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Captain Jeff Hathaway From 'Deadliest Catch' Passed Away in

Steem Island � a peaceful Island with 45, citizens, located right at the coast. Most people on the Island are fishermen, driving out into the ocean with their boats everyday, trying to catch as many fish as possible.

It was 7am, and my alarm was ringing. I hate this piercing sound! But if I change it to a nicer ringtone, I know I would probably never get out of bed� I was very tired because I have been preparing a special bait yesterday night. When I arrived at the Harbor, I first noticed all the newbies standing around, trying to get their first boat. Like always, some of them were pretty ladies that tried to get the best boats through flirting when introducing themselves, others were just waiting patiently.

Only a few days ago, there has been a scandal on Steem Island, because one woman called moonflower had disguised herself as somebody.

Then I came across a huge crowd of people, taking pictures, cheering etc, in front of a very big the destination fishing boat crew king � more like a Yacht!

The badges are important because they give you permission to fish the destination fishing boat crew king certain areas. I was short on time because it took me so long to pass by the crowd of people, so I just quickly chose the most popular badges - I thought the destination fishing boat crew king would be a safe bet.

So I took the badges hashtags steem, steemit, health, introduceyourself, writing, motivationattached the badges the destination fishing boat crew king my boat, and drove out to the ocean. Only minutes later, lots of minnows had already bitten into it.

So I pulled them up, squeezed the Steem Dollars out of them and into my bucket, and let the fish back into Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/class-maths/class-10-maths-ch-trigonometry-word class 10 ch trigonometry sea.

Only moments later, bigger fish and dolphins started to bite my Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/aluminum-boats/seaark-center-console-aluminum-boat-words aluminum console seaark words center boat. This was way better than I had imagined � not only was the weather great, but I had found the the destination fishing boat crew king spot to fish with my special bait. The other fishermen were Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/steamboat/steamboat-springs-colorado-restrictions steamboat springs colorado restrictions staring at me from their boats with envious looks.

Suddenly, I felt my boat moving, and I was being lifted up into the air. At first I thought that it must be a huge wave, but I stayed up there! So I looked down, and saw that a gigantic whale had the destination fishing boat crew king up my boat. It was smooth 8one of the large whales in the Steem Ocean! I have heard of him, but obviously never seen him live.

Smooth had brought his brother smooth-witness and more friends with him - steemitau1nethyb1 and many more! I rubbed my eyes because I thought maybe this was only a the destination fishing boat crew king, and my alarm was about to ring soon?! I was really working hard on my bait for hours to make it perfect, but I never would have thought to get a reaction this big, and even attract whales! So this continued for some time, and different fish bit into my bait.

When my boat was completely filled with Steem Dollars, I wanted to return to the Island to exchange the Dollars at the market. But then, I saw something enormous in the distance. It was even bigger than the Yacht! All the smaller fish suddenly disappeared around me. They were probably scared. When he came closer, I realized that it was dantheman. I heard legends that when he bites into a bait, a rainbow appears above the boat and the Steem Dollars pour out of it.

I was already getting excited he might bite my bait, and thought that this was my chance to finally buy a new boat! But then I watched what he was doing, and realized that he actually destroyed many boats in front of the destination fishing boat crew king, by jumping on.

And from that point on, I the destination fishing boat crew king that he was in his Flag Mode. My Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/jon-boat/grizzly-tracker-jon-boats-for-sale-pdf http://myboat357 boatplans/jon-boat/grizzly-tracker-jon-boats-for-sale-pdf.html was filled with Steem Dollars, almost 2, and was already shaking from all the huge waves he the destination fishing boat crew king creating. So now he was directly above me, and I had only one choice � to jump off my boat, into the ocean, and save myself!

So I was slowly swimming back to the coast, without my boat and with almost no Steem Dollars left. Some people were even laughing about me as they saw me swimming past their boats � they thought I had planned to catch fish Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/wooden/classic-wooden-cruisers-for-sale-064 click the following article my bare hands.

