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Small Rowboat Kits 3d Model,Motor Cruiser For Sale Ireland Limited,Build A Dinghy From Plywood Young - Plans On 2021

Rowboat 3D Models | CGTrader Any enquiries should be addressed to: Attention: Albury RC Models & Hobbies Email: via contact form (on this page) Phone: (61 2) Postal: Shop 3/ Urana Road Lavington, NSW INTRODUCTION. Albury RC Models & Hobbies is committed to protecting your privacy and implementing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. Get ready for family fun with Puzzle Shoppe�s amazing selection of puzzles and games! From quick jigsaw puzzles with only a couple hundred pieces to puzzles with higher piece counts that offer more of a challenge (including the world�s largest jigsaw puzzle with over 40, pieces), there�s endless fun to be found! Younger puzzlers or those with limited dexterity find easy-handling. Anyone's Rowboat - Easy foot rowboat Blue Bill Kayak/Canoe - 13 foot kayak and canoe combo Can't Sink Dinghy - Just try to sink this great little foot dinghy.
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Pricier and Heavier Pelts and Hides Pelts and hides weigh more and are worth more Realistic Weapon Weights Reweight of all the weapons to historically accurate weights Rolinors Realistically Weighted Weapons Makes the weight of weapons in the game closer to a realistic weight.

Multilingual older mod Lightweight Potions and Poisons Lowers the weight of crafted potions and poisons from 0. Also reweights DawnGuard potions if installed.

Scale Tipper [ SKSE ] Dynamically reweights all potions, poisons and scrolls in the game to a player-configurable weight every time the game loads to avoid conflicts with other mods i. Cast a spell on an item in front of you or use a Power to open a menu of items. Source code provided. Click here for SkyRe guide. Click here for a list of recommended mods to go with SkyRe.

Compatibility Patches. Large-scale perk and gameplay overhaul by T3nd0, creator of Skyrim Redone. Hundreds of new perks, spells and pieces of gear with advanced mechanics.

No Health Regen and slower Magicka Regen. No fasttravel. Less UI sounds. Armor protects more. Smarter enemy AI. Harder lockpicking and sneaking. Lower CarryWeight. Cutthroat merchants. Increased falling dmg. New weapons, foods, recipes Revised perk tree, spells, enchanting, shouts, standing stones, shrines, and much much more! An alternative to SkyRe. ACE - Combat Skills A modular overhaul - Changes combat mechanics, archery makes long bows and light bows different , armor makes heavy and light armor different , enchanting, magic, melee perks makes 1H and 2H different , smithing and speech.

Also includes a utitlity BYOG to adjust dozens of gameplay attributes in-game usable with any game. DawnGuard patch available Skyrim Unleashed Enemies are still leveled but much more difficult. To compensate, enemies don't attack on sight. Eating meat gives bonus to weapon dmg, Sweets give bonus to Magicka regen rate.

Much more. Designed to work with several other popular mods. Must find logically placed. Removes higher lvl objects from levelled loot lists. Adds them back in as static objects hidden in logical places Dwemer items in dwemer ruins, Orcish items carried by orcs etc. Click here or here or here for optional download Tall Ships Wooden Model Kits source by author. Also consider Unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul The secret of steel Changes the leveled item list so there are no longer fantasy Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, etc weapons and armor in the game.

Only iron, steel, plate, scaled weapons and armor and hide and leather of course. Removes enchanted and unenchanted weapons and armor. Battles can be lost and affects game. Improves soldier AI and diversity. Displays modded values from other installed mods and lets you edit them further.

Adds hotkey casting spell does not have to be equipped to cast. Dynamic Potions - Poisons - Ingredients - Food Use the MCM menu to view and modify numerous game properties for food, potions, ingredients and poisons - strength, duration, prices, weight, apply effects over time, etc.

All DLC's supported but not required. Treebalance - Speech Tree Lets you try yielding to an opponent if losing in exchange for a little gold. Adds the option of sparing an opponent's life in exchange for gold. Project Ultimatum - Gameplay and Roleplay Enhancement [ SKSE ] Adds or improves up to 12 gameplay features configurable - Look at the sun to get the time, tackle enemies, sitting gives a rest bonus, usable grain mills, animated praying and more.

Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life [ SKSE ] Adds a framework for defeat scenarios dozens of possible outcomes - from the player's gear being stolen by bandits to being rescued by a dashing adventurer. Continue playing even after you are defeated and live with the consequences. Extremely configurable and expansible.

