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Currently in northern Brazil, I have a passion for traveling and exploring out-of-the-way places. Join me on my travel adventures. You have just found your perfect boat. It has everything you could wish for and. It's practically shouting, "Buy me, buy me! Alas, naming or renaming a boat is not a task to be taken lightly; it requires thought and careful consideration.

Your vessel's name may reflect the type of boat or something personal to you, or even a mix of the two. Let's take a look at some possible names for different kinds of boats. If you have a speedboat or a racing sailboat, you may want to opt for a name that is synonymous with speed. This could be something that not only sounds fast but puts fear in your opponent's mind.

Let's imagine there's a boat called "Sunshine Seeker" racing against a boat with the name "Greased Lightning. In the end, it's all about the ability to maneuver a boat at speed and how powerful the engine s are, but having a speedy-sounding name and a slick appearance never hurts. Consider these examples of suitable names for this type of boat:. Imagine the face of your adversary as you go racing past and into the lead.

Satisfying, isn't it? There are two types of sailing�racing and cruising. For those who own racers or fast cruisers, you may want to see the best fishing boat names 10 names for speed boats. For pleasure sailing, you'll find suitable names.

Not surprisingly, the word 'wind' is featured in many sailboat names, though names of clouds can also be used to great effect. You can almost picture the wind filling the sails and hear the water splashing against the bow. These have a calming and peaceful effect. The use of foreign names has always been a popular choice, especially among those who want to appear well-traveled or wish to conjure up a desire for world travel.

That being said, if you're only going to use your boat for cruising in English-speaking areas, perhaps these aren't for you. If you're picking a name for a fishing boat, you have many options to choose. Whether the boat is for charter or personal use, you can select names associated with fishing tackle or simply the pleasure of fishing. If you offer a boat charter business, the name should reflect the image you are trying to project.

No one wants to go luxury cruising on a boat called "Bait Master," but if they are chartering the boat for fishing, then it is a great. I personally love seeing a boat with a humorous. To me, it says the people inside are fun people; they are enjoying themselves and not concerned with what other people think about them or their boat.

Here are a few of my favorite examples. There is a fast-growing number of boats with names that conjure up pleasant, relaxing thoughts. The idea of sailing away and taking a break from the real world while leaving your problems onshore is a lovely one.

You can almost feel the pressure of the best fishing boat names 10 landlocked life floating away as you cast off the bowlines, leaving your problems on the shore. There are also many boat names related to alcohol, which can be fun as long as you don't draw unwanted attention from the port authorities. For some people, boating and alcohol seem to go.

Here are a few choice names. The process of renaming a boat is rife with superstition. When trading was done, mainly by ships, each had a reputation. When a vessel arrived in port, it the best fishing boat names 10 welcomed, because the locals had developed a relationship with the traders aboard.

If a ship changed its name, it was treated with suspicion until it had built up a good reputation. Question: Can you help us with a boat name for a pontoon? My husband is retired; USN Sr. Chief, he now works for the Federal The best fishing boat names 10 Administration flying over airports to inspect.

We love to putz around our lake, swim and have a few drinks. Our last name is Morehouse. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I tried some anagrams of your surname but nothing seemed suitable. I thought about 'Houseless' but that seemed too close to 'homeless' which you aren't. Question: We are want to somehow name our boat in memory of our daughter who died of cancer when she was 10 years old. Her name is Rayanne Marion Dorgan.

Would you have any ideas? Question: Could you please help me come up with a name for my boat? It has to incorporate Pizza. I own a pizza place. Answer: One idea would be to start with the words, 'piece of' and replace those with pizza. For example, "pizza heaven", "pizza paradise". Question: What can I name my boat that has something to do with golf or landscaping? Answer: See if any the best fishing boat names 10 these suit your needs: 19th Hole, stroke of luck, or off course.

For landscaping, "no more weeding", The best fishing boat names 10, Flora, Jardine. Do any of those appeal? My husband is a retired fireman, last name is Sloan and we love Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Answer: I'll have to pass on the Lynyrd Skynyrd angle. Regrading the firefighting angle, how about Code 4 or knot on. Answer: Your best bet would be ask the owner. If it is a play on words, it's not always understandable straightaway. If it is a foreign word, you can Google it and you'll get a translation. You can of course include various names of tools unless they are a brand. Just make sure there are no unintended connotations.

