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Small Wooden Sketch Pad 8.0,Ppt For Class 10 Maths Ch 2 North,Fishing Pontoon Boat Layouts Up,Center Console Aluminum Boat Used By - How to DIY

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Ready for your wood craft project! What Customers say. The correction caps, pull-down resistors R1 and R2 , and the filter cap C1 are mounted on a small piece of printed circuit board that is placed in this box.

Wiring For the electronics work on this project you will need a small pencil soldering iron of 25 to 40 watts and fine resin-core solder. The necessary hand tools are long-nose pliers, diagonal cutters, and wire strippers.

The cable from the pots to the pushbutton box must be very flexible and have at least three conductors. The cable should be about 30" in length--long enough to loop to the top of the upright and then run to the pushbutton box. Figure 4 shows the pot terminals to which you will solder the wires.

The run from the pushbutton box to the plug requires six conductors. Two lengths of telephone cable will work nicely. Ribbon cable can also be used for this run if that is what you have on hand. The length of this cable will depend on how far away from the computer you want to place the sketch pad for general use. The plug is a standard pin DIP header.

You can mount resistors R1 and R2 on it if you like. Be very careful to identify pin 1 by its marked corner. The cable usually enters the header from the pin 8 end. The best way to check your wiring is to make two photocopies of Figure 5.

On the first copy, color in each wire, component, and solder joint as you progress. Color in the second copy as a final check when you go over your work.

This is standard practice in electronics. Testing and Alignment If you have a multimeter, check the resistance from pin 1 to ground pin 8. It should be at least 50 ohms normally, it will Small Round Wooden Kitchen Table Uk be much higher even when you press the buttons and turn the pots.

Shut down your computer, plug in the sketch pad, and turn the computer on again. If your computer, plug in Small Wooden Sailboat Plans the sketch pad, and turn the computer on again. If your computer does not start up in the normal way, turn it off at once and recheck your work.

If you have the paddle checkout program from the February article, run it. If not, you can use the linearity test program Listing 1 to provide readings while you adjust the pots. To adjust the pots, tape a blank piece of paper on the board and mark the spot in the center where the pencil is exactly straight up and down. With a program that shows the pot readings running, and with the clamping bolts loose, turn the pot shafts within the clamps until both readings are when the pencil is on the mark.

Now tighten all three clamping bolts. Move the pencil around the paper and make marks at the 0 and points in each direction. The reading in the top lefthand corner should be 0,0 just as the top lefthand corner of the hi-res graphics screen is 0,0. Try moving the upright up and down to change scale. Mark the 0 and limits for different upright heights to learn the range of sizes available for drawings. You should be able to adjust from about 6" X 8" down to 3" X 4". If 0 and fall off the baseboard, Vintage Wooden Sketch Pad 100 you will need the correction caps as discussed earlier.

Linearity Test The program in Listing 1 provides a test of the linearity of your pots and the accuracy of the sketch pad as a whole. To make this test you will need paper, compass, and straight edge. Tape the paper to the board and run Listing 1. As shown in Figure 6, draw a line front to back down the center of the paper.

Mark the points on this line where Y, as shown on the screen, just becomes 0 and where it reaches Using the compass, bisect this line the required arcs are shown in Figure 6. Draw the bisecting line completely across the paper. Bisect each half of the first line with short cross marks.

Mark the points on this line 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, as shown in Figure 6. Mark the 0 and points on the X axis line and bisect the line between the points. The central point 2 may or may not fall exactly on the Y axis.

Bisect each half of the Y line and mark points 0 to 4. Now for the linearity test. Carefully place the pencil on point 0 and press the 0 button, then do the same for points 1, 2, 3, and 4 in turn.

Move to points 5 through 9 and on each press pushbutton 1. The screen will now show the correct reading for each point, the value actually read, the error, and the error as a percentage of full scale.

The lowest repeatable score could have as low as 0. Run the test several times to see how good you are at hitting the same points.

Pots with large error values will draw distorted pictures, but the distortions may lead to interesting effects. After testing the unit as described, you may want to cover the exposed wires on the pots and the DIP header with several coats of fingernail polish or with silicone sealer. Gluing cotton felt to the bottom of the pushbutton box will keep it from scratching the desktop.

Be sure to mark pushbuttons 0 and 1 clearly. The Drawing Program Now that the device and perhaps its builder have been thoroughly tested, we can begin to draw with the sketch pad. Listing 2 is a fairly detailed sketching program. It lets you draw pictures in three different modes, save your work on disk, and retrieve it. The program is menu-driven and includes three pages of instructions. First tape a clean piece of paper onto the board.

To run the program, select item 1 on the menu to clear the hi-res screen. Next enter item 4, Drawing Continuous Points, and read the instructions.

As you move the pencil, dots will appear on the screen. Again, press 1 to clear the screen; now select item 5, Drawing by Continuous Lines. The rules are similar to those for selection 4, but we think the resulting drawings look better. You might trace a plastic circle template to see how distorted the circles are on the hi-res screen. Tracing the same shape several times will give you some idea of how accurately you can copy drawings. The third drawing mode is 6 on the menu, Drawing by Reference Point Lines.

Both pushbuttons are used here. Pushbutton 0 does just what it did before. Pushbutton 1 has a new function: it fixes the stylus location as a reference point, which will be shown as a small blinking cursor on the screen. To draw in this mode, think of your picture as a series of straight lines.

Move the stylus to one end of a line and press button 1. Find the other end of the line and press 1 again. A line will appear on the screen between the reference points. This drawing mode is least affected by the nonlinearity of the pots. You can use all three modes in one picture: draw straight lines with the reference point mode, draw curves with the continuous line mode, and fill in areas with the continuous points mode.

You can shift between modes without erasing the screen. Main menu selections 2 and 3 place and retrieve the entire hi-res screen on the disk this requires 34 disk sectors.

Practice saving and retrieving a simple practice sketch before spending too much time on drawing. You don't want to risk losing a masterpiece by making a simple mistake.

The Digitizing Program Listing 3, the digitizing program, assumes that you have a stack of up to 41 graphs or charts, each with up to 15 data points, and that you need to transfer this information into the computer. You must first name the disk file. If you want to add to an existing file, answer that the file is not new--the program will get the file off the disk.

Adjust the height of the sketch pad upright so that the stylus will just cover the entire area where points are found on any of the graphs. If all your graphs are the same size, make a reference corner by taping strips of cardboard to the sketch pad base.

This will make it easy to place each graph in the same location. These readings will be needed in the next step. Press pushbutton 0 to continue. Do the same for the Y axis. Now you are ready to transcribe data. Place sheet 0 on the baseboard, move the stylus to the first point, and press pushbutton 0. The screen will show the X reading, the Y reading, the X axis value in the X units of the graph, and the Y axis value in the Y units. Continue moving the stylus and pressing pushbutton 0 to enter up to 15 data points.

Pressing pushbutton 1 at any time will bring up a question asking if a new sheet is desired. A yes answer brings up a new sheet, a no answer sends you to the disk storage routine. This digitizing program is an example to get you started. You will probably want to add correction features and rstructure the data files to suit your data reduction programs. The number of sheets and points is limited by the size of your computer memory.

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