Dying again too soon turns you into a ghost for 5 minutes or 2 game hrs. Can recover loot from dead body. Don't read in dungeon. Prompted to learn skill when closing the book. It also adds the name of the skill being leveled to the name of the book i.

Small skill increase from reading a 2nd time. Note: Different copies of the same book will increase skill Plastic Model Boat Kits Examples again RTR - Real Time Reading hrs random will pass when reading a book with added animation. Alternatives: Living Takes Time or Professions. Glowing Ore Veins Ore veins glow so theyre more detectable.

Click on ore wood and push "wait" to advance time. Receive x ore wood per hour variable by ore type. Prevents trapping, for example, a petty soul in a greater soul gem. Includes MCM configuration options.

Archery increases more the further back you are from the target. Dragon Soul Relinquishment Lets you exchange dragon souls at High Hrothgar for faster shout recovery, stronger shout powers, perk points, increased unarmed dmg or increased carry weight. DragonFire - Tactically Enhanced Breath Shouts Changes the effects, damage, and visuals for the Fire and Frost Breath shouts to more closely resemble dragon's breath i.

Each attribute affects gameplay appropriately. Perks Unbound - Dawnguard Supported Removes all perk prerequisites. Skip right to the perk you want. Skill level requirements unchanged. Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets Allows player to wear multiple rings and amulets at the same time. Allows player and NPCs to visibly wear a ring on each hand in 3rd person view. Use this mod to make them also visible in 1st person view. Try Left Hand Rings Modified for a modified version that uses a different body slot number.

TwoRings Lets you wear up to two rings. Only one ring is displayed on character but enchantments from both rings will work. Treasure is not leveled. High Level Enemies After level 10, begins adding higher-level versions of existing creatures to keep game challenging. Optional file raises average level of encounters to be closer to player's level. Trade and Barter [ SKSE ] Adds many user-adjustable factors to bartering such as status, race, location, knowledge, etiquette, etc.

Compatible SkyRe. Trade Routes [ SKSE ] The successor to Economics of Skyrim - dynamically adjusts the gold value and merchant supply of trade goods to create profitable trade routes. Scarcity Makes loot 2x to 10x less likely to find inside containers, dead creatures, and dead NPCs. Merchants will have 2x to 10x less rare items. Compatible with all mods. Gold Adjustment Reduces excessive income by dynamically adjusting gold, gems, lockpicks and soul gems acquired from chests and gold from coin purses and quest rewards Configurable.

Reduced Gold Rewards for Quests can be used with this mod to reduce quest rewards and avoid the "Gold Removed" message. No DLC req'd. Compatible with everything. Enhanced version requires HF and DB DLC and adds extended stay option, safe-storage containers, pay for followers, adds bathtubs, loyal patron discounts, and more Can set a different price multiplier for each type Expensive Investments Increases the price of houses, furniture, horses and followers by 2.

Pay more gold when buying items. Choose from 4 versions. Reduced Gold Rewards for Quests Drastically reduces the amount of gold you receive from quests. Place objects in chest to be sold. Earn weekly revenue from your properties. Buy properties, titles, money, personal safe or chest, exchange gold for certificate, and more.

Adds unique, balanced and lore friendly spells that increase the depth and skill cap of playing a magic user while blending in with the existing magic system. Spells and scrolls are added to existing spell vendors and loot lists.

Numerous archetypes. Spells improve with use. Click video link for brief summary or click here for an indepth video review. Spell Crafting for Skyrim [ SKSE ] Create, save and name your own custom spells by combining up to 5 different magic effects over 40 to choose from.

Vary the duration, target type, amt of damage, level of targets affected, etc. Tomes - Immersive Spell Learning Prevents learning new spells until gaining the appropriate perk for that school of magic. Player stars with no spells. Autodidact Wizard A new approach to learning spells.

Learn primarily through practice and teachers. Works well but no longer supported. Works with DawnGuard but new DG spells aren't supported.

Better Magic Progression in mastery of any spell in a school of magic increases duration or magnitude of all spells in that school.

Better magic armor. Dual-casting costs less. Better spell finishers. Improved Master spells, more Magic skills don't decrease spell cost, they increase magnitude instead. Skyrim Improved Magic System Magic overhaul - more spells, skill perks overhaul, scroll version of all spells, integration with Vanilla spells. Mastered Magicka Spell power scales based on how many points you've invested in Magicka and what perks you have in Spell School skills.

Affects NPC wards, too. Simple Magic Rebalance [ DG ] [ DB ] Effects from potions and enchantments are swapped: enchanted gear increases spell power and potions reduce casting costs. Spell Eraser Adds a power that lets you remove spells from your character.

