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Speed of the boat in still water = 11 km/hr. Speed of the boat downstream = (11 + x) km/hr. Speed of the boat upstream = (11 - x) km/hr. According to the given information, - x2 = x2 = x = 5. Rejecting negative value, as speed cannot be negative. Jan 02, �� the speed Trawler Fishing Boat For Sale In The Philippines China of the boat in still water is s = 11 mph Then the speed of the boat upstream is su = (11 ?x) mph and the speed of the boat downstream is sd = (11 +x) mph. Time taken by the boat du = 6 miles upstream is tu = 6 11 ? x. the speed of boat in still water is 10 kilometre per hour if it can travel 26 km downstream and 14 km upstream at the same time the speed of stream -

Avail Offer. B 15 hrs. E None of. Concept Videos. All Questions Ask Doubt. It can go 12 km upstream and return downstream to the original point in 2hrs 45 min. Choose Subjects.

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