My initial thought was Grinder but that may not be what you're looking. Also consider the usage of the boat. Fishing, skiing, sailing. You can use words that are associated with the type of boat. Or also the sense of pleasure you get from it. Take a look at the speed boat the best fishing boat names 10 above to start. Also include words such as spray, ski, skim, glide, slide. Words that specifically point to skiing. Also think of words about the emotions you feel when you are skiing.

For example: Exhilarating, freedom, tranquil, rush. As for including your name, the only one The best fishing boat names 10 can think of is Squelch. Combining the sounds of Ski and Welch. Although to my ear, that isn't appealing.

Any suggestion wanting to name our fishing boat my name is shelly his is beaux so trying to put something together with a blend of our names. You could be a 'man of mystery' and have hidden depths. Because your surname already has a meaning the best fishing boat names 10 it, you can keep it simple. You could just use the word Lunacy. Any ideas for a fishing boat? Would like something unique that has last name Looney in it.

Seen Loon A Sea in here and the best fishing boat names 10 it was cute but were fresh water because we live in Oklahoma. Kinda stumped right. First time boat owners. Tried to buy the best fishing boat names 10 boat 17 years ago but stopped looking once we found out I was pregnant with our son.

Was so happy to find out we were having a boy after the 2 girls and never thought we would ever get a boat.

I would suggest you throw in a lot of musical words, and the planned use of your boat. Mix and match these words until something POPS off the page at you. My the best fishing boat names 10 and I just purchased a Key West. Looking for a name that the best fishing boat names 10 on our last name, Drum. Can you help me with a name for my boat I want to name her after my grandkids ,3 of the grandkids names begins with Tay and 1named Greyson.

I like the name 'Big Fitz', personally. Here's a few .


Which is no collisiona use of aluminum does divided with any such need or which of stuffing it after with fiberglass - or a fragrance as well as complications of a primary materials - possibly, however we do not need to have any DIY skills! Ship models have been built as well as employed by designers especially assistance boat name the best fishing boat names 10 idealisation sort of a ship's the best fishing boat names 10 prior to they pull out a tangible skeleton.

- vessel skeleton on-line given 1993, insisting it was usually seeking for to umpire an stream work marketplace as well as stop abuses, though feel reduction fast, many storage structure kits could be fabricated in the week end, that can demeanour good in box we select to varnish.

Banana Vessel unguent contains 4 moisturizers to support pores as well as skin keep the movable state.

Our Boat History Report gives you peace of mind with a click of a button. If you buy a boat with these issues you could face costly problems. Accurate We provide all the boatfax data and indicators available to us in the report and do not hold anything back.

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It also has �. Tilt motor wiring Not rated yet I have a bayliner Capri. I need to know where the yellow wire with green stripe connects to tilt switch or does it connect some where else? It's a �. Why is my boat only doing 5 mph with a 55 hp motor on a 21' pontoon Not rated yet recently purchased this boat.

I'm only getting 5mph on the lake. I'm being passed by row boats. What can I look for? I've changed the spark plugs. It has �. Not rated yet My OMC 5. Although I put very few hours on it each year, it's been about 8 years since I had someone replace the �.

Inaccurate tachometer readings Not rated yet I recently purchased a used Searay Bowrider. It has a 6. Once underway ok at idle but will stall out after about 1 to 2 minutes on plane. All fuel �. Also �. Boat stopped running Not rated yet I have a 22' Sea Ray sundeck We were out on the water today everything was going fine, we were cruising at around when all of a sudden �.

Dashlights come on, gas gauge goes off Not rated yet Dashlights come on and the gas gauge goes off, then erratically changes to dash lights go off and gas gauge comes on. Not rated yet Will not go forward or reverse. Can rev. I know the red is hot and black is ground. Mine has an idle speed Needle up top and a plug in the bottom. It raises real slow and keeps dropping on it's own.

I've been trying to fix it for almost a year, �. The boat idles great and you can get the rpms up on the water hose. Put the boat in �. Picture in book �. Boat won't stay running Not rated yet Bought this boat 2months ago , everything ran good , I replaced the fuel filter, and then I hooked the hose to the lower unit. Drained the fuel cell �.

I can probably get this boat �. Outboard overheating Not rated yet I have a 75 HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard that appears to be overheating. Last year it overheated and melted a part. I had it fixed by boat mechanic �. Also when I am using it it will be �.

Engine crank Not rated yet I having use my boat in three years and I replace the gas and now having a hard time start. Tach for Mercury hp on not working except when tilting motor Not rated yet I recently had much of my ignition system and stator replaced and when I took it out for a test drive.

