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With 2 Compartments Multi purpose 2 compartment steamboat Teflon inner pot coating Transparent glass top Durable, multi usage and practical Easy to clean and operate Voltage V~50/60Hz Power W Packaging Dimension 34x34xCM Safety Mark Please note: the two compartments need to have similar soup levels to even out the osmotic pressure from both sides, natural phenomenon for the water to seep to the other side, if the pressures are uneven, this will prevent soup bases from mixing into each other; Input voltage Volt / 60 Hz; Power constumption Watts. Powerpac[Powerpac]PPMC/L Steamboat /Yuen Yeung steamboat /2 Compartments W. Visit Powerpac Brand Shop US$ Price Open to resellers only. Retail Price US$ Q-Price US$ Reward Cashback Up To US$ Details Instalment. 0% Interest Instalment Plan - Delivers From Singapore Delivers From Singapore Delivers To.

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