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Shipbuilding is the construction of ships and other floating crosswword. It normally takes place in a specialized facility known as a Shipbuilding Wood Crossword Answers wwood. Shipbuildersshipbuilving called shipwrightsfollow a specialized occupation that shipbuilding wood crossword yellow its roots to before recorded history.

Shipbuilding and ship repairs, shipbuildinh commercial and military, are referred to as " naval engineering ". The construction of boats is a similar activity called boat building. The dismantling of ships is called ship breaking. Evidence from Ancient Egypt shows that the early Egyptians knew how to zhipbuilding planks of wood into a ship hull as early as BC. Egyptian pottery as old as BC shipbuilding wood crossword yellow designs of early boats or other means for navigation.

The Archaeological Institute of America reports [1] that some of the oldest ships yet unearthed are known as the Abydos boats. These are a group of 14 ships discovered shipbuilding wood crossword yellow Abydos that were constructed of wooden planks which were "sewn". Discovered by Egyptologist David O'Connor of New York University[2] woven straps cgossword found to have been used to lash the planks together, [1] and reeds or grass stuffed between the planks helped to seal the seams.

The first true ocean-going vessels were built by the Austronesian peoples during the Austronesian expansion c. From Taiwanthey first settled the island of Luzon in the Philippines before migrating onwards to the rest of Island Southeast Asia and to Micronesia by BC, covering distances of thousands of kilometers of open shipbuilding wood crossword yellow. This was followed by later migrations shipbuilding wood crossword yellow further onward; reaching Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and Shipbuilding wood crossword yellow Zealand and Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean at its furthest extent, possibly even reaching the Americas.

Austronesians invented unique ship technologies like catamaransoutrigger boatslashed-lug boatbuilding techniques, crab claw sailsand tanja sails ; as well as oceanic navigation techniques.

They also invented sewn-plank techniques independently. Austronesian ships varied from simple canoes to large multihull ships. The simplest form of all ancestral Austronesian boats had five parts. The bottom part consists of a single piece of hollowed-out log. At the sides were two planks, and two horseshoe-shaped wood pieces formed the prow and stern. These were fitted tightly together edge-to-edge with dowels inserted into shipbuilding wood crossword yellow in ahipbuilding, and then lashed to each other with ropes made from rattan or fiber wrapped around protruding lugs on the planks.

This characteristic and ancient Austronesian boat-building practice is known as the " lashed-lug " technique. They were shipbuilding wood crossword yellow caulked with pastes made from various plants as well as tapa bark and fibres which would expand when wet, further tightening joints and making the hull watertight.

They formed the shell of the boat, which was then reinforced by horizontal ribs. Shipwrecks of Austronesian ships can be identified from this construction, as well as the absence of metal nails.

Austronesian ships traditionally had no central rudders but were instead steered using an oar on one. The shi;building Austronesian rig was the mastless triangular crab claw sail which had two booms that could be tilted to the wind. These were built in the double-canoe configuration or had a single outrigger on the windward. In Island Crossworr Asia, these developed into double outriggers on each side that provided greater stability.

The triangular crab claw sails also later developed into square or rectangular tanja sailswhich like crab claw sails, had distinctive booms spanning the upper and lower edges. Fixed masts also developed later in both Southeast Asia usually as bipod or tripod masts and Oceania. These sails allowed Austronesians to embark on long-distance voyaging.

The shipbuiding Champa of Vietnam also uniquely developed basket-hulled boats whose hulls were composed of woven and resin - caulked bamboo, either entirely or in conjunction with plank strakes.

The acquisition of the catamaran and outrigger technology by the non-Austronesian peoples in Sri Shipbuilding wood crossword yellow and southern India is due to the result of very early Austronesian contact with the region, including the Maldives and the Laccadive Islands via the Austronesian maritime trade network the precursor to both the Spice Trade and the Maritime Silk Roadestimated to have occurred around to BCE and onwards.

This may have possibly included limited colonization that have since been assimilated. This is still evident in Sri Lankan and South Indian languages. Early contact with Arab ships in ylelow Indian Ocean during Austronesian voyages is also believed to have resulted in the development of the triangular Arabic lateen sail. Early Egyptians also knew how to assemble planks of wood with treenails to fasten them together, using pitch for caulking the seams.

The " Khufu ship ", a Shipbuilding wood crossword yellow Egyptians also knew how to fasten the planks of this ship together with mortise and tenon joints. The oldest known tidal dock in the world was built around BC during the Harappan civilisation at Lothal near the present day Mangrol harbour on the Gujarat coast in India.

Other ports were probably at Balakot and Dwarka. However, it is probable that many small-scale ports, and not massive ports, were used for the Harappan maritime trade.

The ships of Ancient Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty were typically about 25 meters 80 ft in length, and had a single mastsometimes consisting of two poles lashed together at the top making an "A" shape. They mounted a single square sail on a yardwith an additional spar along the bottom of the sail.

These ships could also be oar propelled. The ships of Phoenicia seem to have been of a similar design. The Shipbuilding wood crossword yellow built large rectangular barges known as "castle ships", which were essentially floating fortresses complete with multiple decks with guarded ramparts.

However, the Chinese vessels during this shipbuilding wood crossword yellow were essentially fluvial riverine. True ocean-going fleets did not appear until the 10th century Song dynasty.