Made Candelight a Power so you don't have to equip it to cast. Longer Candlelight Spell Makes Candlelight spell last longer choose 2-minute, 5-minute or minute version Spell Lumen Creates a hovering light that lasts as long as the spell is cast i. Magic Duel Player customizable. Attack range based on 3D weapon model. Real physics weapons speeds.

Linear and rotation momentum increases dmg including horse combat. Locational damage. Realistic stamina burn from blocking and attacking based on physics. Timed blocking, feint attacks, evasive ducking and block attacks. Actors show pain. More immersive kill move events. Realistic bow sway, arrow knocking and string pull.

Combat Evolved Use with any other combat mod. Script free. Aims to increase difficulty by making NPCs smarter and more aggressive. Enemies will use their daily racial abilites, a greater variety of spells, dual wield, block more, dodge more, use more power attacks, etc.

They will use bash, wards, strikes and spells more often and more effectively. Works well with other combat mods. Makes characters react more realistically to impacts. Works with Deadly Combat. By default, uses sprint key while moving sideways or backwards.

Plays animation. Works with other combat mods. Each injury reduces specific skills depending on location of injury. Injuries can accumulate. Bandages reduce injury effects by half for 12 hrs treating an injury takes 15 minutes. Sleeping heals injuries. Craftable at tanning rack using leather strips.

First Aid Apply bandages after battle to heal. Add alcohol to bandage to cure disease. Adds penalties and restrictions as Player's Health gets lower.

Sweeping Weapons Makes it possible to hit multiple opponents with one-handed and two-handed weapons. Compatible with the 3 big combat mods. Kick Bash Adds several kick attacks. Handyman Lets you attack enemies with basic tools and household items e.

Player configurable Custom Difficulty Allows the game difficulty slider to modify dmg received e. Version 2. Compatible with Dance of Death and Violens. Disable slow motion for killmoves and forced killcam If you're playing in 3rd person, your killmove will be in real time 3rd person. If you're in 1st person, your killmove will be in real time 1st person. Does not affect slow motion Adds features such as decapitated spasms, blood drops when low health, blood pools, blood appears where hit.

A bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Last minutes. Can wash off with water. Archery Gameplay Overhaul Improves animations. Faster reloading, Adds enchanted arrows. Arrows cause bleeding. Improved bow shake. Arm fatigue. Impaled arrows don't disappear. Enhanced camera options and much more. Configurable through MCM. Makes long bows and Light bows very different: Long Bows : Heavy, high dmg, fire loudly and slowly, ignore armor.

Higher arrow speed with more range. Sneak penalty while equipped optional. Higher bonus for critical damage than long bows. Adds Regular vs Worn arrows. Craft 5 regular arrows from 10 Worn arrows. NPCs properly use their ammo stock. Many changes to Archery perks. Bonus if bow type matches arrow type optional. Penalty if bow type doesn't match arrow type optional. Choose from four levels of accuracy.

Works well with mods that increase arrow damage. Not needed if using Requiem. Nock to Tip Adds new fletching system for crafting arrows and a new restringing system to upgrade bows. Adds new crafting benches. Makes arrows penetrate further and spin in flight. Improves quivers. Adds new perks and more. Manual Crossbow Reload Allows player to control when crossbow is reloaded after firing instead of reloading automatically. TK Recoil Adds a recoil effect when shooting a bow, crossbow or staff spell.

Immersive Archery Causes bow to shake slightly configurable depending on skill level, power of bow, and stamina. The longer you hold, the more you will shake. Ultimate Spinning Arrows Makes arrows spin realistically in flight. Most obvious during kill cam. Arrows can break and be repaired. Configurable chance of breakage. Adds optional automatic arrow retrieval.

Compatible with all arrow mods. Also makes arrows longer to more closely match real-world length. Also recommend installing "Fixed Arrow Recovery", an optional plugin in the Downloads section - Fixes arrows so they can be grabbed correctly from objects See example Proper Length Arrows Improves the length of arrows to more closely match real-world length Private Selective Quivers Lets you use one quiver for all of your arrows.

Only affects player. Click here to set one quiver for player AND all NPCs Belt-Fastened Quivers Repositions quivers to a more backpack-friendly position on the belt behind the player and adds a new arrow-drawing animation. Vanilla Tweaks - Arrow pickup fix Fixes arrows so they can be grabbed correctly from objects instead of grabbing at empty space.