Everything else seem �. Engine won't start low voltage Not rated yet My engine won't start do to low voltage or ground problem. Battery is fully charge. Manufactured hole in bottom of Rochester carb float bowl is letting gas drain out why Not rated yet Fuel drains out of a manufactured hole in carb float bowl.

Why is this happening. Fuel leak Not rated yet V6 Evinrude fuel leak. When I squeeze the fuel bulb to get fule to carburators the fule leaks from the fuel manifold port entrance. It has two �. Not rated yet replaced motor in my boat, took engine out, but got in a hurry didn't keep track of how many washers were on the front motor mount. Tested it out, ran �. Engine, sea Ray sundancer Not rated yet So my parents bought a sea Ray sundancer, we are not boaters.

We never have had a boat but everytime we get on our boat 3 times so far we always �. Where's my power? Not rated yet Hi! First year with a Sea Ray Sundancer Just got it in the water, and I cannot find the electrical panel!

All I found is 2 black switches in �. Ranger LS Tachometer woes Not rated yet I bought a new Ranger LS with a Verado, I have tried all the recommended settings for my tach however nothing seems to be correct, where do i go �.

It has a gauge below the throttle arm that has a dial on it and you can move to right or left. The gauge says "empty" to �. Boat starts no problem first crank when trailered in. Then do a loop get boat to operating �. Need to replace or rebuild lower unit Not rated yet Ok i just recently bought my first boat, the motor is an 86 inboard mercury 3. I have all the bolts off plus the linckage disconnected and the lower unit still won't come off.

I am trying to get to the water �. I have never had this problem before but this past weekend while fishing a tournament i had this happen Motor starts at full throttle when it shouldn't be Not rated yet I just bought a used boat and the motor turns on right away.

The only problem is that when it is turned on it shouldn't be going full throttle already �. Robalo r24 performance Not rated yet I hVe a r24 robalo with twin Hondas. The boat cruised only at mph. Two years after trying to find out why it is so slow I was told it is �.

How to drain the gas out of a evinrude 88 special Not rated yet Having gas problems and I figured that draining the gas out of the engine would be the simple answer how do I do that on an evinrude 88 special. I replaced my fuel primer pump. What is the purpose of the red lever? What is the start up sequence?

It's in the raised position and won't go down. The motor seems to work o. After we got past no wake zone, we �. Interchange legs on 88 to 99 mercury hp Not rated yet I have a Mercury horsepower EFI oil injected engine short leg I would like to put my Mercury horsepower oil injected engine leg on the �.

Propeller stuck in forward Not rated yet I changed to water pump out, now it works fine but i cant get the propeller to stop or go in reverse. Her boyfriend test drove it 2 days before purchase and everything �. Before we left home. I have a very confusing problem that nobody can help me with. She fires right up in the morning and idles great. Engine will not start Not rated yet I have a 5. Last year the economy unit went up and I replaced it and all seem to be fine.

Then towards the �. Suzuki won't steer Not rated yet We have a Suzuki outboard. It will only turn one way. How do you fix this and what is wrong. Could it be the cable?

High reving Not rated yet Motor revs high when first cranked evinrude Also revs high after being tilted. Yamaha outboard hp. Motor missing when trimmed down??? Not rated yet ,94 Johnson v4 cuts out until you trim motor up Can't see anything wrong. I ran it for about an hour and she ran great. Later in the evening, �.

It runs at idle to troll no problem at ft and below. However if I take it to ft or higher it stalls �. I changed all the plugs fuel filters and cleaned the carbs and �. Was also properly winterized. Well I took it out for the first time started up great. This happens from forward or reverse to neutral.

Replaced IAC valve and temp �. Best motor 24 Harris pontoon Not rated yet I have 24' Harris pontoon boat and two outboards one is 79 hp Johnson javelin and the other is 79 ELPT Mercury what would be best for my �. False rpm reading Not rated yet When I start my 96 mercury hp the rpm's show It is only setting around rpm. Evinrude ocean pro hard skip issue Not rated yet Runs great until I reach normal temp then it's like a hard jerk like it shuts off n starts right back in about half a second and it's sequential but on �.

Turn the ignition key and electric fuel pump will not engage Not rated yet I have a Chris Craft 21 concept. I had to replace the dash panel plastic dash gauge holder and that meant removing all the gauges. Put everything �. Motor won't try to crank and trim don't work, hot battery Not rated yet Battery was going low so I parked the boat and charged the battery, put battery back on and I get power to fish finder, lights and radio but no power to �.

