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The boat features a retractable lead keel; a cabin that can sleep four, with a forward hatch for ventilation; and a fractional rig with a mainsail and a roller-furling jib. Lifelines, a swim ladder, and an engine are options, as are cloth cushions; vinyl cushions are standard. The large cockpit will seat a crowd or let a mom-and-pop crew stretch out and enjoy their sail. myboat005 boatplans Catalina.� Easy to rig and trailer, the BayRaider from England's Swallow Boats is a relative newcomer to the small-boat market in the United States. Nearly all of its 19 feet 9 inches is open cockpit, though a spray hood can be added to keep the forward sections dry. The BayRaider is ketch-rigged with a gunter-style mainmast. Are any boats truly unsinkable? Photo courtesy of the US Coast Guard. Venturing across the world's oceans has an allure unmatched by few other experiences, but this positive exhilaration can be quickly replaced by a sense of peril if a boat begins to flood.� A comparison of flooding rates versus pumping rates quickly reveals that no reasonable small-boat pump can stay ahead of serious flooding. Though many reliable pumps are available for keeping bilges dry and removing unwanted water from shower sumps and anchor wells, aside from large diesel-powered salvage pumps no on-board marine pumps can stay ahead of water gushing through a ruptured through-hull fitting or stuffing box. Recommended Channels: TBNation Outdoors Texas Tiny Boat Nation Fireant Fishing JDS Outdoors Decked Out Jon Boats� I am a DIY Creator supported by this channel's audience to put out concepts for people to view. Modify your boat at your own risk.

It's also on Sail Magazine's short list of nominees for Best Ten awards. Reviewers from both magazines, who tested in Annapolis and Newport, have been very impressed with its performance and handling. This from a boat that most assumed would be slow and heavy. Why would anyone assume that? Because the ETAP has a double hull with foam in between the hulls, making it completely unsinkable. Polyurethane foam with a minimum 95 percent closed cells is injected into the space between the two hulls, providing sufficient buoyancy to ensure that the boat will stay afloat even if it suffers serious damage.

Substantial volumes of polyurethane foam are located fore and aft to provide impact protection and longitudinal stability in the event of damage. All the reinforcing and mounting plates in the hull and deck are made of aluminium or stainless steel: no balsa is used. ETAP Yachts are certified unsinkable by the French Merchant Marine, the only official body in the world authorized to issue certificates of unsinkability for sailing yachts.

ETAP is the only builder of sailing yachts in the world which has received this certification. This is an exclusive engineering process, ETAP is the only builder in the world making sailboats like this. The French Merchant Marine test is very vigorous: not only must the boat be unsinkable, but it must retain sufficient freeboard and stability to actually be maneuverable under sail or power even when filled with water.

Certification requires that the yacht must be able to recover from a 90 degree knockdown with a full crew's weight on the lee rail even when filled with water. This means that even in the event of a full hull breach which allows unlimited seawater into the interior of the hull, the yachts must be able to remain afloat, be maneuverable under sail and be able to be progress through the water to a safe destination, albeit slowly.

Because of the exclusive ETAP engineering principles applied, the positive buoyancy of the yacht is such that in a completely flooded condition, the water rises only to about the level of the settee height in the saloon about knee level for an average adult.

The rest of the boat remains above the flooded waterline. Even in this condition, a crew may be able to cook hot meals, dry out bedding and clothing and keep foodstuffs from being contaminated.

That ETAP is able to do this, and still get a boat that looks great and sails well is a tribute their design and engineering departments. Designed for casual family cruising, the 39S has a sail area to displacement ration of The linear galley runs along the port side and includes a double stainless steel sink, gimballed twin-burner stove and oven.

The settee is U shaped, with a table that will recess down, giving a sizeable berth. One could easily sleep 6 in the 39S, even in the 2 cabin version. There is a single head with a shower cabin. Two keel configurations are available, a shoal keel draws 4'9", a standard fin that draws 6'5". Roller furling on the genoa is standard. The unsinkability of the yachts has proven very attractive to charter operators in Europe.

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Hunter Unsinkable. Etap 34s: Unsinkable Etap. The Truth About Unsinkable Boats.

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