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Connelly Eldorado. Obrien Sombrero. Liked it? Share it! Facebook Twitter. Brett Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered the marine industry for 15 years. In addition to covering the ski boat and runabout markets for Boats.

Based in Ventura, Calif. Best Boat Brands Lenny Rudow. Outcast even offers a limited five-year warranty on this boat so you can buy in confidence! This seven and a half foot long pontoon boat is impressively stable, featuring a mm thick aluminum floor that spans more or less the entire footprint of the vessel. The four, rather than two pontoon design furthermore adds even greater stability, even suitable for two person use despite the shorter length.

Between the four pontoons and the spacious dimensions of the deck, this option provides a ton of highly stable room for actively angling, sunbathing, and just hanging out! It should be noted however that this boat has a max load capacity of pounds, so if you and your passenger are both on the heavier side this pontoon may be close to maxed out. Most impressive of all, this entire vessel breaks down into a remarkably compact carry bag that can even be worn as a backpack just 44 pounds for easy transport and storage.

Those who are relatively fit could easily pack this boat into more remote lakes and ponds in order to access otherwise impossible to boat on water, although taking the trolling motor with you on the trail is probably not all that practical! While this option is only really suitable for still water applications, the included value for the price point is better than excellent for those seeking a unique and highly capable fishing or pleasure boat.

AQUOS has designed this pontoon boat to be a clean canvas for you to customize and make your own. You can install upgrades and modify this one or two man watercraft to specifically match your fishing or boating needs, and at a laughably cheap price point. The total weight is 44 pounds, and the entire vessel breaks down into a backpack-style carry Cheap Fishing Boats For Sale Victoria Quest bag for easy transport.

It should be noted that the brand only includes one paddle and there are no integrated oarlocks. That being said, there is a motor mount for securing some propulsion which will enable you to zip around in this bad boy. This monster is The 94 by 51 inch aluminum floorboard schematic is super spacious, enabling multiple anglers to actively fish at once, or for multiple sunbathers to lay out to name just a few potential applications.

The brand includes a pedestal swivel seat and guard bars with this purchase that you can choose to utilize or not. The beauty of this inflatable pontoon boat is its ability to be modified and customized to your boating needs. Constructed from military marine grade PVC, this is an exceptionally durable watercraft despite its inflatable build. AQUOS furthermore includes a 3 year warranty � a sure sign of a reliable product.

Fortunately, there is an integrated motor mount for securing some propulsion! Small, but ideal for the budget-conscious or those who need something extremely lightweight and portable. The DAMA Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Tube Boat is honestly more closely related to a fishing float tube than it is an inflatable pontoon boat, but we wanted to include it here for its impressive integrated features, portability and on the water comfort.

This personal watercraft is 6. As far as float tubes go, this is an absolute Cadillac when it comes to the comfort of the seating, and the included accessories. You can either row this vessel with the included oars, or kick it while wearing fins like you would a traditional float tube. An anchor system, rod holders, extensive removable storage bags, and even a detachable awning all add up to a highly equipped watercraft for the cost � far more capable than your standard float tube.

DAMA has brilliantly included some built-in backpack straps to this kick boat so you can throw it onto your back and trek into otherwise difficult to access launch points. The straps are then removable when you put in. Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops have excellent puncture resistance and overall durability, so beating up on this float tube a bit is not an issue.

That being said, this is still a suitable option for fishing moving water if you know the route and are mindful of the river conditions. While most inflatable pontoon boats are designed with fishing as a focus, there are a few models in particular that are particularly well-equipped for anglers. With built-in features such as integrated stripping baskets, anchor and trolling motor mounts, rod holders and more, our top choices for angling are brilliantly designed for getting you on the fish.

If you're simply seeking an inflatable pontoon boat for lounging, reading, or just drinking some beers with friends, there are some great available options that don't focus so much on integrated fishing features. If you're a bare-bones fisherman who doesn't require a lot of gear or a pleasure boater who only ever packs a lunch, some water, and a book, then there are some brilliant minimalist pontoon boats that don't include all the bells and whistles.

While their inherent build is quite simple, there are some highly equipped, impressively designed inflatable pontoon boat options when it comes to integrated features.

Adventurers seeking a boat for multi-day river trips and serious anglers requiring a particularly capable boat will be wise to check out some of these full feature options in order to satisfy their more gear-intensive needs:.

A frameless pontoon boat enables even greater portability and ease of deployment. While the lack of frame might make this style feel more like a float tube than a pontoon boat when it comes to responsiveness on the water, this style of construction is certainly easier to manage and maintain. The best frameless pontoon boats still position anglers nice and high above the water for effective sighting and casting, and offer adequate storage depending on what you're up to, so don't necessarily think of these boats as an inferior alternative to framed options.

The pros and cons of a frameless boat are specific to your fishing or boating style. Most inflatable pontoons are not all that suitable for white water applications, but that doesn't mean they can't handle some rougher conditions along your route. Most brands do not offer a white water rating on their boats - likely to leave Used Small Center Console Boats For Sale Zones that determination up to the paddler because a boat's ability on the river has just as much to do with the person rowing as it does the boat!

ALWAYS be confident in your rowing ability and knowledgable of the route and conditions before attempting to run rivers in any pontoon boat - while these boats are highly versatile in their applications make sure to learn your vessel's and your own limitations before embarking.

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