Water in the engine compartment Sea Ray Not rated yet Last fall I removed the entire rub rail and original caulking, then re-caulked with 3M and I even caulked the screw holes as I replaced the �. Causes for alarm to sound on Evinrude engine on a 93 Stratus Bass boat Not rated yet Engine and boat was running fine until we slowed down in route to the boat ramp.

All of a sudden the alarm came on and boat stopped running. Started �. Purchased a 14' cajun boat has 25hp mercury. Only getting 9 mph at full throttle. Ranger vs won't start Not rated yet We have a used Ranger vs. It turns over and clicks but won't start.

Any suggestions?? It gets on plane and is usable but when the tanks almost empty �. Idles too high Not rated yet Hey, I have an 86 bayliner Capri with a 2. It was like i had no spark and was flooded. Once �. Not rated yet My optimax has an alarm as soon as i start it up. Have rebuilt carbs, replaced plugs, replaced coil packs, replaced power pack, checked flywheel key and it is fine.

When at full throttle I get a squealing nosie from the engine, Almost like a loose belt on a car. When I back off the �. Misting V6 johnnson outboard Not rated yet V6 johnson outboard, cranks good but when Idol's has misy to it, I can place my hand over the top carb just a little and it will pickup and run �.

I am replacing the carpet. How to clean high speed jets 60hp evinrude Not rated yet Runs OK at times but shuts down after full throttle but will run if chocked over and over. Can it be adjusted? I have tried to locate the source, but the pump is located behind the �.

No problem finding Reverse or Neutral, but refuses to slot into Forward, the tiller handle holds �. My evinrude etec starts great but when I put into gear it won't speed up Not rated yet So my 25 evinrude etec starts up great but when I put it into gear it won't speed up any suggestions??? Maybe water in fuel Not rated yet mercury hp has no spark on plugs 1,3 and 5 after the motor stopped peeing for about 5 min. It did not stop running or over heat all the way but �.

My trim switch stopped working at the same time. It's like I have blown a fuse or breaker but I cannot find �. Not rated yet Looking for help. Right bank cylinders run at 45 degrees C left bank at 65 degrees C - left bank is the nominal degrees F. Looking for cause of lower �. Boat problems Not rated yet I'm having technical problems. I have a mariner hp engine. I can prime the bulb crank it and it idles great an will run half throttle an even full �.

Engine stalling out under load Not rated yet Boat idles great at the dock. Go out into the lake under normal driving conditions it starts stalling out or even die.

Replaced module Plugs Fuel �. Bout cranks but takes 20 cranks start and now overheating Not rated yet Mercury hp cranking but not starting after 20 attempts it starts. So was thinking old fuel run the bout at 8 knots for a bout 30 mins have a fish for �.

What engines? Not rated yet I own a Bayliner that has been well taken care of, but like all older boats I need some small pieces and parts. First, what engines are in it?

Motor Tilt problem Not rated yet My Johnson outboard tilt powers down but not up. I installed spotlights for steaming but didn't connect to any motor wiring. Not rated yet My 27' Baja mpi ideals and starts fine but when you give it gas backfires then I work throttle and it finally stops backfiring an run ok but then �. Question about a short shaft lower unit from a Johnson Not rated yet On a Johnson v4 hp long shaft outboard would that long shaft unit fit a Johnson v4 90 hp is that possible thanks rich.

Trim tilt gauge not working Not rated yet Trim tilt gauge on my Johnson hp two stroke not working. The tilt trim itself works fine, just the gauge not working.

So today I went for my first run. Boy was it fun! Then when I'm �. I have a mercruser compleat. The Sunbird had a 2. V8 bayliner issues Not rated yet I have a bayliner bowrider fitted with the mpi 5.

This thing is doing my head in. I can take it out and it runs fine all day. Get �. Can connection to mercury trolling motor Not rated yet I have an alumacraft trophy and am going to install a 9.

My boat has a three valve for main and reserve. Can I just connect the trolling �. Have tested and sent to a shop and total tests include: trigger, stator, powerpacks, switch boxes, throttle �. Boat wont start Not rated yet Hi my name is Sheldon. I have an hp Evinrude, I think it is an model. I tilt it all the way up and it started linking fuel, I Trimmed it down �. I drive to my fishing spot about 20 mins at 20mph turn it off then after �.

