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Small boats ideas in | small boats, boat building, wooden boats Feb 18, �� At the same time, center console fishing boats have grown to plus feet in length: That makes more room for berths and galleys and opens the door to center consoles as boats you technically could live on. Jul 10, �� Popular Sport Fishing Boats People Live On. Fishing boats often come with an abundance of amenities that are used while fishing. These include things such as large coolers, specially designed chairs, in-deck fish boxes, and even fishing rod holders. But, fishing boats can offer you much more than just a place that is tailor-made to fish.
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Catamarans are very popular when it comes Small Boats Used As Floating Hotels to full-time living on a boat. This is because they are very stable and they tend to be more steady. These are often referred to as luxury catamarans.

They are built for speed and can come with additional motors. These types of vessels are ideal when getting to your new destination is more important than the journey itself.

Most often cruise catamarans are designed to be ferries, but there are some that hold similar aspects of a luxury yacht. The only difference between a personal cruising catamaran and a yacht would be the number of hulls.

Used almost solely for recreational purposes, sailing catamarans are for those who wish to experience life at sea. Depending on the type of sailing catamaran you purchase, you might be looking at more living space on the deck instead of inside the hulls.

This is because some sailing catamarans are built for racing across the water and smaller hulls allow them to travel quicker. Most catamarans allow for enclosed cabin space in each hull as well as on the deck.

This gives a person more privacy and space than a single hull vessel. Again, privacy is extremely important when you are setting off on a boat full-time. The design of the multi-hull is also good to keep out noise from engines if you have one.

Because the engine is often placed in the middle, neither hull is immediately next to it. Unlike a single hull vessel where the engine is situated on the back and can often disrupt quiet living conditions. Some potential issues with life on a catamaran include size and storage. If you plan to dock your catamaran into a marina, it is sometimes required you buy two slips due to the size.

They are also often more expensive because it is more comparable to crafting two boats than it is to craft one. A triple-hull catamaran, or also called trimaran, is a multi-hull vessel that is made up of the main hull with two smaller outrigger hulls. These are sometimes called floats or amas. The large cruiser trimaran is very similar to the cruising catamaran.

They both have their salons on the main deck, but large cruising trimarans also have room for sleeping cabins in the amas. There are even some larger versions that offer a flybridge that allows for additional social areas. While these cruisers do not have as much space in the amas as the large trimaran cruisers, they still offer on deck salons that can be used for around the clock living. The main purpose of these vessels is speed or racing, and they will often reach their destination long before their single or double-hulled counterparts.

If you want to ensure you are as stable as possible on all types of water, a trimaran might be for you. A great option if you are bringing kids along of if you are prone to seasickness.

Depending on which type of trimaran you go with, you might be looking at less living space in the hulls. You will also likely find that trying to dock one in a marina is more expensive than if you were to have a mono-hull vessel.

Just like the catamaran, their construction is also more expensive making them a larger investment than the other options. Fishing boats often come with an abundance of amenities that are used while fishing. These include things such as large coolers, specially designed chairs, in-deck fish boxes, and even fishing rod holders.

But, fishing boats can offer you much more than just a place that is tailor-made to fish. These boats can also be great liveaboard boats that allow you to live and enjoy your favorite pastime: fishing! These types of boats are very similar to the other types of powerboats or yachts that you can encounter, with a few minor changes. These boats are generally closed bow boats with a Small Aluminium Boats For Sale 011 high cockpit. They include gunnels that are designed for wiring fish.

These boats can also offer you spacious room above and below deck for living full time. Some come with staterooms, full kitchens, oversized galleys, showers, and convertible sleeping accommodations.

One disadvantage to this type of boat is that there is not a lot of on deck lounge areas, as these are reserved to be utilized for fishing. They are also quite tall you will want to make sure you know what your clearance is for things such as bridges.