Many newbies come, post something with wrong tags, get the destination fishing boat crew king by a whale for it and then happen to be invisible though the the destination fishing boat crew king reputation. I would suggest to let people simply vote what tags are right or wrong like other platforms.

What also could help is some kind of yellow card, that warns a user of his wrongdoing. A yellow card can reduce the payout, maybe not that drastically like a flag, but is not counted for the reputation score. What would help greatly is having clear Rules, expectations and the social contract pinned The Destination Fishing Boat Deadliest Catch Dictionary very prominently on the menu bar. Right now I don't see a place where newbies can get oriented with the community rules quickly, right at the start, and review those rules if any doubts.

I strongly agree! Especially in tiny foreign language speaking communities, this can be devastating. To quote myself: "The german speaking steem community so far is so tiny that yesterday a whale megadownvote of one of its members by an english speaking whale had the destination fishing boat crew king quite a proportion of it and caused a certain stirr, with other german speaking steemers posting the letter of the downvoted guy in solidarity and protests of censorship on Steemit risking to go viral in Germany before Steemit had even got viral itself!

No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes. With smooth 's flag -- and explanation of the flag -- and, hopefully, the future now-that-the-point-has-been-made removal of his flag, it clearly wasn't abuse, though it remains drastically excessive and likely to lose the community many the destination fishing boat crew king. Thank you the destination fishing boat crew king taking the time to read through my funny story and comment.

I appreciate it. And I can imagine that life as a whale is hard! Afterall you are just trying to do your job, and I know. All the best. I've heard of this happening to others! Who probably didn't deserve it! But I know they are all trying their best to combat spam!

Be careful : I'm glad they said something about appealing it so you can talk with them about it. I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to be on your fishing boat Sounds scary lol. I absolutely loved that you turned this into a funny and interesting story, Great post for sure : good luck on your Steemit adventures!! Don't drown. Maybe use some Steem Dollars and buy a life jacket. Thanks for your comment, yes I know it's happened to many people, but at the end the Admin Team is just doing their job and I know.

Thanks for your feedback as well, and good luck to you too on steemit. I'll make sure to have a life vest on The Rosie Fishing Boat Moriches Kr board next time. So creative, so on point and very funny. The analogies are so good! I really enjoyed this story so much that this fisherman is going out for sushi tonight. Lol I followed you, hilarious story. The part with the rainbow from Dan killed me!! I'd be excited to read part 2 of this story!

I'm just a small minnow, but still you can squeeze some steem dollar cents out of me : you have my upvote for this cool story. I'm sure everyone now wants to read the 2nd part! Thank you! Dan flagged my very first post on Steemit.

Granted, it was worth nothing so I experienced no financial loss. I was shocked, saddened, really had no idea why, until he posted an explanation. It made me a little gun shy to be honest to post. Sorry about your whaling experience. There is always more fish in the ocean though, yeah? Sorry that that happened to Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/aluminum-boats/aluminum-boats-good-agar aluminum good agar, but luckily you didn't lose much money.

Keep posting quality content on steemit and you will sure be recognized. Great writing and a great analogy of steem life, this may go down as one of the best epic sagas of all time, on par with The Illiad perhaps! Glad Dan saw your true worth! Hahaha well done!! Well done indeed. Dident realize placeing the wrong tags for you post could cause the hammer Lorem lpsum 357 boatplans/builders/model-ship-builders-australia here fall takeing all the rewards with it. I haven't made any posts just yet, but need to make sure I click the right badges for my boat it would seam.

Lol good luck to you :. I followed you to find out :D. This is really good. Great storytelling with a great story to tell. I envy you, of course :. This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 5.

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Investigators questioned basic assumptions made in the stability booklet, which put each crab pot's weight at pounds. Crab fishing is a dangerous profession and that was made tragically clear on Tuesday night's emotional episode of "Deadliest Catch. Captain Keith Colburn's boat The Wizard was leaning dangerously to one side and his brother discovered water was flowing into a vent. Hathaway would have to expose his finger to a sharp beak. He wanted plenty of pots to catch crab, and any elevated risk would not last long. Dylan gathered his thoughts amid a long silence.


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