See example. Best used on Vanilla length arrows. Best used on longer arrows i. This is an optional plugin in the downloads section for Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows.

Proper Aiming Makes arrow properly hit where the crosshair is aiming when shooting in 3rd person view. Better archery Eagle Eye perk Modifies the "Eagle Eye" archery perk so that you have a more powerful zoom and it burns much less stamina. Torch Arrows Adds torch arrows. Targets will catch on fire and take extended burn damage. Elemental Arrows Adds lesser magic and greater magic arrows. All requires gem arrows as a base plus soul gems.

Can be found rare item or crafted but requires Alchemy skill level of 25 and the Arcane Blacksmith perk to craft. Loot and Degradation Adds a chance to find tempered 'Fine' to 'Legendary' or enchanted equipment in loot.

Causes weapon and armor quality to degrade with use requiring repair and maintenance. A weapons mod compilation adding over high-quality, lore-friendly weapons. Includes Weapons of the Third Era. Does not include JaySuS Swords.

Adds 51 highly detailed, lore-friendly, craftable weapons mostly steel. Heavy Armory - New Weapons Adds clubs, halberds, spears, glaives, shortswords and quarter staves. Used by bandits, guards, Draugr, Falmer and other npc??? Already included in SkyRE. Lost LongSwords Adds craftable, upgradeable and enchantable long swords with scabbard.

Added to loot lists and merchants. Cannot be crafted. Worn and Old varieties have been added to loot lists. New versions can be bought from vendors. This gives each weapon a unique feel. Works well with Morrowloot. Craftable, upgradable, enchantable and added to loot lists. Click here for comparison to Hypothermia Frostfall is a survival-style mod that adds Cold Weather Survival elements to the game.

Adds craftable camping equipment, backpacks, warm clothing and armor and more. Clothing can affect warmth optional. Choose from 3 realism level presets. Includes hand warming animation. Click here for Hypothermia 1. NPCs will equip fur hoods and gloves. NPCs will go home if there's a blizzard. Keep head down during snow or be periodically blinded. Wet: When wet, water will drip from body parts. When it's raining, NPCs will don rain hoods and go home. Rain temporarily blinds you when looking up.

No snow under the roof Realistically removes some snow from under porches, overhangs, etc. Works with Frostfall and Climates of Tamriel. Click here for video tutorial on how to install Real Shelter with Mod Organizer Wonders of Weather Adds rain splash effects, shooting stars and rainbows. Realistic Boat Bobbing Makes boats bob realistically in the water. Morning Fogs Adds a mysty fog over water from 4am - 7am at the docks of many towns.

Makes water look and behave more realistically - rivers flow in one direction, ocean waves flow towards coast, water drop ripples, some smaller boats bob in the water, realistic waterfalls, more Pure Waters Watch comparison video More realistic looking water with the lowest performance hit of the three water mods.

Waterfalls flow faster and water is louder where appropriate. Makes some boats, including long boats, bob in the water. Also consider Realistic Water Two - stream Fix.

Click here for installation walk-thru video. Click here for a comparison to Pure Waters. Fire and Ice Overhaul Fire magic makes objects catch on fire and the fire will spread to nearby flammable objects. Extinguish fires with frost spells. Use Frost spell to create walls of ice. Burn Freeze Shock Effects Applies realistic fire, ice and shock spell effects i. Dynamic Fires Adds ability to light fires with torch or fire spell and extinguish fires with the frost spell Note: Frostfall lets you light fires with a torch.

Also lets you craft saw horses and new work benches which will let you craft countless items including tents, barricades, furniture, clutter items, vanilla crafting stations, a new scriptorium to duplicate books and scrolls, light sources, and much much more. Requires Jaxonz Positioner to place and position the items you craft. Dynamic Things - Woodpiles and Barrels Payment required first. Fill empty bottles. Can chop down trees. MCM customizable.

Safe and compatible with any mod. Makes barrel lids and drawers move realistically when checking their contents plus improves mesh on many objects. Dead Body Collision Fix Makes dead bodies solid so you can collide with, stand on or stack any corpse including dragons, mammoths, etc. A Place to Sleep Adds or modifies sleepable surfaces at locations around the world Go to bed [ SKSE ] The current, recommended, safe-to-use Nexus mod that will show an animation of player going to sleep and waking up.

Does not attach scripts to beds. This mod has no issues with eyes remaining closed after waking up. Alcohol Drunk Effect Adds 3rd person drinking animation, animated stumble and visual blur effect when alcoholic drinks are consumed. Activating a fountain will give you three bottles of water. If in 3rd person, an animation will play. Click here for Dragonborn expansion Katixas Usable Barrels Makes almost all barrels around the world usable inns, dungeons, forts, etc.