Trawlers are pleasure boats that have a resemblance to fishing trawlers. They often have a semi-displacement hull instead of a full displacement hull used by most fishing trawlers. These boats have wide hulls, less draft, and hard chines. A hard chine means that there is little rounding in the front of the hull and is often a harder angle. These boats can have single or twin engines depending on need.

The liveaboard trawler will be your best bet for full time living. These boats often have space on the front of the bow, and possible space at the stern for being outdoors. They are normally manned from the inside and generally offer much more indoor space than outdoor space. They are tough boats that were built to take some banging around if need be. They are meant to handle long distances and deep-sea conditions.

Most trawlers are on the older side but you can still find some companies that are coming out with new models today. Trawlers have many advantages for living. They have wider hulls than your typical sailboat, which allows for a more spacious interior. This allows for more people to move around comfortably in the living areas as well as the luxuries mentioned above.

You will be able to dine and entertain in style with large kitchens that can offer full-sized or close to full-sized appliances, plenty of seating space, sound and entertainment systems, and high levels of storage space.

With more space, also comes more comfort. They can offer entertainment areas both above and below deck and they even sometimes come with more than one. These boats are stable and allow for easy access on and off the vessel. They also have less draft than other boats allowing them into shallower waters than boats with larger hulls, such as sailboats.

Their engines are, however, noisy and consume a lot of fuel. They will require more maintenance than other vessels including inspections, tune-ups, and cleaning. Technically a yacht is any watercraft that is used for pleasure that is over 23 feet long. However, generally, a boat is not classified as a yacht until it is at least 39 feet long.

Yachts can also be motor-powered or sailed. For the purpose of this article, we will assume each option in the yacht section is motor-powered because we have already gone over sailboats. A cabin cruiser is often a luxury vessel that ranges between 25 to 45 feet long, is motor-powered, and allows for accommodations for its passengers and potential crew. These vessels are often equipped with a head toilet , galley kitchen , dining area, and berth bed or other sleeping accommodation.

Amenities can range wildly depending on your vessel. But you might be equipped with hot water, air conditioning, or power generators. Cabin cruisers offer very similar luxuries as a larger yacht, but on a smaller scale and for a smaller price. A yacht is classified as a large yacht when it is over 80 feet long. These often have higher standards for construction and can have certain specifications depending on their designation.

A large commercial yacht can generally not hold more than 12 passengers. A large private yacht should be used solely for the pleasure of the owners and guests and are generally not available to be chartered if owned by someone for recreational use. A superyacht, or mega yacht, is a large yacht that ranges from 80 feet to over feet.

These are professionally crewed vessels that cater to their guests in all aspects of the journey. Unlike large yachts, superyachts can be available to charter. Depending on the owner of the yacht, or the particular journey, they might put emphasis on comfort or speed. These boats can have luxuries such as swimming pools, water toys, other boats, and even helicopters.

Yachts are one of the most luxurious options for liveaboard boats, but they come at some of the highest costs. The boats will make you feel like you are living in a luxurious mansion or upscale hotel with many available luxuries.

These include multiple staterooms, heads with full-size showers, living room and entertainment areas, gourmet kitchens, and even media rooms. Another advantage to living full time on a luxury yacht, if you can afford it, is a staff that can do everyday things like cook, clean, and even fix you a drink. The teak has been finished with 15 coats of varnish and should be protected for years to come. The bottom paint was refinished 2 years ago and is in good shape.

The hull is damage free. All of the photos were taken one day prior to the start of this listing with the exception of the boat on stands which was taken when the bottom paint was being completed. Feel free to Craig at with questions. Make Mainship. Model Sedan Bridge. We are selling our 40' Mainship.. Beam is Full size galley with 2 burner stove.. Vac-u-flushed commode.. Spacious stateroom.. Make Kelly Yachts. Yacht recently performed sea trial and we have logged over miles down the Potomac river from Fort Washington, MD.

Haul out has been completed. The vessel received a bottom inspection including all thru hulls, shafts and props, fresh bottom cleaning and all new zincs.

