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Our underwater marine LED lights are installed onto your boat or yacht and can be either surface mounted or mounted from inside the hull. Surface mount lights come with a strong mount so they can hold on even in rough waters, while lighting mounted from inside the hull is designed to fit smoothly into your boat design. Lumishore creates the brightest, most beautiful, high-performance LED lighting solutions for the marine sector using proprietary LED technology. Every Lumishore LED light is the result of an uncompromising approach to safety, design, development, manufacture and a continuous search for cutting-edge lighting . Underwater lights are a great way to enhance the ambiance of your boat. Mount them under your swim step to improve safety when stepping on or off your boat. Installations like these are a great way to light up the area around your boat for evening events onboard. Updated:

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It is possible to fish directly in the light from your fishing light or you could also try to move your fishing undrwater to the perimeter of the fixtures- where some light-shy finned species are more apt to gather. It is underwater led lights for boats uk ma very flexible in terms of applications. It is built with overheat protected driver and there is no reason to worry about investing in it because it is offered with 3 year warranty program. The lights appear well-built but to be sure consider adding additional sealant as precaution. Add an external light controller for complete control over your lights including dimming functions on compatible lights. This is built with overheat shield so they are safeguarded from any damages.

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