Gives back an empty bottle when done drinking it Skooma Drug Effect Adds drugged effect see video. Works with Player Headtracking. Makes weapons less intrusive, especially for dual wielding. Skyrim Heart Rate Heart rate affects stamina regeneration.

Long term stamina affects speed. Resting serves a real purpose. Increases in combat skills will increase weight. Changes apply after sleeping well. Can track progress. Reach max weight around level 40 - Set growth rate in MCM. Compatible with Dual Sheath Redux. Shows both left and right-handed weapons as sheathed when dual-wielding. Compatible with Equipping Overhaul. Installation instruction video Greatsword sheaths and scabbards Adds scabbards for 2-handed Greatswords on your back instead of swords floating on your back Fully Animated Meals Potions Adds accurate eating and drinking animations for potions, meads, wines, ales, soups, cheeses, stews, sweetrolls, apples cooked beef, venison, chicken, pheasant, rabbit, horker and more.

Not compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases. Requires FNIS. Eating and Drinking animations looping-free Plays brief animation of drinking or eating bread. Better Breath Holding Lengthens the time your character can hold their breath underwater. Can ride a horse into the city. Familiar Faces Lets you import your previous characters into your current game and play with them as your followers.

Lets you save each character to a ''Shrine of Heroes'. Professions [ SKSE ] Makes game time pass player-configurable when crafting, cooking, enchanting, mining, woodchopping, etc. Works best with a basic needs mod. Note: it's beneficial to wear activity-appropriate clothing. Faction: Pit Fighter Bet on fights or compete in underground pit fights by joining a pit fighter faction. Also consider this add-on. Rebuild Helgen from the ground up, train guards to protect it, fight the Thalmor and much more.

Fully voiced actors. Become king through marriage or assassination. Adds NPC interactions with numerous features to appoint, recruit and command subjects while living in a castle.

Collect taxes, Generate attacks on castle. Adds 4 Knight followers, coat of arms, NPCs, jester, arena, sewers, baker, , armory, stable with 2 horses. Mange reputation, taxes, food management, prisons, new buildings, import and export, feasts and events, servants, companions and more.

Fast travel to various locations. Hire and pay a crew. Board and fight other ships. Sail to the Sea of Ghosts for adventure and treasure. Much more Heljarchen Farm [ HF ] Lets you buy, expand and operate a farm. Hire workers, grow crops and earn money selling the harvested crops.

Complete renovations to the farmhouse, farm and meadery yourself or hire builders to do the work for you. Windstad Mine [ HF ] Let's you become the owner of a profitable mining operation. Liberate a mine from bandits, expand it, build a fishery, hire workers, hire guards and more. Millwater Retreat Restore an old building into your home and customize it. Build a mill and operate your own milling business. No DLCs required. Katixas Ciderhouse Restaurant Manage a restaurant and make your own cider in a very detailed and realistic manner.

Adds flour to leveled lists. Katixas Beer Brewery Brewery sim - realistically brew beer at a new brewery. Each step of the processes is covered in great detail Plant Trees Enables you to plant seeds that slowly grow into mature trees. Grow your own money-making tree farm. Adds recipes to produce flour, fish oil, bone meal, powdered tusk, fire salts, frost salts, void salts, glow dust and ectoplasm. Whetstones - Immersive Super Nifty and Extremely Portable Sharpen your bladed weapons at your campsite using a portable whetstone.

Only improve the item half as much as a grindstone Includes animation. Traders of Skyrim ENG Makes trading as a career possible - adds 5 merchants selling unique commodities that sell for higher price at other locations. A 2nd mod allows you to buy 9 vanilla shops that generate a high regular income.

She also provides 'Calling Cards' to leave on the bodies of those you kill. Can customize. Bards Lute Activate lute to begin playing 1 of 4 random pieces from the vanilla game for 30 seconds.

Actions affect reputation of guild. Increase guild levels and earn perks. Compatible with all follower mods. Morskom Estate Lets you purchase a large but bare player home in disarray and then upgrade numerous aspects over time in a realistic and immersive way.

Extensive features. Shacks can be open shacks no load doors or sheltered load interiors. Sheltered shacks can be small, large, empty or full. Use menus to reposition, decorate, add stairs, basement, crafting stations and more.

