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Work Skiff W Series The Workskiff W Series is a rugged no-nonsense work platform for the water. The W Series is available in three hull dead rise designs: Flat Bottom, Semi V 8-degree, and Medium V degree dead rises. The W Series can be outfitted with either a console or T-Top and incorporates a square bow design, heavy duty 4� D-rubber fendering, closed cell foam for floatation and. 11/19/�� We are not worried about the Skiff Challenge, boat shows, advertising etc. during my time at HB our skiff costs to us came to between $ to $ from Watermans and Guides fully rigged out the door. Do the math. Any build using my plans or kits is going to get you a finished skiff for under $20, plus your time. Custom Aluminum Skiffs. Choose Skiff Size. $ Dove Tail Gill Bracket - $ Hunt Deck (20?) - $ Rear deck no storage (30?) - $ Rear deck with Storage (30?) - $ Lowe Aluminum Boats For Sale Near Me Cheapest Bench Seat - $ Bench Cost Of Aluminum Boat Trailer Work Seat with Storage - $ Floatation Pods Per Set - $ Turning Runners - $

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