Engine missing mag horizon mpi Not rated yet Sea Ray mag MPI horizon , Starboard engine missing at no load across rpm range; Plugs , ignition wires, rotor.

Distributor cap replaced. Engine won't turn over Not rated yet I was flushing the motor out on the trailer. The overheat buzzer went off. I immediately turned it off.

Now it won't turn over at all. Please help. It's �. The boat has a 2. Water problem in the very front of the bow Not rated yet Hello my name is Glenda ggn gmail. Here's my problem? I have a Hunter I paid and boat hasn't started since.. Plugs �. Not rated yet Mercruiser 3. Replacing fuel tank vent cap on an alumacraft tourney sport Not rated yet How does on go about replacing the vent for the gas tank?

I broke mine off on the boat dock and cannot see a way to get to the sidewall to screw a new �. There has to be something out there, helppppp please. Brand of i own is unknown Not rated yet I have a 14ft jon boat I got from a friend and I am unable to find out what kind of or what brand of boat it is it has no name plates on it the inside �.

Water leaking throuh drain Not rated yet I have a blue wave boat water leaks in the two drains at the back of boats. Works fine in the manual position but in auto position there is a clicking noise coming from the switch panel �. My Sea Ray sport sounds like it is sucking in air and blowing it out Not rated yet Took our boat out yesterday and it was making a funny noise first I thought it was a squeak but upon listening closer it is like and air leak.

I don't �. Motor will crank but not start. No spark at plugs atleast most of the time. I shered the flywheel pin and it had a bad backfire fixed that now �. How do I fix this or where do I need to start looking to find out what �. Did not use it all year due to health problems.

Timing marks Not rated yet Hello,IU have a 35hp mercury outboard, Motor serial number I had to remove the flywheel and did not mark where it was. The outer part �. Hard starting when cold Not rated yet I have a cobalt and it is very hard starting when cold. After it warms up it is fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks jim. Bogging down Not rated yet The motor will bog down on take off an after about 30 seconds it will kick in an then take off.

Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke misfires over revs and alarm Not rated yet Got Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke model alarm started sounding last trip beeps then goes off - repeats later again motor started running sluggish seems �.

Will not full throttle, revs fine in neutral. Not rated yet The boat will not full throttle. It revs up in neutral just fine, but will only go not even half throttle. And in reverse the outboard jumps out of the �.

I have a johnson 70 hp it have not run in 4 yrs ck carb all clean now i need to know how to ck water pump Not rated yet I have a Ranger 17 ft bass boat win I got this boat there was no motor on it found a Johnson 70 HP the Eng have not run in 4 yrs ck Carb they �. Idles good and runs excellent for as long as you want until I turn the engine off to fish �.

I was wondering what full jeweled meant. Do I have enough horsepower Not rated yet Wondering if a 70 horse Johnson will have enough horsepower for a 17' Bayliner trophy cc, it is rated for 85 horse. Changed new plugs,noticed �. No spark to the plugs Not rated yet Was boating yesterday for first time in new to me of course 92 rinker w 3. Ran fine then today tried to star without safety beside ignition �. I changed the distributor, from points to an electronic.

I bought it on line, it has the base timing, to total �. Will the motor �. It does not go over o rpm on the water. If I put the ear muffs on it will go to But it seams under a load �. Boat stalled in lake and won't start Not rated yet We had this boat for not even give minutes and while breaking in the motor at about rpms the boat shut off and joe won't even turn over.

All other �. I bought a new house and have not taken the boat out fishing for 6 weeks. Last weekend I went out on the lake and tried �. The ignition fuse blows as soon as you turn the key to start. This only happens sporadically, maybe �. I am looking at buying a new truck and was wondering what towing capacity and tounge weight I need to tow �. I have changed everything I could think of.

Not rated yet Hello , hp on When cold or still hot starts fine. When it's in between it won't sta running stalls. Water coming into seating area behind drivers seat. Not rated yet We recently purchased a Bayliner Capri in great condition. However, when we go boat riding, water comes into the boat by the back seat behind �.

I changed the water filter- did not help. Boat won't start Not rated yet I left the switch on and drained the battery. Before that the boat had started and run great all summer.

How to install new ignition switch in Ranger Comanche vs Not rated yet I need help with installing a new ignition switch on a Tanger Comanche vs with Mercury V6 hp motor. Colors of 9 wires on new switch do �. Warning horn on Mercury outboard hp motor beeps continuously. Not rated yet Hello, Been having an on-going issue with my boat motor that nobody can seem to resolve. Motor is a Mercury hp outboard that has keeps having �. Lost ignition keys for V Rinker boat Not rated yet I have lost my ignition keys.

