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Oct 27, �� 63 Macalister Road (slightly opposite UMNO building) George Town Penang, Malaysia Tel: + (call after 5 pm for reservation) Recommendation: /5 (value for money) Location courtesy by Google Map (click to view map & zoom in): Town Steamboat Restaurant Special notice: Any access food taken and not consumed will be charged RM/g. Think before take. McAlister Road (opposite Menara UMNO) 63, Lorong Macalister, Penang, Malaysia Lorong Macalister, Georgetown, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Business Hour. Steamboot opens at 6pm daily. Dim Sum ampm (Monday-Friday) ampm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday) Contact Info. Food. Nov 11, �� ???? Town Steamboat Restaurant. McAlister Road, Penang. One of the famous spot for those penang-kia having gathering Steamboat Buffet Macalister Road Penang 01 or birthday party bash. Price. (Sat/Sun/PH/PH'eve) Adult: RM Child: RM/RM (Mon - Fri) Adult: RM Child: RM /RM Begin with steamboat ingredients.

Things to expect Spicy sensation paired with savoury moreish taste that makes you have your next visit already planned while eating. English The food and service was reasonable but the attitude of the lady cashier was extremely rude!! The environment could be extremely smoky steambpat a bath is probably required. Everything here is almost self-service, from grabbing the many available raw ingredients to getting drinks and plates.

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