Aluminum Bass Boats For Sale In Texas

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Bass Tracker Boats for sale

The semi-trucks of the maritime industry, tug boats are used worldwide to move other commercial vessels and even large barges. At Ocean Marine Brokerage Services, we make finding a quality used tug used tracker aluminum boats for sale australia easy! Contact us today! Used Steel Passenger-Car Ferry. Has fire supression. In current operation and working. Expires Oct 22' Completely refurbished.

Sleeps Galley accomodates This boat has be In excellent condition. Recent shipyard. Can be brought back to US flag. Fitted with 50, lb line pull Smatco DP towing winch. Used Model bow tug For Sale. Fitted with Smatco 44D towing winch. Reported in very good condition. Reportedly in good operating condition. Missing one winch and radar All aluminum alloy, 28 Knors.

Boat is currently working and reportedly in excellent condition. All current USCG certs to carry 12 persons. Platform Supply Vessel For Sale. Vessel reported to be in good overall condition.

All Certs are in laid up status. Has been sitting idle for over 1 year. Intercon DW towing winch. Lying idle for several years.

Catamaran hull. Non-planing hull. Processing is based on heading and gutting or whole used tracker aluminum boats for sale australia Carnit Twin Screw. Oilfield crew boat. Steel Hull aluminium cabin. In current operation with all certs. Sits down 48 passengers Has full four point mooring.

Used ' deck barge for sale. Twin Norwinch DD anchor handling winches on aft deck. Certs have expired. Has 65 ton bollard pull. Full electronics. All current class certs. Complete rebuild in Everything in 1st class condition.

Vessel in layup In current operation. Double Drum winch. Used self propelled Booster Dredge Barge. US Registered. All Steel Barge used as a floating booster pump station utilized to increase the spoils dispo Fitted with Bulk mud tanks. All current Blasted, Painted and all machin In excellent overall condition.

Currently working. Set up for 6 persons, but can sit down many. Double hull tank Barge For Sale. Presently working. Used tracker aluminum boats for sale australia Manifold - Midship section. Used Steel Shrimper For Sale. Ice Boat in very good condition. Owner operated for the past 30 years. Full stand up fish hold. Used Steel Freezer Trawler. In good operation. Main engine rebuilt Jan Built by the Greek Navy.

Clear inner space, New bottom from fish hold to stern, new engine ,new wiring. Has RINA certs. Total rebuild in Has 50, lb line Intercon winch. Reported in good overall condition. Interior was refit new in and again in Used tracker aluminum boats for sale australia in good condition, with recent upgrades. Very strong built shrimper fitted with freezer hold. Main engine rebuilt in 08' Winch 5 years old. Freezer needs some repa Approx sq ft of deck space.

GM-8V92 powered 10ft heel pin to Vessel had extensive bottom work, new shafts, wheels, rudders, used tracker aluminum boats for sale australia, bearings, drop-ins, gen set drop-in, hous Markey TDS 32 tow winch with 2, Ft. Raised Pi Standard Gulf Shrimper.

In good overall condition. New aux in 20' Includes new crankshaft For Sale Used 96ft Utility Vessel reported to be in great condition and currently working in Caribbean Used Steel Trawler For Sale. Immaculate condition. Owner operated. Good electronics. Ice hold of approx 50, lbs. UT readings recent 19' and showed excellent hull condition. Safety gear 2 stern ramps and net re Excellent condition.

Very strongly built

Motor hours can be verified through inspection. Step into the Ridge, start the motor, and prepare to catch any bass or crappie in your path. More filters Model Targa V WT. Temecula, CA.


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