The bottom of the boat was found to be in excellent condition. For haul out part of the top section has been removed and will be finished into a lounge deck. Please view pics of the haul out and you will see what has been removed.

During operation the vessel performed well at all RPM ranges. All main systems operated well, including bow-thruster, radar, auto-pilot, main engines, genset, etc. Only issues noted were GPS and fuel guages not working properly.

It doesn't quite fit the owners needs so the owner is very motivated to sell. The price is set low with intent of a quick sale. Owner can assist with vessel transportation or relocation almost anywhere. Owner can also assist with modifications or improvements of vessel. This is "Oasis" a 89ft Steel hull Motor Yacht. Originally built in Louisiana. Custom built as a live aboard then converted to a floating office. Berthed in fresh water at the nations capital for the last 14 years, vessel was in the great lakes prior.

Powered by two Cummins with only around hours each, a 4 cylinder Cummins powering the hydraulic bow thruster, and a 20K Onan genset to provide all the power you need when underway. Controlled by hydraulic shift and throttle controls and hydraulic double ram steering.

Engines run as they should with no known problems. Genset runs great and starts easy as it should with only hrs. All electrical works as it should. This vessel is 3 levels with a huge walk in engine room, you can build to suit without a lot of teardown. For haul out the vessel recieved a bottom inspection including all thru hulls, shafts and props, fresh bottom cleaning and paint, all new zincs. Make Ed Monk, Sr. Model US Coast Guard. Cruiser, Yacht, Monk, WW2, Cedar, live-aboard, project, coast guard patrol boat coast guard cruiser one of 55 designed by Monk?

At about 50' length overall and 16' beam, it is big enough to live on comfortably but small enough to cruise and get good moorage. Its Port Orford Cedar planked hull on white oak frames is solid and does not leak. In the 70's or so Seawolf was refitted as a charter yacht, cruising from Puget Sound to Alaska, but all of the original military equipment and lines remain for a great "steam-punk" look. Starting at the bow, there is a chain locker, then a porcelain head with porcelain sink and original door, accessible through the captain's berth, which will sleep two that like each-other comfortably, in addition to, two hang-up closets, 6 large drawers, many shelves for storage, a curved beam ceiling, ceiling hatch and 4 portals windows.

Floor access hatches to engines and a scuttle to the fly-bridge and a curved beam ceiling. Down 3 steps to a large galley featuring the original diesel cook-stove, military issue GE fridge, double booth and large dining table, 4 portal windows and two fold out windows, curved beam ceiling, walk in pantry with porcelain sink, stainless steel countertop and double bowl sink, drawers, cabinets and under sink storage.

Just off the galley is the aft berth, with a folding bunk arrangement, converting easily to either a couch or two bunk-beds, spacious, cool closets and cabinet storage, a portal and opening window, a separate head, equipped with sink, cabinet space and roomy shower, complete with the continued curved beam ceilings.

Just off the aft berth, up a couple steps and out the wood panel door, with original brass hardware, to a semi-enclosed observation deck, aft open on 3 sides with a full roof and enclosed half wall below and beam ceiling.

The fly bridge is also semi-enclosed with full windshield, side windows and open in the back with a large open upper observation deck. There is also a nice for deck with exposed frames and cool woodwork plus 4 large built in deck boxes.

The boat has had a lot of TLC paintwork done on the exterior but is not finished. The twin engines are Chrysler Hemi's but they along with the rest of the machinery have been wet during a partial swamping and neglected, so plan on it needing the works to cruise again.

This is a big project but it is also very sound, extremely unique and well worth effort. It would not take much to make a fun live-aboard or a get-away cabin floating or on the hard. Make Olympic. Model Adventure Emmanuel is an Olympic adventure 47ft off-shore cruising ketch and a great live-aboard. She is very roomy with a 14ft 3in beam and she is a sea kindly vessel with an extremely strong hull.

