In the businesses of Messrs. Cammell and Laird merged to create a company at the forefront of shipbuilding.

Between and , over 1, vessels of all kinds were launched from the Cammell Laird slipways. Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company a.

The shipyard was permanently closed in The Lockheed Shipyard Operable Unit consisted of an acre 73, m shipyard facility located on the west side of Harbor Island at 16th Avenue Southwest. The Lockheed Shipyard was a shipbuilding facility from the s until Lockheed constructed several Knox class frigates for the United States Navy in the late s and early s. Peary FF Beginning in the mids and extending into , Lockheed built and delivered seven landing platform dockships LPDs of the.

Work on the site began on 29 June , and it was opened in November South Australia had been selected as the site of the construction facility based on the proposed location of the facility and promises by the State Government to help minimise any problems caused by workers unions.

The shares were bought up by Kockums and the Australian Industry Development Corporation, with some of Kockums' shares then sold to James Hardie Industries to maintain an Australian majority ownership of.

His parents were residents of Port Washington, but had traveled to Illinois in , returning to Long Island when Isaac was two years old. His father was a boat builder and owned the business where Isaac Smith spent his apprenticeship upon the conclusion of the American Civil War, in which his father had served as a pilot aboard the steamship "T.

After completing his apprenticeship, Isaac Smith opened his own boat building business on Shore Road in Port Washington. It was there that he was to build the first 22 Star Class sailboats during the winter of � Of the original 22 stars, half. The sale was completed on Jan 1, to Fincantieri. Since its founding, Marinette Marine has produced more than 1, vessels. While primarily a producer of commercial vessels, it has also taken a number of contracts for the United States Navy, primarily for auxiliary vessels.

Most recently, Marinette Marine became part of a team with Lockheed. In William Stephen, a descendent of his, established a firm of shipbuilders at Footdee in Aberdeen. In another member of the family, again called William, commenced shipbuilding at Arbroath. Alexander Stephen, a member of the third generation of the family, merged the Aberdeen and Arbroath businesses in and then, after closing the Aberdeen yard in , moved production to the Panmure yard in Dundee in The site of the Kelvinhaugh yard is now Yorkhill Quay.

The Arbroath yard finally closed in Due to the restrictions in size of the Kelvinhaugh yard, as well as the impending expiry of the lease, in the Glasgow business moved to a new site at Linthouse. The Dundee shipyard was sold to the Dundee Shipbuilders' Company in CUF was one of the largest and most diversified Portuguese corporations from the s until With its core businesses cement, chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, textiles, beer, beverages, metallurgy, naval construction, electrical equipment, oilseeds, insurance, banking, wood pulp, tourism, mining, etc.

The company had also its own sports club, founded as a truly works team in The club was a major contender in the main Portuguese Football Championship but was disbanded and replaced by G. Fabril due to the Crownline fiberglass pleasure boats were built from to This company, established in , has no relationship to the original Crownline that operated in the s and s.

Arnold L. He moved operations to Onarga, about 90 miles south of Chicago. Boat production began in early in a portion of the Ford automobile dealership, formerly owned by Mr.

Crownline made small fiberglass runabout boats and they also made boat trailers. One of their unique boats from circa was a jet powered rig, using propulsion similar to the Berkely Jet. Also, in lieu of wood stringers and keelson, the boats were built with a fiberglass stringer system.

This was fairly unique at the time. In August Island Packet Yachts is a United States-based builder of sailing and motor yachts. They are based in Largo, Florida. The incorporated name for the company is Traditional Watercraft, Inc. Production facilities are located on nine acres of ground with , square feet 11, m of covered manufacturing space in central Pinellas County.

Johnson is currently CEO and owner of the company. After earning his master's degree in naval architecture from MIT in , Johnson did a brief stint with McDonnell-Douglas in California working in their missile design department before heading to Florida where he joined Irwin Yachts as a plant supervisor.

He also worked on several cruising and racing designs for Irwin before leaving to join Endeavour Yachts as head designer. In he left Endeavour to build yachts of his own design, beginning with a sharpie sailboat known as the "Lightfoot 21". When the Bombay Trading Company, another Florida boatbuilder, went bankrupt in , Johnson bought the molds for the Bombay Express, a foot. It was probably a subsidiary of the Cleveland-based American Ship Building Company until entrepreneur James Whalen took control in Whalen was president from � Its dry dock and shops were located at Bare Point at the extreme eastern end of the Thunder Bay harbour.

They were constructed in The first launching of a vessel was June 27, , a scow or barge for the Great Lakes Dredging Company. It also built Big Bull tractors in In New Zealand, Brunswick also owns the Rayglass boat brand.

