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�����:�Ashland City, TN�����������:�4 ���.� ����:�Industry leader in fiberglass and aluminum fishing boats. Triton Boat Reviews. All Boat Classes. All Boat Classes All Power Boats Aft Cabin Aluminum Fish Antique and Classic (Power) Bass Bay Bowrider Center Console Convertible Cruiser (Power) Cruise Ship Cuddy Cabin Deck Boat Downeast Dual Console Express Cruiser Flybridge Freshwater Fishing High Performance Inflatable Jet Lobster Mega Yacht Motor Yacht Other (Power) Power Catamaran Pilothouse (Power) Pontoon Personal Watercraft Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) Runabout 2020 Triton Aluminum Boats Kit Saltwater Fishing Skiff Ski. and Fish Ski and Wakeboard Boat Sports Cruiser Sport Fishing Tender (Power) Trawler Tug Unspecified (Power). Triton boats announces extended aluminum production line. Posted: 10/9/ Triton is proud to announce a new line of Aluminum boats. Vote for BASS Fan Favorite. Posted: 8/29/� Write a Review of Your Triton! Posted: 1/5/ Register Now for Triton Gold.� After Earl Bentz, owner of Triton Boat Company, visited the 4th Infantry Division last year, he left determined to do something for the soldiers involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Naturally he thought of a boat. Triton's Browning & Coble Win Kemah Redfish Cup.

I m kinda playing around with the idea of picking up a fishing boat. I mainly bass fish. Then I looked into the twin troller boat for a bit. But, fishing is just more fun with a partner lol. I was looking around at some nice aluminum boats a found this one below. I ve never owned a boat before so give me somethings to keep in mind while shopping please.

There are people who will tell you to only buy a certain brand , but Ranger Vs Triton Aluminum Boats Zip most new bass boats are well built. Fiberglass or aluminum. Ranger, and Triton aluminum hulls are designed to handle semi rough water. Trackers revolution hull is also supposed to handle rough water. Most companies are making a good aluminum boat nowadays because they see the benefits to the consumer, so they've upped what they're offering in them to rival fiberglass boats but at a much, much cheaper price. I looked at the Triton and really liked it and it comes with great features at a great price.

I don't think you can go wrong with a Triton. I personally fish out of an X Xpress aluminum boat and it has far exceeded all of my expectations and I'll never purchase a fiberglass boat. It's light to tow, won't damage like a fiberglass, more fuel efficient, easier to maintain, way cheaper, and on and on I walked away with 2 Si combo units, a lb Ulterra motor, and a single 12 foot Talon because 1 easily holds my boat for about 30K.

You're a smart man for looking into aluminum and you'll be glad you did. You mentioned having never owned a boat but did no mention what kind of experience you having operating a boat? I have an Ranger RT, basically the same boat, and love it. It is my first boat also and been learning this year.

It fishes great, and this one already has hydraulic steering which helps. How do you like the Mercury Pro XS? From the small amount of shopping around i have done, this looks like a great motor.

I know nothing about boat motors though. The reasons I switched to glass were ride comfort and storage, which are both superior with glass. I took a look at the listing you posted.

It's a very nicely equipped boat. Aluminum is definitely a good choice for your first bass boat. You WILL make some noob mistakes while operating it. For example, don't forget to make sure that your bung hole is plugged. I'd also plug the livewell drain to keep it dry. The less weight on your boat, the better. And don't unhook the boat from the winch until the stern is in the water.

You wouldn't want to drop it onto the ramp. Regarding the Triton brand, I know that most boat brands are owned by Johnny Morris, but the quality of the components used on newer Triton boats is better than those used on other Johnny Morris brands.

Nitro definitely gives you more bang for your buck, especially if your "bang" is performance. However, as others have already said, I'd choose performance, quality and features over brand. Almost all newer boats are actually pretty good. Regarding the Mercury Pro XS, it's a terrific motor.

The motors on my first two boats were four-stroke Yamahas, a 60 and a , and I thought that I'd never switch to a Mercury, but I was impressed enough with the newer four-stroke Mercurys on buddies' boats to give it a shot. In my opinion, the quality of Mercury's four-stroke motors is finally on a par with Yamaha's. The motor in the listing you posted has the Command Thrust gearcase.