Works well with Guild Starter. Build Your Own Home Allows you to build your own home choosing from a hunter, mage, thief and assassin theme. Many additions and building options. Hearthfire NOT required. Breezehome FullyUpgradable Adds realistic expansion to breezehome - starts out empty but can be upgraded piece by piece to include all crafting implements through The Jarl's Steward Proventus.

Craft furniture and decorate it how you want. Adjust item placement easily with your mouse. Buyable Paintings and Pictures - Place Anywhere Craft frames, buy paintings and then hang them in your home or anywhere you want Painting in Skyrim Lets you paint your own paintings in-game using an easel, brush, paints, etc. Hang paintings anywhere or sell them. Choose from over paintings or use your own images. Placeable Statics - Move Anything Move, rotate and place furniture and other items wherever you want from the creator of Buyable Paintings and Pictures.

Compatible with Decorator Assistant More Interactive Items - Grab Moveable Statics Enables grabbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, taking, buying and selling of 87 pre-exisiting moveable static forms including bowls, cups, plates, ewers, bones, logs, pottery, small stone blocks, knives, forks, urn fragments, etc.

Art of the Catch An immersion mod by Chesko author of Frostfall that lets you catch fish with a craftable fishing pole. Includes new animations and more. Use different bait to catch different fish. Chance to find lost relics. Adds a fishing pole vendor. Compatible with " Improved Fish " and Driveable Boats!!! Hunterborn [ SKSE ] Changes animal loot into a menu-driven system that lets you pick up, field dress, skin, harvest, and butcher. Skinning animals takes time. Patches available for Realistic Needs and Diseases and Frostfall.

Compatible with Real Wildlife. Use salt at tanning rack to treat hide increases value. Make into fine rugs for more profit. Tame a wild wolf by feeding it a venison chop. Bet gold to play.

Click dice to roll again. Supports followers. Leaves a permanent tombstone behind for posterity that you can read. Alternate playing as the mage, fighter or thief in your adventure party! Diseases get progressively worse. Food loot reduced. Food spoilage. Refill water in rivers boil or risk disease.

Running burns calories. Compatible with many recipe mods. Foods add buffs. Drink Eat Sleep Bathe User-adjustable rates and thresholds for hunger, thirst, tiredness and cleanliness. Hunger affects recovery rate of Health and Magicka. Thirst affects recovery rate of stamina and shout recovery. Being tired retards skill improvement, attack dmg and spell effectivness. Cleanliness affects speechcraft. Bathing in Skyrim Adds bathing and cleanliness to Skyrim.

Not bathing will eventually penalize Speechcraft and disease resistance. Adds 51 recipes. Food spoils at appropriate rates. An option allows for removal of some food in vicinity depending on its location.

Also lets you eat cooked foods in world without putting it in inventory first. You Hunger Reduces the amount of food available in game. Use kindling and firewood to build interactive campfires of different sizes cook, sit by, etc. Build interactive tents, tanning racks, etc.

Backpacks dynamically display your bed roll, torch, cooking pot, axe, and water skin. Pocket Campsite Lets you build an elaborate camp, fortress or even a town. Includes every conceivable camp item plus furnture. Build walls and more.

Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger Create flat terrain tiles. Exact placement options. Can enter tent and setup interior of tent including alchemy table and tanning rack. Can setup traps to catch food. Adds campfire interactions: read, meditate, warm hands, clean weapons, play a lute or flute. Portable Campsite Full and Lite version available Camping Lite A tent, a fire and a small sitting log that can be installed in a fast efficient way.

Bedroll will tilt, angle, etc. Great when a tent doesnt make sense Keep tent on horse and bedroll on person. Each trap type generates an appropriate degree of "sound". Traps Make Noise and Are Dangerous. Killing Traps Increase the dmg of all traps by 3. Diseased - diseases system overhaul Makes diseases progress realistically from mild to severe symptoms.

Progression or recovery depends on health, rest, medicine, potions and blessings. Alchemy skill and books help diagnose which disease.

Adds new medicine recipes that cure specific diseases. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases. Click here to add a craftable potion that can cure the incurable Droops Disease. Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer Provides improved descriptions of diseases, plus symptoms plus the mechanical game effects while afflicted.

Ex: Bone Break Fever is a mild common disease affecting the victim's strength and coordination. Symptoms include high body temperature and chronic weariness. As a result, your Stamina is reduced by 25 points while affected by the disease. Chicken Soup of Cure Disease Cure an illness by eating soup. Resting in bed is optional roleplay. Adds craftable chicken soup that cures all diseases. Sets a static timescale for all activities.

