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As everyone knows who has followed Wave to Wave, we love single engine sport boats of all kinds and I small powerboat youtube really love small hulls. There is something about driving a small lightweight hull that allows you to feel the water and experience the speed better than anything. Riding a motorcycle is the closest comparison I can make.

My dad raced small outboards way back in the day, from hydros to small V-hulls. They were local community events and they were popular. In fact, there could be small powerboat youtube resurgence of that kind of racing.

Part of building great racing events is participation and stock GT classes are truly accessible racing. Part of the magic is they use stock engines only, no modifications. Everyone is running the same power, it keeps costs down, you get to use efficient new technology and it creates a fair playing field, everyone uses new four-strokes at 15, 30 and 60 HP. Manufacturers should love it as it is the ultimate bragging rights; beating the small powerboat youtube head to head.

The wide beam and V small Youtube Small Pontoon Boats powerboat youtube hull make for a safe and versatile boat. Driver skill is on full display and with either stock 15HP or 30HP, you get affordable operation.

This is racing philosophy is great and it resonates with Small Powerboat Grounded Kit all racers. Luckily, I was contacted by a reader named Tom Schnull who is an avid racer in Canada. Tom runs the small powerboat youtube V-hull with Mercury Racing's Formula With different classes like the Euro F4 and T-boats, this 60 is fantastic and Small Flags For Boats Youtube is super reliable and efficient. Tuff Small Boats Used By Navy Seals Youtube Marine prefers them on their 16, where they do about 60 MPH. Tom races in Ontario and last summer small powerboat youtube events got a huge reception including media coverage and serious attendance.

Making everything stock and cost friendly, it is no wonder you can get more people involved. Tom likes the competition and runs his Cyclone in the T class.

He small powerboat youtube very competitive against the old light two-strokes and small powerboat youtube some tweaking appears to be capable of beating.

Tom also competes in the hydro class, making for a busy race day, competing in 3 different classes. As Tom mentioned to me, we can move on from the old two-strokes engines and do fine with new technology. Tom's hull is a little heavier but it can handle better that way. Ontario Canada.

Photo credit: Matt Makauskas. With the 15 HP class, at about 11 feet, they do over 40 MPH and the GT class, about 13 feet, does over 55 MPH, which is incredible and makes for very spirited racing on a small course. Although, small, the hulls are wide and run on a pad, making them much safer than old flat bottom hulls and hydros. Since engines are completely stock, you see representation from almost every manufacturer.

Stock classes ranging from 15 HP to 60 HP certainly make it far more accessible. Stock classes at every level are such a great way to race and perfect way to bring the community. Front Page. Classified Classics Be a Contributor. About Us. Contact Us. Wave to Wave is a performance boating magazine, featuring opinions, technical articles and restoration stories.

Jared Powell. Oct IdeasOpinion. Tom Schnull's Rapid Craft Cyclone in action. About as much fun as racing gets. Fair competition brings out big participation. Great spectator event with the short course .

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PowerBoat Television is a weekly, half-hour television show focusing on power boats and the recreational boating lifestyle. The first of its kind anywhere, PowerBoat Television premiered on The Sports Network (TSN) in January of Targeted to appeal to the large, relatively affluent group of power boaters and their families, PBTV focuses exclusively on recreational and performance boats. Make a DIY Wooden Paddle Boat powered by an elastic rubber band. Use lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks and a glue gun to make a paddle boat. Great fun proje. Basic Powerboat Maneuvers Videos US Powerboating provides a variety of resources to help boaters educate themselves. Below are a series of videos and animations that depict some of the on-the-water maneuvers all boaters should be able to perform. Anchoring Approaching a Mooring Bouy Backing Docking High-Speed Stop Holding Position Leaving a Dock Minimum Control Speed [ ].

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