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Example: Garth can row 5 miles per hour in still water. It takes him as long to row 4 miles upstream as 16 miles downstream. How fast is the current? The equations for rate (r), distance (d), and time (t) are r d t t d ? d=rt, r=, = Let x = speed in still water Let c = speed of the current. 2) A steamer goes downstream and covers the distance between two ports in 4 hrs., while it covers the same distance upstream in 5 hrs. If the speed of the stream is 2km/h, find the speed of the steamer in still water. Solution: Let speed of the steamer in still water = x km/h Speed of the steamer in downstream = x +2. Jun 12, �� If it takes �t� hours more to go to a point upstream than downstream for the same distance, the formula for distance will be: Distance = {(u 2-v 2) ? t} / 2v, where �u� is the speed of the boat in still water and �v� is the speed of the streamEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins.
Problem 1. A canoe traveled Downstream with the current and went a distance of 15 miles in three hours. On the return trip, the canoe traveled Upstream against the current. It took 5 hours to make the return trip. Find the rate of the current.� Let u = the canoe speed in still water (the speed relative to water), in mph. v = the speed of the current. When canoe travels downstream, its speed relative to the bank of the river is the sum u + v, and it is equal to. u + v = (speed =).� A boat takes 3 hours to go 12 miles upstream. It can go 18 miles downstream in the same time. Find the rate of Upstream Downstream Still Water Problems On the current and the rate of the boat in still water. (Hint: Because the current pushes the boat when it is going downstream, the rate of the boat downstream is the sum of the rate of the boat and the rate of the current. The Stream Boat problems are a frequent part of many important exams. These problems can be split into two main sections. One of them is what we call the downstream problems. Let us start with the visualization of the downstream problems and try to develop formulae that will accurately solve these problems.� The upstream speed of the boat = speed of the boat � speed of the river in still water. Using these two formulae in the formula 1/2 [Downstream speed + Upstream speed], we have: 1/2 [(speed of river + speed of the boat) + (speed of the boat � speed of the river)] = 1/2[2 (speed of boat)]. Therefore, 1/2 [u+ v] = speed of the boat in still water. Hence we have found out a formula for the speed of the Upstream Downstream Word Problems Worksheet Read boat in still water. Solved Examples For You. � boat speed in still water is the speed of the stream� means the boat speed is zero, since still water means the stream is not flowing and has zero speed. A badly-written question is impossible to answer without guessing, and I am not on Quora to guess. views �.� What is the solution to the following word problem: A motorboat whose speed is 18km/h in still water takes 1 hour more to go 24 km upstream than to return downstream to the same spot.� Let speed of water be x,so speed of boat us 4x. Hence down steam to upstream speed will be =(4x+x)/(4x-x)=5/3 so ratio is 26 views. Related Questions.


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