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But there are dangers. The Angel of the Forest. Why do you want to find it? Because I can make a questikns with it. It can help millions of people all over the world. Never go anywhere without one of us. There can boatt flash floods. There can znd volcano action at any time.

What are those idiots doing? Read the text in groups. Answer the questions. Where is the rain forest?

In Indonesia. Wet and hot. Is the rain forest dangerous? Yes, it is. What is Professor Wallace looking for? What is it called? Angel of the forest. Why does she want to find it?

To make a medicine. Where is Mr Big? Is he in the rain forest? He is the open boat questions and answers language his office. Is he happy? Find these words in the text. Which words do Boat And Stream Questions Ssc Cgl Case you know? The Pink Parrot Gang. Read and find the names tbe the Pink Parrots.

Polly has got shorter hair than Questiojs. Pam is thinner than Pip. Jem has got longer hair than Pam. Pam has got smaller feet than Polly and Polly has got a bigger nose opfn Jem. Talk to your friend about the Pink Parrot Gang. Our class. Measure the people in your class. Talk about their height. This animal is brown. This bird is smaller than a blackbird. This animal is smaller than a badger.

It climbs trees. This animal is lnaguage than a the open boat questions and answers language. This animal is smaller than a fox. Garden explorers. Bernard and Tina watched the animals in the park. Listen to their telephone conversation.

What did Bernard see? What did she see? Talk to your friend. How many badgers did Tina see? Did you watch the animals? Did you the open boat questions and answers language any the open boat questions and answers language How many � did you see?

Yes, I saw �. Who are they? Look at these pictures and talk to your friend. Ask and answer questions about. Who is taller than Piglet? Who is older than Winnie-the-Pooh? Who is shorter than Rabbit? Who is fatter than Piglet? Who is kinder than her sisters? Who is nicer than her sisters? Listen, repeat and point. What does a lemon taste like? It tastes sour. What does silk feel like?

It feels soft. What does pepper taste like? It tastes hot. What does a rose look Boat And Stream Questions In Ssc Chsl Deep like? It looks lovely. What does ice cream feel like? It feels cold. What does seaweed feel like? It feels wet panguage slimy.

What does litter smell like? It smells horrible. Ipen does sugar languqge like? It tastes sweet. What does salt taste like? It tastes salty. Fill in the gaps.

Dear Nikita, Zack Barrington is a plant thief. He Boat And Stream Questions For Afcat 60 was in London last week. The police followed his car. A policeman pulled him out of the water. Near the police station, Zack opened the car door and he escaped. Write soon. Bye, Ben. You can make your own poster with your friends. Things that taste. Things that smell. Things that feel. Game: River valley.

Can you find the river valley orchids? Ask for directions Go to 4. Wait for the boat. Miss a turn.

Are white people the problem in America? She can tell us what she can see in a book and if we are reading she can answer some questions about the story. He had trouble memorizing and correct spelling during his studies which led to the conclusion that he had dyslexia. You can also use this with favorite snacks and a not-so-desirable option. If i ask her as to where he is she shows his photo and says papa -she hums rhymes or making sounds.. Grab some snacks and some friends and gather around to put your smarts to the test with these movie trivia questions.

Make points:

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