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This is an ideal format for practicing sailing skills for both novice captains and team members. This is a large-scale sailing event combining a regatta and a party. This is a trip as part of a flotilla with an active regattx life in marinas and mutual assistance in any difficult situations at sea and offshore.

Sinceall races will be accompanied by a technical boat with qualified servicemen. Any breakdowns can be fixed in real-time. AFR is not only a regatta but also a music festival. Inseveral Russian rock stars will perform. Concerts and jams will take place every night. Beginners without experience can participate in the regatta, since on the yacht there is always a professional skipper with extensive experience who will teach you everything you need for your role on the boat.

In addition, as a rule, there are experienced yachtsmen in the crew who will help you get settled and feel comfortable.

However, we will give you an invitation and confirmation of accommodation booking for the embassy. Visas regata sporting events are easy to get. Check-in on the boat after Training small boats regatta 2020 new the sea. Welcome dinner, meeting and xmall teams. Going out from the marina in the morning, the first race is a simple training race from point A to point B, as many team members go to sea for the first time.

Free time for dinner and sightseeing. Just a five-minute walk from the port there is Colonna Hill, which is the remnant of the legendary Apollo Temple. Aphaia Temple is another interesting place, this is a large and picturesque structure. In the very center of the island, there is the church of Rfgatta Nektarios, which offers a beautiful 202 view.

Small boats regatta 2020 new out to the sea in the morning, the second race. The crossing to a new marina. If you want you can have sailing training, swimming, fishing. Free time on the shore. In the evening, there will be a spontaneous party on the pontoon or on some of the boats, or watching a movie.

Going out to the sea boahs the morning, the third race. The crossing to a new location. Free time for relaxation. There are 32 volcanoes on the Methanon peninsula!

You can climb the crater and see the petrified lava flows � a really stunning sight. The peninsula is also interesting for its beaches with volcanic sand. Poros is considered the island of Poseidon � the god of the sea. On the island, there are the ruins of the famous temple of Poseidon.

It will also be interesting to visit the Archaeological Museum and take a walk through the Lemon Forest on the coast of the Peloponnese. Going out to the sea, the final decisive race. Mooring in a new town or on a new island. Analysis of the results, a party. Salute from the pontoon.

Ermioni is a small town with cozy beaches. Coming back to the home marina. Gala dinner with rewarding of winners, drinks, dancing and lots of fun. Leaving the boats. The regatta is over, but we do not boars goodbye to you, but look forward to seeing you at the Small Boats Perth 2020 next regattas!

Yes, of course. There will be an experienced skipper and team members on the yacht. They will give you a role and teach you everything you need to know to be a useful team member and feel comfortable.

Yes, all team members will definitely try themselves in different roles to better understand each. Standing at the helm is small boats regatta 2020 new integral part of training for beginners as well as setting sails, and helping the team baots moorings. As a rule, participants in the regatta live on the yacht. The boat has everything you need for a comfortable stay: nice beds, a kitchen, a shower with toilet. If you do not want to live on a yacht, then you can arrange to stay at the hotel onshore.

The crew decides altogether what kind small boats regatta 2020 new food they prefer to eat and makes necessary purchases. Simple dishes can be small boats regatta 2020 new, usually taking turns. Some regattas offer daily meals and intensive evening program for regstta crews. Most people tolerate some seasickness easily.

If you feel that you are starting to feel sick, it is best to get at the steering wheel or tune the sails. There are also many quite effective medicines from sickness.

If you start taking them in advance, then the probability of seasickness is almost zero. Before each nnew, we organize an 200 meeting where participants get to know each other and the captain. The captain will answer all your questions. The crew will have a small boats regatta 2020 new chat so you can get to know each other before the start of the regatta.

Then you regatya meet in the marina. The main rule is to dress comfortably and according to the weather. We recommend to purchase a long-sleeved jacket with UV protection in order to protect yourself from the sun and strong wind. During the sailing without shoes, you can fall or injure your fingers and feet on the deck. There are many protruding parts on the boat that are easy to catch.

Unfortunately, even experienced sailors are not protected from unpleasant injuries when they ignore this simple rule. Every year, yachtsmen with a different level of training participate in the regatta. There are many small islands in this bay, which makes it very interesting for sailing competitions.

The races of the small boats regatta 2020 new will be in the inner and outer harbors of Marmaris Bay, waters of Turkey. There will be four races for all boats. During the Spetses Classic Regatta, Aegean Schooners and small lateens will be racing alongside classic yachts, although in a class of their. The AFR regatta Route Map. Duration Total days:8 Racing days: 8.

Team level Beginners, �xperienced. Activity level Moderate. Event Language Russian, English. The AFR regatta is a race for beginner skippers and their friends. The route is approximate and depends on the weather and wind direction.

This is my first time, is this ok? What is included and not included in the price? As a rule, the cost of participation in the regatta includes: � accommodation on a yacht for the duration of the regatta; � bed linen and towels; � organizational fee; � skipper services; � the cost of mooring in marinas; � basic sailing training; � small boats regatta 2020 new yacht polo or t-shirts from the organizers.

Additional expenses you will need to pay: � airplane tickets and transfer to the marina; � a visa. Visas for sporting events are easy to get; � food; � personal expenses.

You cannot choose a team? We will find a skipper and a crew that will fit your skills level, mood, the right atmosphere and even your age : Find me a team. Events schedule. Alimos Athens � Aegina Island Going out from the marina in the morning, the first small boats regatta 2020 new is a simple training race from point A to point B, as many team members go to sea for the first time.

Small boats regatta 2020 new Island � Epidavros Going out to the sea in the morning, the second race. Epidavros � Methanon Peninsula Going out to the sea in the morning, the small boats regatta 2020 new race. Methanon peninsula � Poros Island Going out small boats regatta 2020 new the sea, another race.

Poros Island � Ermioni Going out to the sea, the final decisive race. Ermioni � Small boats regatta 2020 new Cheli � Athens Coming small boats regatta 2020 new to the home marina. No comments, be the first one! Will I boags able to steer a yacht? Where will I live during the regatta? What will we eat?

Do you help with a visa?

We will sail on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. At Lowe Boats, we strive to keep your personal information personal, our policies simple and our boats the best in the industry. Related Articles Minima Yacht Club Annual Regatta A good turnout of 24 boats enjoy some classic river sailing A good turnout of 24 boats, including half a dozen visitors from nearby clubs enjoyed some classic river sailing at Kingston over a weekend with conditions varying from warm sunshine and light airs to lashing rain squalls. We take safe seamanship seriously. Also, racing against


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