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HT21 � 21 Foot m Hardtop Cuddy Cabin Aluminum Boat Kit LOA - 21' 3" (Meters) Beam - 7' 10" ( Meters) Draft: 1' 3" (39 Cm) Molded depth at Transom - 3' 11? ( Cm) Deadrise - 18 deg. Max Persons - 5 (Category C) Max Persons - 8 (Category D) Vessel Weight - 27kg Max Power - Outboard HP HP - 32 Knots (Est.) HP. Mac boats are world leaders in fully rotational molded polyethylene boats and have an extensive range from meter right up to our newest 7 meter model. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free with around five times the impact strength of fiberglass. The minicats are our most popular range of trailer boats with close to being sold in the last 2 years. Currently we have five basic models, the , , , , and Some of these have centre console and forward steer options. These boats have considerable built-in .
Jettec Jet boats ltd and their team has over 30 years of aluminum jet boat building experience between them. Owner of the company Adam Wilton and his team have built a wide range of aluminium boats, from recreational jet boats, tour boats, small sea going boats to custom built sports race boats and all kinds of custom trailers. �Jet boating is our passion we love what we do� and provide you with a modern, well designed boat with exceptional finish. All Jettec�s staff are certified in aluminum welding and use top of line pulse mig welders. Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat. Munson Aluminum Boats - Custom welded aluminum boats, landing craft, workboats, patrol boats, fire boats, passenger boats, dive boats, research boats, fishing boats, boom boats. Yacht Design. Pomysly.� Small pontoons boats for sale in Wisconsin - We specialize in compact sized mini pontoon boats, small pontoon boats, compact pontoons and mini pontoons. Buy small pontoon boats now. Yacht Design. Bobbers.� Scott Design and Manufacture Ltd specialize in water jet units and accessories for boat builders and jetboat enthusiasts. Scott jet pumps have won every World Series Super Boat title since Scott high performance jet drives, trim nozzles and impellers are manufactured by Konrad Scott in Winchester, New Zealand, and distributed in the USA and Canada. Herley Boats is a premium aluminium boat builder based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Our product has been designed from the hull up as a comfortable luxury fishing and family vessel for the discerning buyer. We offer quality over quantity and full customisation to suit our client�s needs. Click here. We build premium aluminium trailer boats from 22 feet through to 60 foot luxury power boats and catamarans. Each vessel offers customisation and quality that is unique to Herley Boats. Our boats are available in both traditional power plants and Hybrid electric drive systems. Our Boats. Herley Boats P.

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