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Tahiti Yacht Charter | 20 rows�� Select a Tahiti Boats Model Producing powerful flat-bottom vessels in Fremont, . W. Levoy Drive, Suite Taylorsville, UT (Outside the U.S.A). Apr 05, �� Matt,The best source for info on the Tahiti boat's would be Old Rigger,as He use to work for myboat354 boatplans fact there is a good chance that He or His Father,may have even had a hand in building You'r boat originally. I am not sure what model hull You have,but My boat,a Kona,is a direct spash of the Tahiti .
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The inside and rigging is very simple. Something most people will pay top dollar for. OldSchoolBoats No longer "boatless" Joined May 8, Messages 13, Reaction score 17, That ad reminds me of the old Raptor ads. Wonder what ole Rocky is up to these days. Dirtbag said:. LargeOrangeFont said:. That is like saying you get what you pay for when buying a Corvette instead of a Porsche.

But again, I think most of the cost savings was realized in the procurement of proven molds and keeping overhead low. All of their boats have already been created in the past, so there should be a minimal learning curve to construct the boat, which saves time and money. Joined Aug 20, Messages 1, Reaction score 1, This year the boat show has expanded again and will be using both parking lots. Joined Sep 1, Messages 1, Reaction score The 28' deck boat Tahiti is offereing is the American Offshore mold.

They tweaked it a bit. I think it looks amazing. Cheetah's wildcats I believe are still starting in the mid 50's but with small block power. Taboma Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 4, Messages 8, Reaction score 10, Rotten deal said:. CobraDave Well-Known Member.

Joined May 20, Messages 3, Reaction score 2, I'm interested in seeing River Daves opinion of them. I also have these questions. I guess it would come down to how the hull is built. They are still using Mercury power, billet hardware which is through bolted, good gauges, shifter, etc. I think there is some truth to a name on the side of a boat making it more money. Taboma said:. View attachment Singleton Well-Known Member.

Joined Feb 5, Messages 12, Reaction score 12, CobraDave said:. Singleton said:. Different company offers the ocean boats. Joined Feb 13, Messages 16, Reaction score 11, OldSchoolBoats said:. Joined Feb 28, Messages 5, Reaction score 5, I believe they are made by Fiber Composites Joel Casillas?

So is it just the name and an mold shared by other makes?? Bigborer said:. I think they seem much more coherent than Raptor lol Let's give them a chance, it would be great to see a lower priced company that can build a quality boat.

Is he the one that has the Cole molds too? Joined May 25, Messages 6, Reaction score 2, Looking at the CC info not much there. I wonder how many they have built? Does anyone know if they are bringing a CC to the Havasu show? I guess the nature of my post was trying to figure out a few different things: 1.

Is Tahiti going to get the reputation that Cheetah has and or use similar building techniques to keep costs low? If these boats start at 80k and seem to have many good features, what features would really start to push up the price and which of those features in your opinion are mandatory? I have never owned a deck boat so this is going to be a new venture for my family and I want to make sure I make a good decision.

A new custom build for 80k is very attractive My plan is to not nickel and dime a builder, and I would be willing to pay more for features that are " a must have.

I went out and ran the they built, as well as have seen some of the hulls that were ready for power at the LA show. The good is they are a new boat mfg. That means you are going to get aggressive pricing right up front and they are generally going to over achieve on the build go the extra mile on little things. Todd is not new to the marine Industry and has been a rigger for several big name manufacturers.

The boats he is building are all proven boats, and he wisely chose boats that will sell well. The bad is they are a new boat mfg. No "Nada Values" means banks won't lend on the boats. Todd has a way around that it's not shady, so you will have no concerns on that front , but it's kind of a perpetual problem that I'm not sure what the solution is long term. It's a smaller company, so invariably the build is probably going to take longer than is quoted things come up.

With any start up companies you can never be sure they will be around later if warranty work etc is needed. I was going to write a very long post about all this and get into all the details of everything, but I'm going to sum it up with this.. I'd let Todd at Tahiti Offshore build a boat for me and my family. I think he's a good guy and a straight shooter, and I think his quality of builds far outweigh the price he's charging for them right now.

In short I think they are great deals, and it's worth the gamble to buy them if you are in the market for a mid level custom boat. I have talked to him at some length about building a Wake Boat for my kids. ParkerMagic Well-Known Member. Joined Jun 12, Messages 2, Reaction score 1, Haven't read all the posts yet but if Joel Casillas is involved, I would run. I'll go into further detail if needed. Joined Feb 21, Messages Reaction score 1, Thanks Dave, Just call me , there are no secrets.

I bought a lot of tools, and a lot of tools are just sitting in the yard. So we activated the ones we wanted to build. I extend killer pricing on new models so I can promote the model, get pictures on the website and roll forward. Low Overhead, buy parts in bulk, stick to 2 - 3 custom boats per month keeps our retail price low this year. Next year the prices will go up. Compare our quality at the Havasu show to all the builders.

I will be in NADA next month, bank financing has not been too hard without. That is where I position my build quality and parts purchased. I like where we are. Slow Growth is key. New console plug is almost done. Myself and two other guys rig the boat, Issac and Raul do my interiors and Extreme gets paid to build a trailer. Mercury puts power in I am set up with Suzuki for outboards if you do not want a Verado. Joined Jan 8, Messages 5, Reaction score 3, I can give you an opinion on the itself.

I have one of the last ones John West built. Rear seats also have headrests for added comfort. And speaking of seats, the Tidal Wake has them in unusual places � two facing seats hidden under the control console and glove box in the wide walk-through transom.

While the ladies are reclining and soaking up the rays, gents can strap on their stick and slice up some water. Or vice versa. With no factory ballast, our testers used three fat sacks, which produced intermediate-sized wakes with smooth peaks.

The landing zone was pretty good. For the most fun, though, pull your line in a little to handle the wider wake. Make Suncruiser. Model Tahiti It has a v8 engine. Seats up to 8 people. Comes with trailer. Tags are up to date. It runs great but I don't have time to go to the river any more. Make me an offer This ad was posted with the eBay Classifieds mobile app. This is an all new 19 foot boat with a HP Chevrolet marine engine with roller cam.

It has new upholstery repainted trailer LED lights fiberglass exterior ski step swim step wiring and place diverter. This is a great family boat. Financing and Nationwide Shipping may be available to qualified buyer. Just checked and serviced. Perfect boat for the river and ready to go. Belleair, FL. Barnstable, MA. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sylvester, GA. Miami, FL. Edgewater, FL. Austin, TX. Alert Successfully Created.

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