Auto-pilot, radar, and a new Garmin Chart-plotter, Much extra cruising equipment. Make Gulfstar. All new running gear, bottom paint and some fiberglass work done in Summer of With a large salon and galley, three staterooms, and three heads, she is an excellent choice for a full time live-aboard.

Whether you are looking for a live-aboard, a cruising motoryacht or just a condo on the water this 49' Gulfstar has what you need to be comfortable and ready to go. Her recent interior and exterior attention also makes her ready for a sea trial and your new memories.

Come see her flybridge, aft deck, walk-in engine room, and large salon and galley. Make Ericson. Yamaha watt generator. Hot water heater. Indoor natural gas stove and oven. Outdoor propane grill and range. New Genoa from Quantum Kind of a dream come true for the single handed sailor looking to impress his date in heavy wind. Or, lounge downstairs with your gps, ipad and autohelm remote. Make Silverton. The salon dimensions are truly expansive for a boat this size.

The galley is well-laid out with ample storage, a comfortable and spacious dinette and plenty of space to entertain or cook with friends and family. Silverton's hull design, deep modified V provides a comfortable ride when conditions are less than ideal. These boats take the water very well. Whether cruising to your favorite destinations or just marina hopping with the family,.

This is a great opportunity and a lot of boat and equipment for the money. Although the photos do not show it, we have the black screen for the front windshield. It was off at this time for the buffing and waxing. If you are in the market for an inexpensive family yacht that can sleep 8 comfortably and is built as a family cruiser, than this should be on your short list.

Powered with twin Crusaders. We just had her put back in the water after having the whole boat buffed and waxed, bottom scraped inspected and painted, props refurbished, zincs replaced and new batteries installed. Boat comes with Generator, air conditioning, hot water heater, full galley, two private state rooms, two marine heads with showers, Gps, radar, compass, VHF radio, stereo, ice maker, shore power, television, extremely large main salon, Fly Bridge, windlass, bow cushion and extended swim platform.

This boat is in great condition and runs perfect. Has also recently had the generator refurbished. Last summer we took her on a 12 day trip down to Daytona Beach and back. Made most of the trip about 25 miles off the coast. Ran great! We also have a new 13 ft hard bottom inflatable West Marine dingy and new 9. These could be included dependent upon what the final deal price would be. This boat would make an excellent live aboard! Make Skipperliner. Model Yacht. For sale and located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota At our company we work very hard to accurately describe our vehicles through text descriptions and elaborate photos.

When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is not a new vehicle. Any used vehicle can have normal wear and blemishes. Before placing a bid please read the descriptions thoroughly and view all pictures. Call us at and let us exceed your expectations. We do not believe that you should be pressured into making a purchase. We won't try to get your business by creating a false sense of urgency or by bringin up a "special to get you to buy.

For instance, if you mileage is getting close to a cut-off for a lower-priced warranty, we believe you should know. Applying online is safe and easy, and it takes just minutes to get a response. Once approved, qualified customers receive a no-obligation Blank Check, which works like a personal check and can be used to buy a new or used car or motorcycle, refinance or even buy out a lease.

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The buyer is to contact the seller within 24 hours to discuss payment and transportation details or contact us for the seller contact information at Payment is made directly to the seller.

We recommend to our sellers to accept cash in person or a bank wire. The seller must receive payment in full within 7 days. The buyer has had an inspection prior to the purchase or understands fully the condition of the vehicle and is sold as is. All vehicles are for sale by owner. Vehicle Deals does not own any vehicles nor do we collect any monies from the buyer or seller after the sale is complete. Buyers are responsible for any costs incurred in obtaining possession of the vehicle as well as sales tax and registration fees.

Vehicle Deals is a third party marketing company and are not responsible for any accidental errors or misrepresentation in the vehicle listing. Any errors will be corrected immediately upon notification. We reserve the right to end an auction at our discretion.

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Integrity: This is the foundation our company is built on. Make Pacemaker. Model Motor Yacht.

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