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PocketShip Manual Only view contents. Timber Package Milled view contents. Sailing Hardware Package view contents. Premium Mainsail and Jib - Tanbark small traditional sailing boats kit contents.

Premium Mainsail and Jib - Cream view contents. Mainsail and Jib - White Dacron view contents. Hull Hardware Package view contents. Cruising Spinnaker view small traditional sailing boats kit. Running Rigging Package view contents. More than 60 are sailing or under construction on six continents.

Designer John C. Harris has designed, built, owned, and cruised aboard a variety of smallcraft. His first camp-cruiser as a teenager was an 11'6" rowing boat with a tent, in which he explored the upper Chesapeake, sleeping aboard.

Twenty years later, he wanted a fast-sailing pocket cruiser with a dry and commodious interior. It had to be quick and easy to build or the project would never get finished, so stitch-and-glue plywood construction was a given from the start.

The cockpit was laid out for daysailing comfort and is large enough for sleeping on warm nights. Interior arrangements are ample, we think bigger and more comfortable than anything else this size, without compromising Pocketship's looks and performance.

Two adults may sleep below or wait out a rain shower, and a portable head stows beneath the cockpit, sliding forward into the cuddy for use. The small traditional sailing boats kit area of the cabin is identical to an average four-man tent, but drier, more private, and more secure. Geoff Kerr of Two Daughters Boatworks built the first hull.

He started in mid-January and clocked about hours before delivering a finished hull and spars, ready for hardware. The typical amateur builder might require about 30 weekends and occasional evenings to see this one. Plans comprise 11 pages of architectural drawings, plus full-sized patterns for nearly every part in the boat.

Plans and manual are in both metric and standard measurements. The manual is pages, spiral-bound, and lavished with nearly images and drawings showing construction step-by-step. No other manual like it exists for a build-it-yourself pocket cruiser design. We recommend purchasing the manual in advance of the kit; in addition to walking you through construction, the manual will answer questions about tools, materials, and your building space needs.

The PocketShip kit comprises a number of separate packages. Some builders buy only one or two of the packages, using the guidance in the instruction manual to shop locally. A few builders buy all of. Obviously you can pick up the packages at intervals during constructionyou need only Small Wooden Sailing Boats 404 the base kit or plans to get started. You can watch Part 1 of a video about the design concept and hull construction by scrolling.

Part 2 shows completion and sailing footage. The video here covers launching, rigging, and sailing. PocketShip is stiff and fast and tacks through 90 degrees. The helm is light and the boat will spin nearly in its own length in both light and heavy air and with a variety of sail combinations. We are thrilled with performance and handlingall expectations have been exceeded.

The boat's speed under sail startles larger and more pretentious boats. You'll need to enlarge the pop-up Gallery window or scroll down to read the captions that accompany each image. Click the "Main Gallery" link to see photos of PocketShip small traditional sailing boats kit sail in a variety of wind and sea conditions. Many ask about auxiliary power for PocketShip. While the boat's sailing qualities are sufficient to undertake long expeditions in challenging waters without power, many sailing examples have small outboards mounted on a stern bracket for negotiating marinas, channels, or flat small traditional sailing boats kit. We've seen up to five horsepower, but two horsepower is ample even for rough conditions.

The excellent Honda four-stroke 2hp is light enough not to diminish sailing qualities. Aftermarket outboard brackets are plug-and-play without modification to the transom. John Harris built this simple outboard bracket for PocketShip 1 and it has worked admirably. T his is one dandy looking little boat. Perry, Sailing Magazine June Builders are sharing photos and experiences at the small traditional sailing boats kit PocketShip bulletin board, PocketShip.

Receive our Boatbuilder Updates for much more! Boatbuilding Supplies. Development Projects. Strip-Planked Kayaks. Camper Hardware. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Two New Boats for ! Shop clcboats. PocketShip by Jon L. PocketShip: Part I. Window Size Requirements: If you are building the PocketShip indoors, make sure you've got this much room to get it out when you're done measurements in inches :.

Rhode Runner Runabout. Surfing Tandem. Grain Surfboards. TEL � PocketShip Kit view contents. As seen in WoodenBoat PocketShip Tee. Roller Frame 4". Sliding T-Bevel. Sanding Block. Small traditional sailing boats kit Saw Rasp. Deck Plates. PocketShip Hull Hardware Package. PocketShip Running Rigging Package. PocketShip Sailing Hardware Package. PocketShip Timber Package. Trailex PocketShip Trailer. LED Interior Light.

Interior Fans fan for cabin. PocketShip Sail Covers. Bronze Round Padeye. Bronze Fairlead. Fiberglass Small traditional sailing boats kit - 6oz.

A selection of pre-owned NorseBoats are available through our professionalweb brokerage service. The Venture's designed to be both a good performer under sail, but also stable, making it a good boat for those learning the sport. It joins a line that includes the WR16 and WR17 trimarans. Swiss army knife craftsmanship, performance, versatility. Read More about Our Philosophy.


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