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Pond King manufactures and sells small pontoon boats, mini pontoon boats, floating docks, artificial fish habitat, fish feeders, and turtle traps, and provides lake management services including fish stocking, electrofish surveys and aquatic weed management. Located in Gainesville, Texas. We started Pond Craft Boats to create quality crafts of all sizes that fit every budget. Our custom-made boats come in various sizes, with optional upgrades available. Whether enjoying the day on a pond, small lake or river, our custom pontoons are the perfect fit: Modest enough to navigate the smallest of waterways, yet big enough to be. The Pond King Sport small pontoon boat was our very first design and it's still a favorite today. Like all the boats we build today, the Pond King Sport's all-aluminum design is incredibly easy to maintain so you don't need to spend time tarping or storing your pontoon myboat231 boatplans: Pond-King. Main points:

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Whereas, a 5-year warranty period is available on seat vinyl, vinyl flooring, and canvas. Privacy Policy. Our typical turnaround time for our custom built small pond pontoon boats 91 is usually 3- 4 weeks. Pond King Lil' Cruiser. The pontoon boats are designed to make the most of your time while you are on the water. I handles beautifully and is very unaffected by the wind. Honey Hole Grass.

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