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Sailing Services has over 40 years of rigging experience specializing in fabricating high quality standing rigging and selling components to riggers and sailors across the globe. Sta-Lok is a premier manufacture of marine rigging offering reliable, quality wire rope hardware for sailboats and architectural rigging. Dec 04, �� Thanks to @bamar_sailing_equipment for the kegs and their support for our Open house. Come see us today from at The Rigging Company in Annapolis! #bringafriend #grababeer #haveabrat and talk some #sailboatrigging Enjoy these links from our favorite rigging hardware manufacturers: I am replacing the standing rigging on a C&C Standing rigging consists of the fixed lines, wires or rods which support each mast or bowsprit on a sailing vessel and reinforce those spars against wind loads transferred from the sails.. Furlers; Chain Chinese Sailboat Manufacturers Jersey Plates; Swaging & Mechanical Fittings; Re-rigging; Leisure Furl� Recommended Manufacturers.
Find your other standing rigging terminal gear easily amongst the products from the leading brands (Selden, Ronstan, Karver, ) on NauticExpo, the boating and maritime industry specialist for your professional purchases. Standing rigging comprises the fixed lines, wires, or rods, which support each mast or bowsprit on a sailing vessel and reinforce those spars against wind loads transferred from the sails. This term is used in contrast to running rigging, which represents the moveable elements of rigging which adjust the position and shape of the sails. Early sailing vessels used rope of hemp or other fibers, which gave way to wire ropes of various types. Galvanized steel was common for the first half of the 20th. When we talk about sailboat rigging, we mean all the wires, ropes and lines that support the rig and control the sails. To be more precise, the British Sailboat Manufacturers Vol highly tensioned stays and shrouds that support the mast are known collectively as standing rigging, whilst the rope halyards, sheets and other control lines come under the heading of running rigging. Some sailboats with unsupported masts, like the junk rig and catboat rigs have no standing rigging at all. Bermudan sloops with their single mast and just one headsail will have a relatively simple rigging layout - those with a single set of spreaders esp.

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