BBG oversees nearly 45 brands of boats in total, ranging from yachts to bass boats. Other subsidiaries include Attwood and Kellogg boat parts and accessories, along with IDS and Smart Craft onboard marine technology systems. It is privately held, and is not traded on any public exchange. From to the BBG doubled in size and acquired 13 additional brands.

The global economic. It is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Until the company name was shown with the ampersand. The company has continued to build ships and other large machines for years. The majority of the company was nationalised in the s and s, with the remainder being divested as Vickers plc in Vickers merged with the Tyneside-based engineering company Armstrong Whitworth, founded by W.

Armstrong, to become Vickers-Armstrongs, Ltd. Armstrong Whitworth and Vickers had developed along similar lines, expanding into various military sectors and produced a whole suite of military products. Armstrong Whitworth were notable for their artillery manufacture at Elswick and shipbuilding at a yard at High Walker on the River Tyne.

The Supermarine operation was. William Beardmore and Company was a Scottish engineering and shipbuilding conglomerate based in Glasgow and the surrounding Clydeside area. It was active from to the mids and at its peak employed about 40, people. The Parkhead Forge, in the east end of Glasgow, would become the core of the company. Parkead was contracted to make the armour for her, but failed, so the manager, William Rigby called in William Beardmore Snr, who at the time was superintendent of the General Steam Navigation Company in Deptford, to help.

Beardmore became a partner in the business and, moving to Glasgow was joined by his brother Isaac and son, William Jr. Rate 4. It was bounded by Navy Street, Flushing and Kent Avenues, and at the height of its production of warships for the United States Navy, it covered over acres 0.

Following the American Revolution, the waterfront site was used to build merchant vessels. Federal authorities purchased the old docks and 40 acres , m of land for forty thousand dollars in , and the property became an active U. Navy shipyard five years later, in The offices, store-houses and barracks were constructed of handmade bricks, and the yard's oldest structure located in Vinegar Hill , the federal style commandant's house, was designed by Charles Bulfinch, architect of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.

Many officers were housed in Admiral's Row. Military chain of command was strictly observed. During the yard's construction of Robert Fulton's steam. The Mitsubishi group of companies form a loose entity, the Mitsubishi Keiretsu, which is often referenced in Japanese and US media and official reports; in general these companies all descend from the zaibatsu of the same name.

In addition the Mitsubishi. In , its name was changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. It is also translated as "three diamonds". Mitsubishi had been. Sevmash is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Russia and today the country's only nuclear submarine producer.

The shipyad's main specialization is manufacturing of ships, submarines and military equipment for the Russian Navy. Sevmash is the only shipyard in Russia producing nuclear submarines. The next to last nuclear submarine produced at the shipyard is the nuclear powered attack submarine Severodvinsk, which was launched in and is currently fitting out. Its completion had been delayed due to financial issues.

The second Borei class submarine Aleksandr Nevskiy was launched later in There is one other Yasen class submarine Kazan and one Borei class submarine Vladimir Monomakh currently under construction at the shipyard.

In �, Sevmash delivered two. Feadship can trace its roots back to , when the Akerboom family bought a small shipyard off the coast of the Netherlands to build and repair boats.

They joined with the Van Lent family in , and then in they joined with the De Vries, another family-based shipyard, to form Feadship. After World War II the market for the previously successful industry was left in ruins. Even after four years of peace, there remained little money or inclination in Europe for ordering pleasure yachts. Encouraged by the Dutch government's export incentives, Royal Van Lent Shipyard, De Vries Scheepsbouw and four other yards decided to set out their stall for the thriving American market.

The man behind this move was naval architect Henri de Voogt. It made the fledgling group sound like it was Dutch shipbuilding, an. The company was also the largest supplier of screw propellers to other North American shipbuilding firms in its early years, and at its peak in the early s was Philadelphia's busiest and most heavily capitalized shipbuilder.

Following the death of one of its proprietors, John P. Levy, in , the company grew more conservative and eventually became a "niche" shipbuilder of smaller high quality vessels such as steam yachts and tugs. A few years after the retirement and death of its founder and longstanding manager Jacob Neafie in , the company folded through a combination of indifferent management, bad publicity and unprofitable US Navy contracts.

Amongst the more notable vessels built by the company were the U. The father Henry Steers was already a naval architect in England..

They designed in the America for John C. George Steers died on September 25, Jack Strickland, supervisor of the construction of the yacht America, was a foreman of the Steers shipyard. He designed and built most of the boats of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. Mahlon Betts, a carpenter, arrived in Wilmington in After helping construct many prominent buildings in the city, Betts branched out into foundry work in Amazon Music Reproduce millones de canciones.

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