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The best one-man pontoon boat is the Classic Accessories Colorado, which is constructed of an abrasion-resistant PVC and has an outboard motor mounting at the rear for those wanting to install a small outboard or trolling motor for easy cruising. With many of the mini pontoon boats, you have the choice to add a small outboard motor or a powerful trolling motor. This is something that is not possible with the next alternative, which would be a cheaper float tube. [irp posts=�? name=�5 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes ?]. The Patriot Two-Man Mini Pontoon Fishing Boat ships free via freight to any commercial address in the continental U.S. Residential shipping may be available, but please call for more information. The critical issue with residential delivery is the ability to offload the pallet from the truck. Patriot Pallet Dimensions: 95 in. x 48 in. x 30 in.� The Pond King mini pontoon boats are intended for smaller bodies of water, specifically ponds or limited access fishing on lakes, whereas the small pontoon boats can handle larger bodies of water. Second, the mini pontoons have all been designed to ship free to their destination within the lower continental U.S. As our smallest group of pontoon boats, the Gillgetter's make a perfect choice for use on smaller lakes, electric only lakes, restricted lakes and ponds. They are also light enough to be towed with many smaller vehicles and RV's. Or more info. Apex Marine is the world�s foremost manufacturer of compact, small and mini pontoon boats.� Compact pontoon boats are ideally suited for lakes that only allow electric propulsion. Electric outboards are limited in horsepower and will perform better on the smaller size and weight of a compact pontoon. 2. First Time Buyers & Small Family� 38 Russells Point, OH sales@myboat075 boatplans service@myboat075 boatplans Phone: FUN-BUDS Fax: myboat075 boatplans

Compact pontoon boats are perfect for fishing and cruising the water with small groups of people. They are easier to handle, maintain, and can be taken anywhere. Enjoy all the comfort and quality of Tahoe in a compact pontoon boat. A great roomy, balanced alternative to expensive tipsy, flat bottom fishing boats. Bow Fish dedicates space to two fishing chairs in the bow area of the pontoon. The aft portion of the pontoon contains a rear corner seating area with livewell and a rear facing bench.

Do it all in this perfectly balanced fishing and cruising models. Add some fishing to the bow of your cruising pontoon. CBF has two fishing chairs in the bow area of the pontoon outside of the front walls.

The aft portion of the pontoon contains a rear corner seating area and two sundecks. Cruise features both a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft corner seating area. The aft portion of the pontoon has two sundecks with storage compartments that are used to house the privacy station. The Cruise Rear Bench floor plans feature both a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft seating area.

The aft portion of the pontoon has a corner seating area and a rear facing bench. Cruise II features both a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft seating area. The port side of the pontoon has extended seating without a port side gate. The aft portion of the pontoon has two split sundecks. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. One of our Pontoon specialist or a local dealer near you will contact you to help configure the boat that matches your exact needs.

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