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With over boats now sold and no less than 26 turning out for its national championship in , the RS Sailing Small Boats Video Macro seems to be the small boat to be seen in. Like its bigger sister, the RS is from the boat of Phil Morrison and bears a striking resemblance to the RS in terms of both hull form and interior layout. Mar 01, �� I am traveling the world to make videos with boats#####The Music in my videos is from myboat178 boatplans by Kevin MacLeodLicense: CC BY (htt. Jul 23, �� Here, sailors share their stories about living large while sailing small. PRECISION I started sailing in on a Precision 23 that I purchased at an auction. In , I upgraded to a Precision 23, Purr�n, named after my cat.I Small Boats Sailing Question keep Purr�n on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio, and sail Small Wooden Sailing Boats 800 around the nearby islands. I chose my boat because it can be both trailered and lived upon, and I was.

Show only see all. Search for:. Product Reviews. The Perfect Storm. You instantly feel every puff of breeze and sense every change in trim. A sloop has a rig of one mast and two sails.

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