Fully configurable. Can also perform an AutoSave at regular intervals or after certain events. A weather and lighting overhaul - Adds over weather systems. Includes presets for dungeons, nights, interiors. Optional sounds. Consider also using Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch Pure Weather A weather and lighting overhaul - adds new weather, lighting, textures and audio.

ZERO performance loss. Fewer features and options than Climates of Tamriel but a good alternative. Real Clouds Adds realistic 3-D volumetric clouds. Reacts to weather.

Compatible with weather mods. Compatible with nearly all weather mods. Immersive Skyrim Thunder Adds better rain and thunder sound effects. Not compatible with Climates of Tamriel. Lightning during Thunder Storms Adds lightning strike effects during rain storms. If using with Climates of Tamriel recommended , also install this patch by the same author so lightning will strike appropriately with the weather.

Supreme Storms Makes rain storms and snow storms more intense does not affect normal rain and snow. Reduced distant view and wind buffs. Based on Skyrim Winter Overhaul no longer available with some improvements. Compatible with Frostfall, water mods, lighting mods, and many more. Does not use post-processing. Edits over 10, light sources to make light function more realistically.

Enhances interior and exterior lighting. Fixes shadow striping. Removes interior fog. Spells emit light. Much More. Compatible with Climates of Tamriel.

Lighting relies more on actual light sources. Adds candle smoke FX and more. Weather and lighting sources are dynamically generated. Volumetric fog. Use RCRN customizer to choose presets and customize. No external adjustments required. Makes windows transparent. Interior spaces will reflect outdoor lighting, weather and sound.

Claralux - More and Brighter Lights Watch comparison video Adds lighting around roads, bridges, villages, settlements, etc. Configurable in-game. Adds a craftable, wearable, Travel Lantern that can be hooked onto your belt or carried in your hand. Uses Oil. Also consider Wearable Lanterns - Lighting Fix.

Candles are lit automatically depending on the daytime or lit manually by the player. Configurable via MCM. True Torches Increases torch light radius from to Increases torch light shadow radius from to Choose a key when first loading the mod.

Light up the night - People Have Torches NPCs use torches Extinguishable And Re lightable Fires As a feature of the Sneak Tools mod, extinguish or light any Vanilla campfire, candle or wall-mounted torch using frost of fire spell or water and fire arrows.

Double Torch Radius Doubles the torch light radius without adjusting the intensity, color or duration. Brighter Torches with Bigger Radius Increases radius of torch light and makes torch light brighter. Optional version casts dynamic shadows. Duration options: 4 min, 10 min or forever. Light radius options: Default, 2x or 4x. Brightness options: Default, 1. Torches for Skyrim NPCs use them more, more common in loot, higher light radius Lanterns and Candles Adds place-able lanterns and candles that can be crafted at a forge.

Usable Lantern Adds a lantern you can use to light up areas. Often used in conjunction with with Better Wieldable Lantern. Better Wieldable Lantern Adds craftable lanterns. Often used in conjunction with Usable Lantern. Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed Adjusts the speeds of the player, NPCs and horses optional to give a more realistic feel much faster walk speed, slightly slower run speeds while maintaining a good game flow.

Matches speed of NPCs to the player. Watch video! Also matches the speeds of NPCs to the player. Recommended if using a mod that changes vanilla walk speed.

Try Immersive Horses as an alternative. Horse commands [ SKSE ] Adds saddlebags, horse encumbrance adjustable , commands, improved horse AI stay or follow intelligently , lets followers ride and more.

Aeonbarr - Unique Horse Adds a highly customizable horse - Choose attributes, appearance, armor type, etc. Compatible with Convenient Horses.

Like a Boss - New Mounts Mod Adds 8 new unique mounts that you can ride like a horse - a wolf, a moose, a polar bear, a mammoth, a dragon does not fly , a dracolich does not fly , a giant spider and a walrus. Rename, set herd camp, have herd follow you, buy guardian dogs to protect your herd, more. Horse Branding Adds 3 branding irons which let you mark any horse as belonging to you or your followers. Recommended by Ultimate Follower Overhaul Horse Trotting instead of Walking Replaces the horse walk animation with a horse trot animation and increases the "walk" speed.

The Wood Duck 10 and Wood Duck 12 have been runaway successes; kits rarely stay on the shelf here for more than a day or two. Wood Duck Double The essential attributes of our Wood Duck line of kayaks are compact dimensions, comfortable cockpits, above-average "rec boat" speed, versatility on the water, handsome looks with great character, and ease of construction.