Mine has the standard gearcase. The Command Thrust gearcase is the lower unit from Mercury's larger motors i.

It has a larger diameter torpedo, which allows it to use larger diameter propellers. There are many, many more larger diameter propeller options available than for the standard gearcase. In general, a larger propeller will give you more torque, which will give you a better hole shot, unless it bogs down the motor. On my motor with the standard gearcase, the standard three-blade propeller didn't provide enough torque, but I solved that problem by swapping it for a four-blade Mercury Spitfire X7 propeller.

In my opinion, the Command Thrust gearcase isn't necessary even for my relatively heavy glass boat. It's probably overkill on the lighter 18 TX, but that's not a bad thing. I like the look of the center rod locker on that 18 TX; I wish mine were laid out that way. If you fish with spinning gear, take your longest rods with the biggest guides to the dealer and put them into the locker. As much as I like rod tubes, most don't work well with spinning gear.

If you anticipate often fishing in cold or rainy weather with a partner, consider getting a port console, unless you'd enjoy their discomfort.

The 24 volt Maxxum trolling motor would work great, even in wind or current. I learned how to use pedal steering with one. Although I now have a volt Ultrex with electric steering, I steer it using the pedal, rather than the remote. Hands-free, baby! However, electric steering is necessary for Spot Lock, which I would not like to live without. The three-bank onboard charger is also the way to go. Although the alternator on the outboard motor will charge your cranking battery when it's running, the drain from electronics, lights, and, especially, livewell and bilge pumps will deplete it.

It's best to top it off with a plug-in charger after every use. One of the photos in the listing shows that the boat has Baystar hydraulic steering, which is an upgrade from the standard no-feedback teleflex cable steering. Cable steering works fine on a , but hydraulic is better. I highly recommend Boat Buckles for the trailer, too. Once you use them, you'll never go back to untethered straps. Thanks PECo!

What an informative post. I m playing around with the idea of maybe buying say a cheaper boat and rigging it out with some nicer options like say dual minnkota talons, nicer minnkota trolling motor with i-link and a higher end fish finder. I dont know if this is the way to go or not though as i am very new to the boat market.

I really like the look of that triton 18 TX and i am a firm believer in "you get what you re willing to pay for. I agree with, "You get what you pay for", but disagree with going overboard with equipment.

My motto is, "Keep It Simple, Stupid". While a couple of my buddies bought Nitros with horsepower motors, I got a I live in Connecticut, where the speed limit on our largest lake i. In a tourney with two anglers and a full livewell, my boat can easily go over Why would I need to be able to go 60?

I have a buddy who spends more time messing with his electonics than he does actually fishing. He put a Helix 12 with side-imaging on his bow, mounted the external SI transducer on his Ultrex and networked them with the Helix 12 on his console. He can use a detailed map to automatically follow bottom contours. But guess who gets in more casts and does better in our club tourneys?

I've found that a good sonar with a big screen and a detailed map I like the Lakemaster chip for Connecticut is all that I need. If you DO go with a Minn Kota Ulterra or Ultrex that has Spot Lock, you really wouldn't need shallow water anchors, unless you fish in lakes with a lot of heavy vegetation or large shallow flats.

I've never seen anyone deploy them in my club tourneys. My first boat 2020 Triton Aluminum Boats Quiz was an aluminum G3 Eagle with a Yamaha 60 horsepower four-stroke. He moved to Virginia. If I still had that boat, I'd be a happy camper with a lot more money in the bank. I sometimes fish with the guy to whom I sold it and he says, "Nope, you can't have it back.

You're new to boating. It'll take a while before you figure out what you really need. In my case, I decided that the softer ride and better handling of glass is worth the expense. Got it! Forget about the shallow water anchors. I m sure they are a great addition but for 3 thousand dollars!! I think i will enjoy my first new boat just as much without them.

Maybe consider a nicer fish-finder depending on how the budget lines up at the end. I have two Humminbird Helix 12 G2s on my boat. As much as I like them, if I could do it all over, again, I'd probably give the newer Raymarine finders a shot. I've found that the electronics on the G2 Humminbirds are a little buggy.

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