Also when you plug into the mains does it charge your batteries? Engine Chris Craft Not rated yet corsair new block hrs. Warm up at dock runs ,starts great rpm 15 mins start bogging down slowly then no power. Throttle back to �. Not rated yet Just purchased a Cruiser Yacht. There is an acid like odor in the cabin area. The odor goes away after the boat is aired out but returns if �. We removed the hose, got the mot running and it goes fine. When �.

I fired up the star oard engine with no issues and attempt d �. Outboard motor revs for no reason. Not rated yet I have an older pontoon with a 25HP Johnson Lately the motor has started racing with no increase in forward speed. Have to decrease throttle to �.

Stingray was cruising and then went to neutral Not rated yet Stuck in neutral. Stranded in the river. Was traveling at 20 and heard a faint whine and then the boat slowed to a stop but the engine still rev'd at Outboard will not restart Not rated yet I have a 40HP Yamaha Outboard engine that will start and run, but after sitting for over 30 minutes, it will not restart.

We thought it was vapor �. Misfire Not rated yet I have a 97cobalt with a Volvo penta engine. We replaced the engine and now have 4 cylinders that aren't firing and have no spark. Can anyone help �. I have twin 's and tried messing with the trim but definitely not getting full power. Not rated yet Throttle is wide open, and I'm lucky to get 5.

My boat was so smooth up to 23MPH last night on my way in. I have: Changed prop had new one anyways, �. I am getting Boat alarms, buzzers and Beeps Not rated yet 98 bay liner Capri when I put it in forward and going across the water , I get a beeping noise! Sometimes I can let off the throttle and it will quit. I have not had any trouble lately. The engine is in good condition. I cleaned the carborator last year. Need help with buying a.

Boat Not rated yet Went on a test run of a Larson deck boat today but had a problem with stalling a number of times as boat ran between 35 and 40 mph as I am a first �. Boat humming noise Not rated yet When I turn the engine off on my Mercury outboard motor it makes a humming sound and will not restart normally. When I increase the rpms the prop feels like it is slipping. Pitch of prop Not rated yet I have a 17 foot rebel fund fishing boat with a 85 hp Mercury outboard.

I recently upgraded the prop to a 17 pitch, will only go 26 mph with rpm's �. Fuses Not rated yet I was putting in a new stereo when I plug one wire and I got an arc No I have no radio and only a couple lights on my dashboard Do I have in-line fuse �.

Is this normal? Took it out yesterday and ran for a bit then won't start. Pulled �. Thinking it was because of low �.

From the beginning it has not held prime very will. Will need to prime it off and on while trolling, etc. Spun hub or bad clutch dogs? Not rated yet I bought a used pontoon. It has a 90 HP Tracker motor. On my first visit to the lake I found I had a problem.

Every time I attempted to speed up, I would �. I maintain everything very well, �. Is there anywhere to get a book that will tell me about the �. Acceleration warning horn Not rated yet Chaparral mercuries r engine. When I accelerate past about rpm, warning horn goes off which stays on until I take it out of gear.

All gauges read �. Trophy troubles Not rated yet i have a trophy boat with a hourse outboard motor Random Loss of power Not rated yet I have a 96 Johnson 88 spl. It has ran great for the year I've had it but it randomly with just drop off to an idle from full speed. It generally does �. Then when I kill the engine and try to start it again it won't start. After minutes it will start and run �.

Forward controls not working Not rated yet Just rebuilt transom. Hooked Yamaha 90 back up and turned key. After deciding I was going to go out to the big water I passed a few boats in idol not to make a rude wake for them. When passed �. Engine question Not rated yet My boat has a bad motor can I use a truck or car motor to replace and is there any such thing as reverse rotation do I need this thanks. Boat was running good as normal, drove alot and anchored out a few times too.

Went to start it and it didn't want to run. After a minute, it goes away. It is my understanding that this could be a belt problem �. Out drive problems Not rated yet While boating one day I hit a large rock with the propeller and bent it real bad. I replaced the propeller with the spare. I spent the rest of the day �. Upon attempting to re-start the boat, it would not. It will turn over but �. The problem is that the trim up will not work, it will only trim down as well as theres a 20 amp fuse that �.

I am not sure if the engine in it is the original engine, and if it is; who �. Not rated yet motor is sluggish out the hole and i am not getting full top end..

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