Wood Duckling 8 Kayaks for kids are tough. On one hand, kids have great balance and are naturally athletic, and they take to kayaks like ducks. So there's no reason to put them in a kayak that's tubby or not sized right for them.

They want a Aleutesque This design grew out of intense modification of the baidarka an Aleut kayak drawn by David Zimmerly and featured in his book "Qajak: Kayaks of Siberia and Alaska. However they were Chesapeake 17 More than Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped since An enduring favorite among paddlers, the award-winning Chesapeakes are the gold standard for build-it-yourself sea kayaks.

They are easy to build but handsome and fast These designs are intended as a collection of versatile, easy-to-build, fun-to-paddle kayaks. With a simple 3-panel hull and unique 3-panel deck, the boats are quick to Sectional Shearwater Sport Build this boat in a week!

Chesapeake 16 More than Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped since Shearwater 14 Stitch-and-glue sea kayak design has grown up a lot in the last fifteen years, driven by enthusiastic paddlers who prefer ultralight, beautiful boats that handle like extensions of themselves. For a new line of high-performance sea kayaks, Shearwater 16 "[T]he Shearwater is an eye-catching, light and fast cruiser that does many things well.

It is a strong contender for the budget-minded paddler looking to answer the 'if I could only have one kayak' question. Shearwater 16 Hybrid Cedar-strip kayaks are admired for their beauty and functionality. Shearwater 17 "The Shearwater is an eye-catching, light and fast cruiser that does many things well. Petrel Early sailors thought the Storm Petrel could walk on water. Named after Saint Peter, petrels are small birds that feed at sea by fluttering just above the swell with their feet tip-toeing across the water.

Like its bird namesake, the Petrel kayak Night Heron The Night Heron line is an evolutionary branch of the Guillemots, but Nick took a look back at Greenland Inuit boats for some of the hull shaping inspiration. This boat brings the volume of the hull out towards the ends more for a higher This neat trimaran-conversion kit, first introduced in , has been built in vast numbers. Read this article for the entire year Great Auk Double By stretching out the Great Auk, Nick has created a tandem sea kayak that will be comfortable for occasional paddlers while providing an efficient and capable boat for a pair of skilled kayakers.

The long waterline allows a couple of strong Its small size makes it easy to put on the roof of a car or on the deck of a yacht and transport it to your favorite Guillemot The Guillemot is the boat Nick set out to create when he first named his boatbuilding and design firm "Guillemot Kayaks".

Nick wanted a boat with good all-around performance for his own use. It needed to be "sporty" with quick acceleration Sea Island Sport Finally! Shearwater 14 Hybrid Cedar-strip kayaks are admired for their beauty and functionality. Why not Chesapeake 14 More than Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped since Chesapeake 16LT More than Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped since They are easy to build but handsome Chesapeake Triple The success of the proven Chesapeake hull shape led quickly to demands for similar tandem and three-person designs.

The Chesapeake Double Small Fishing Boat Models 003 and Triple are high-volume touring boats, with a lb payload that belies their surprising speed. Chesapeake Double The success of the proven Chesapeake hull shape led quickly to demands for similar tandem and three-person designs. The Chesapeake Double and Triple are high-volume touring boats, with a lb payload that belies their surprising speed Chesapeake Sport Tandem There was a lot of demand but hardly anything like it in when we unveiled the Chesapeake Sport Tandem.

This very narrow, very fast double is perfect for athletic couples who want to really cover the miles, whether it's for excercise, It is a recreational kayak well suited to sheltered lakes and harbors where you may occasionally encounter moderate winds and modest waves.

The relatively short length allows it to Expedition Single With the same cross section and similar profile shape as the Guillemot, the Expedition Single has many of the same handling characteristics as the shorter Guillemot. The length of the Expedition Single provides volume for gear and efficient long Fast Double Maximum speed and fun in a tandem kayak.

The width is the same as the Expedition Single at 21 inches. This is narrow, but it gains great stability from its 25'6" length. This is a boat for a pair of experienced paddlers who want to paddle Great Auk 17 The Great Auk is a roomy, fast and stable kayak and tracks very straight. The long water line and clean entry permits it to cut through the water with a barely visible wake. The flared bow gives a very dry ride, lifting over most waves It is intended for larger paddlers who need additional room for their legs and feet.

In addition, Nick has added to the height of Guillemot "S" A simple scaling-down of the Guillemot creates a fun and able boat for smaller paddlers. This boat is efficient and easily paddled. Due to its narrow width it may be less stable than other boats you have paddled, but if you have been

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