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43 of the best bluewater sailing yacht designs of all time - Yachting World rows�� World Sailing Classes. Historically known as the IYRU (International Yacht Racing Union), . MacNaughton Yacht Designs is a yacht design firm with a worldwide clientele. We produce custom and stock designs primarily for the serious cruising person and small commercial operator. We also offer a number of marine publications, marine art, a catalog for the liveaboard yachtsman, and a yacht design . List of Latest Site Updates. 11/03/21 - A New design - the Clyde 18 'V' bottomed motor boat with cabin and wheelhouse added plus photos of the YW Senior hull and the Taw 12 motorboat.; 07/02/21 - A New Design - the Rhum Camping Dinghy is now available.; 01/01/21 - A New Design - the 24' Oarsome Coastal Rowing Skiff added plus photos added for the Hartford 18' Rowing Skiff and the 20' Calm.
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Please also note that the Construction Manuals are also available in PDF format and can be emailed to you. The other manuals will also be available in PDF format shortly. A total of 4 complete Early Designs and 22 Proposal Drawings have been added so far.

Paul Fisher BSc. Russell Marine - formerly Jas. And for those wanting to read more about how he started off on a boating career, there is now Paul's first semi-autobiographical novel 'A Slight Mist on the Horizon' Apart from the words, the novel also has 28 colour cartoons to illustrate the events drawn by Paul.

C lick on the images to the right. A new book "Desperate Doorways" - often, we pass a doorway and ask ourselves, "I wonder who lives there - or who has, in the past, lived there?

A deeper draft also helps keep the boat stable in rough seas. Plus, a smaller cockpit drains faster when a wave washes in. We chose a Tayana 37 for our small cruising sailboat, which features a fairly deep full keel, a super thick fiberglass hull, a moderately heavy displacement, two good sea berths and a small, sea-going cockpit.

From diesel mechanics, to predicting the weather, to heaving-to a boat in a storm, sign up to see which five essential books will never leave our sailboat's shelf. Enter your info to download the PDF! There are a lot of great little cruising sailboats for sale that are capable of offshore cruising. Here are five of the best ones out there. This foot small bluewater sailboat has an excellent reputation as one of the best bluewater boats.

Sailor Matt Rutherford was the first to circumnavigate the Americas solo on one of these little beauties. The modest cockpit is small enough to drain fast but big enough for two people to sit comfortably on long passages.

The compact interior in this small cruising sailboat helps the crew stay put in rough seas, but offers decent headroom. Thanks to her substantial displacement, the Baba 30 is a sea-kindly boat and is fairly stiff. Like many Perry cutters, her best point of sail is on a reach. She grants more space down below than most 30 foot small bluewater sailboats offer. The charm and sturdiness of this little cruiser have to be her strong points. Not many small steel bluewater sailboats boats were built, but the Van De Stadt is definitely one of the most seaworthy ones.

The first Legend 34s were built in in the UK, featuring a fin keel with a skeg rudder. This small bluewater sailboat goes very well into the wind, with a gentle motion even in steep seas.

The steering is operated through a tiller, which, together with her classic lines, gives her an extra salty look. This proven Swedish circumnavigator has become one of the most successful production boats since she was designed by Olle Enderlein in the late 60s. The full keel, center cockpit and solid windscreen make her one of the best small bluewater sailboats.

The Rasmus 35 comes with both a sloop and ketch rig options. Although her hull is narrow and makes her a little rolly, she has a solid construction and is generally sea-kindly, if a little slow. This is one of the few older small cruising sailboats that features separate cabins � an aft cabin with a double berth and a main cabin with a galley, saloon, heads and v-berth.

The Tayana 37 was designed by Bob Perry in the late 70s and has since become one of the most successful semi-custom cruising boats. The traditional canoe stern, bowsprit, and teak galore both on deck and down below make her a beautiful small cruising sailboat.

She is one of the most sea-kindly monohulls out there with a full keel, a 3. Most Tayanas are cutters, but a few ketches were built too. The biggest reason to go for small bluewater sailboats is obvious: budget. The interior is very open, yet will accommodate two owners, eight guests or family members, and four crew.