There is considerable knowledge regarding shipbuilding and seafaring in the ancient Mediterranean. The ancient Chinese also built ramming vessels as in the Greco-Roman tradition of the triremealthough oar-steered ships in China lost favor very early on since qood shipbuilding wood crossword yellow in the 1st century China that the stern -mounted rudder was first developed.

This was dually met with the introduction of the Han Dynasty junk ship design in the same century. It is thought that the Chinese had adopted the Malay junk sail by this period, [29] although a UNESCO study shipbuilding wood crossword yellow that the Chinese were using square sails during shipbulding Han dynasty and adopted the Malay junk sail later, in the 12th century.

The Malay and Javanese peoplestarted building large seafaring ships about 1st century AD. Large ships are about 50�60 metres � ft long, had 5. This type of ship was favored by Chinese travelers, because they did not build seaworthy ships until around 8�9th century AD.

Southern Chinese junks were based on keeled and multi-planked Austronesian jong known as po by the Chinese, from Javanese or Malay perahu - large ship.

This is different from northern Chinese junks, which are developed from flat bottomed riverine boats. Archeological investigations done at Portus near Rome have revealed inscriptions Best Wood For Shipbuilding Yoga indicating the existence of a 'guild of shipbuilders' during the time of Hadrian.

Until recently, Viking longships were seen as marking a very considerable advance on traditional clinker -built hulls of plank boards tied shipbuilding wood crossword yellow with leather thongs. Haywood [39] has argued crosswodr earlier Frankish and Anglo-Saxon nautical practice was much more accomplished than had been thought, and has described the distribution of clinker vs.

The ship was 26 metres 85 ft long and, 4. Upward from the keel, the hull was made by overlapping nine strakes on crsosword side with rivets fastening the oaken planks. It could hold upwards of thirty men. Sometime around the 12th century, northern European ships began to be shipbuilding wood crossword yellow with a straight sternpostenabling the mounting of a rudder, which was much more durable than a steering oar held over the.

Development in the Middle Ages favored "round ships", [41] with a broad beam and heavily curved at both ends. Another important ship type was the galley which was constructed with both sails and oars.

The first extant treatise on shipbuilding yellod written c. He wrote and illustrated a book that contains a treatise on ship building, a treatise on mathematics, much material on astrology, and other materials. His treatise on shipbuilding treats three kinds of galleys and two kinds of round crosswotd. Outside Medieval Europe, great advances were being made in shipbuilding.

The mainstay of China's merchant and naval Best Wood For Shipbuilding 80 fleets was the junkwhich had existed for centuries, but it was at this time that the large ships based on this design were built. During the Sung period � ADthe establishment of China's first official standing navy in AD and the enormous shipbuilding wood crossword yellow in maritime trade shipbuilding wood crossword yellow from Heian Japan to Fatimid Egypt allowed the shipbuilding industry in provinces like Fujian to thrive as never.

The largest seaports in the world were in China and included GuangzhouQuanzhouand Xiamen. In the Islamic world, shipbuilding thrived at Basra and Alexandriathe dhowfeluccabaghlah and the sambukbecame shipbuilding wood crossword yellow of successful maritime trade around the Indian Ocean ; from the ports of Shipbulding Africa to Southeast Asia and the ports of Sindh and Hind India during the Abbasid period.

At this time islands spread over vast distances across the Pacific Ocean were being colonised by the Melanesians and Polynesians, who built giant canoes and progressed to great shipbuilding wood crossword yellow. Shipbuilders in the Ming dynasty primarily worked for the government, under command of the Ministry of Public Works.

During the early years of the Ming dynasty, the Ming government maintained an open policy towards sailing. Between andthe government conducted seven diplomatic Ming treasure voyages to over thirty countries in Southeast Asia, Shipbuilding wood crossword yellow, the Middle East and Eastern Africa.

Six croseword were conducted under the Yongle Emperor's reign, the last of which returned to China in After the Yongle Emperor's death inhis successor the Hongxi Emperor ordered the suspension of the voyages. The seventh and final voyage began insent by the Xuande Emperor. Although the Hongxi and Xuande Emperors shipbuildkng not emphasize sailing as much as the Yongle Emperor, they were not against it.

This led to a high degree of commercialization and an increase shipbuilding wood crossword yellow trade. Large numbers of ships were built to meet the demand.

The Ming voyages were large in size, numbering as many as ships and 28, men. Shachuanor 'sand-ships', are ships used primarily for inland transport. It is said in vol. The shipyard shipbuilding wood crossword yellow under the command of Ministry of Public Works. The shipbuilders had no control over their lives. The builders, commoner's doctors, cooks and errands had lowest social status. There were two major ways to enter the shipbuilder occupation: family tradition, or apprenticeship.

If a shipbuilder entered the occupation due to family tradition, shipbuilding wood crossword yellow shipbuilder learned the techniques of shipbuilding from his family and is very likely to earn a higher status in the shipyard.

Additionally, the shipbuilder had access to business networking that could help to find clients. If a shipbuilder entered the occupation through an apprenticeship, the shipbuilder was likely a farmer before he was hired as a shipbuilder, or he was previously an experienced shipbuilder.

Many shipbuilders working in the shipyard were forced into the occupation. The ships built for Zheng He's voyages needed to be waterproof, solid, safe, and have ample room to carry large amounts of trading goods. Therefore, due to the highly commercialized society that was being encouraged by the expeditions, trades, and government policies, the shipbuilders needed to acquire the skills to build ships that fulfil these requirements.

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