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Write a program to find the speed of boat upstream and downstream. Approach : The direction along the stream is called downstream and the direction opposite the stream is called upstream. So in case of downstream the speeds will be added, while in case of upstream the speeds will be subtracted.

The speed of boat downstream is equal to the sum of the speed of the boat in still water and speed of boat and stream formula python of the stream. The speed of boat upstream is equal to the difference of the speed of the boat in still water and speed of the stream.

Python3 Python3 program to find upstream and downstream speeds of a boat. Skip to content. Related Articles. Last Updated : 20 Mar, Python3 program to find upstream. Speed of the boat in still water B. This code is contributed by Anant Agarwal.

Recommended Articles. Find the speed of the stream from the speed of the man given in both upstream and downstream. Article Speed of boat and stream formula python By :. Easy Normal Medium Boat And Stream Formula Bankersadda Song Hard Expert. Most popular in School Programming.

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Any wayofficers settled. How To Set up An Aluminum Kayaking is the glorious outside wake up which can be desired by anybody with merely the boat as well as the paddle; it will additionally be desired in any continue situation. it is the lot nicer to not need to deflect off an unfortunate partner who feels uncared .

Jun 12, �� Downstream = (u+v)Km/hr, where �u� is the speed of the boat in still water and �v� is the speed of the stream Speed of Boat in Still Water = ? (Downstream Speed + Upstream Speed) Speed of Stream = ? (Downstream Speed � Upstream Speed) Average Speed of Boat = { (Upstream Speed ? Downstream Speed) / Boat�s Speed in Stii Water}Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Derivation of formula 6 (boats and streams) Let the speed of a man in still water = $x$ km/hr speed of the stream = $y$ km/hr. Let distance be $d$ km Let time taken to travel downstream = $t_1$ Let time taken to travel upstream = $(t_1+t)$ Speed downstream $=(x+y)$ Speed upstream $=(x-y)$ $d=(x+y)t_1 \cdots(1)$ $d=(x-y)(t_1+t)\\. Dec 17, �� Its speed is 30 ? 2 = 15km/hr. Formula used: Find speed of man from speed of stream and ratio of time with up and down streams. 25, Jan Speed of boat in still water from speed of stream and times taken. 11, Dec Program to find the Speed of train as per speed .

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