This design has been inspired by the fast Privateer sailing vessels of yore. As such, the Tern Schooner is designed to perform well under sail. Twin engines provide top performance under power.

Structure is according to Germanischer Lloyds throughout. A luxury private yacht that can also be used for charters. Designed to the German Lloyd's rule for wooden ships for maximum structural integrity and long life. The objective with this design has been to contain the same guest suite layout as our larger 36 to 38 meter sailing Pinisi types within a smaller overall hull size, for the sake of economy, but without compromising the guest cabins or the degree of luxury they offer.

A secondary objective has been to introduce a different design to the Indonesian charter game having much less windage for the sake of enhanced sailing performance. This smaller 30m 98 foot version is intended for private use and occasional chartering throughout Indonesia. Designed to the structural standards of the Germanischer Lloyds, this vessel will offer superior security, luxury and comfort.

Literally translated, this means "boat-sail-machine. For more information about this design or our other traditional wooden vessels, please inquire. Zebulun 96 - Zebulun is a modern sailing yacht in all respects. Intended for fast all-ocean sailing. All aluminum construction; twin fin keels with ballast bulbs; twin rudders; three masts; fully battened sails; etc. The ultimate charter vessel, having nine private staterooms, for a capacity of 18 to 20 all together. Equally capable as a motor sailor or pure sailing vessel.

Very impressive! Please see the Plans List Page for a summary of Plan prices. Asgard 66 - A Viking Ship..? Having been inspired by those craft, the Asgard is so named. Reminiscent of Herreshoff's 55' voyager Marco Polo, the Asgard provides a slightly different take.

Easy living accommodations for two couples, excellent performance under sail, modest draft for shoal water cruising, and a hull form that provides ultimate survival for extreme conditions. Sulawesi Privateer 66 - A 20 meter brigantine schooner intended for charters, or for a couple and four guests, plus a crew of four.

Inspired by our 61' Brigantine Mermaid. Designed for construction on the beach in Indonesia with tropical hardwood, its cost would not be much. With structure designed according to the German Lloyd's scantling rule and stability according to MCA standards, the Sulawesi Privateer offers a capable and long-lasting habitat for local charters, living aboard, and for world cruising. Preliminary design information available; please inquire.

Mermaid 61 - A classic Brigantine styled after the 's privateers. Planned for commercial use, there is a flexible-use space just forward of amidships that can be used as a 5 ton cargo hold, or a large workshop, as a twin cabin for charters, or as a general use cabin or dining hall for day charters or boutique cuisine evening cruises. Mermaid combines modern materials and a modern hull form with a traditional Brigantine styling that is true to its heritage even down to the carvings.

For example, all aluminum or all steel hull construction with all aluminum spars and modern rigging materials. Please see our Plans List Page for a summary of Plan prices. For more information, please inquire. Swallowtail 60 - A motor sailing yacht designed to carry two in comfort to the far corners of the globe.

Fully capable as a motor yacht, as well as a sailing vessel. Flores Privateer 56 - A 17 meter brigantine schooner designed as a private yacht for construction in Indonesia with tropical hardwoods.

Accommodations for two owners, two informal guests, and four crew. Shiraz 56 - A a fast aluminum sailing yacht with classic styling in the Herreshoff tradition. Fully detailed for construction in aluminum complete with NC cutting files.

Conceived as a motor sailor , with the emphasis on sailing performance. Two separate staterooms, large saloon and galley, even a bath tub! From the shelter of the 'midship cockpit one can watch other vessels fall astern as though they were tied to a coral head Aluminum spars; ketch rig. If re-designed, wood or fiberglass are also possible with substantial revisions to the plans. Sarah 50 - A modern fast sailing aluminum cutter in the tradition of our 96' Schooner Zebulun. Fully battened sails, swim step, sleek rounded hull form, and a spacious layout for a couple and their guests.

Lucille 50 - This vessel is in my view a proper motor sailor! Lucille has a true pilot house, a real walk-in engine room, and private cabins for four. There are two versions, one having the wheel house aft, the other with the house amidships.

Lucille has a rounded hull and very clean lines suited to steel or aluminum.

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